viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

☁ sun: go AWAY! ☀*

"World of dust and blood
I'll hide from the sun"

helloooo n_____n so I've been really busy these days.. anyway.. I don't have something interesting to tell, so this post is gonna be short :P

past week my mom bought me another super delicious muffin *-* this time I got another flavour: caramel! (or goat milk candy?) I don't really know how to translate the flavour LOL ash always it was super delicious! I fell in love with it! ❤____❤

after I finshed to read the Sleeping Beauty trilogy, I decided to read Edgar Allan Poe *-* maybe my favourite writer  I just love his style.. my nephew loaned it to me, his mom (my oldest sis) gave it to him.. but he doesn't like to read T_____T

speaking about E. A. Poe, I watched the first episode of the new tv serie The Following and I really loved it! it was impossible not to like it :P I have to watch the 2nd episode on sunday, 'cause I'm not able to watch it on thursday Y____Y 'cause I watch Glee LOL

so.. that's all for now :P I'll try to write as soon as I can n____n
Laters, babies

The Rasmus - Dead Promises♫