domingo, 28 de julio de 2013

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"Oh I'm a horror and I'm so nervous, you have seen
that I'm a horror, no you're not horrible like me"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
finally I'm able to update!! I wanted to do it before (on friday) buuuuut I did not have internet u____u it was worse than purgatory (I love to say this word :P) T____T
anyway, I have internet now and I'm lovin' it LOL
so, this this is my "birthday entry", why? 'cause I'm going to show some stuff  (maybe not all) of my bday..

let's start :P
as I said before, I don't like to celebrate my birthday, I only like to get presents haha I didn't get a lot of things of my wishlist u____u but, who cares? I got awsome stuff instead :P

Lollipop Chainsaw (videogame)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians III: The Titan's Curse
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
Nail Polishes

closer look of my beloved nail polishes!
Sally Hansen 570 Water Color
Sally Hansen 160 Shoot the Moon

addiction! addiction! my mom surprised me by taking me to the muffin store to get some muffins *-* and a KitKat bar! (I gave some muffins away, I didn't eat all of them! :P), we got a lot of flavours: Blueberry, ChocoBerry, Moka, Chocolate Truffle, Cherry, Nutella, Goat Milk Candy and Cookies&Cream

a closer look to my fav flavours *-* Cherry, Goat Milk Candy and Nutella

on the muffin store I got a free muffin as a little present for my birthday :P I choose a Goat Milk Candy one, I think is my fav flavour of them all n____n

one of my cousins gave a chocolate cake (it had some chocolate tubes and raspberries on the top), it was nice, but I think it was too much chocolate x____x
I'm not a big fan of cakes, so I only ate one slice, same as everyone else LOL

so.. this was the first part of my birthday post n____n'
also I'm celebrating my 100th entry!!
thanks to all the sweet people that pass by/read/follow ◕‿◕ love you all!!
Laters, babies

Marina & The Diamonds - Horror Pop♫