sábado, 16 de marzo de 2013

♱' poisoned heaven ღ•*

"So as for you well you know where to go
I want to take my love and hate you till the end"

well, I have to say I'm not in mood (yeah, again!) so this entry will be short..
this week has been a nightmare T___T right now I feel a little bit more relaxed, but I've been anxious, angry and really touchy.. but that doesn't even matter now
I wanted to update yesterday, but my pictures were not edited LOL

past sunday my sis bought for me a Magnum Ice Cream Bar (is that the correct name? or is it popsicle?) *-* I was dying for it, 'cause it's a new flavour PINK Raspberry
I have to say I love raspberry, maybe my fav flavour ever! and it was delicious n____n I can't wait to eat another one LOL

anyway.. past week I got muffins again! "hello, I'm Dana (hello Dana) and I'm addicted to muffins" hell yeah! they are super yummy!
we got to the store when they were going to start putting the frosting on Strawberry w/cream, Mango and Moka ones T____T I don't eat mango and I don't like coffee so the only option I had was strawberry, lucky I really like the flavour LOL
and one of the ladies there offered me a Blueberry one, but I had to wait for the frosting.. so I asked her if she could put the same frosting (strawberry) to it.. and she said yes! VICTORY!

otherwise, on wednesday my nephew came with a book from his school, his teacher gave to the entire classroom a book (to each one), they have to read it and write a trial.. I saw the book and I was not really interested on it, but, I don't know why, I started to read it LOL and guess what? I finished it yesterday!

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers
what do I have to say about it? well, this book is about good vs evil, in a basically way: angels vs demons, God vs Devil.. I usually try to avoid this kind of books, but, to be honest, I was curious!
we read in two perspectives, one of them is Frannie (the main character), she's a normal girl, but she doesn't know she's special, she has some kind of power so that's the reason why God and the Devil want her.. one day she meets Luc, we know he's a demon 'cause we can read his POV too..
and then Gabe appears (we know he's an angel thanks to Luc POV), so this "fight" starts..
the whole book is about the both sides (good and evil; Luc and Gabe) want Frannie's soul

full of romance and some tragedy, one thing I was arguing was the fact Frannie didn't believe in heaven (and everything about it, like angels and God) but she did believe in hell, c'mon Frannie! if you believe in hell then you believe in heaven, if you believe in the Devil then you believe in God, it's all about balance; there can't be one without the other :|

anyway, the book has some good songs (the author mentions like 4 or 5 all along the book), and there's a second part LOL but definetely I won't buy it LOL they are not the kind of books I would have in my bookshelf, maybe one day I can read the 2nd part without buying it ;P

as sometimes, I went to rent movies haha and we rented 3 n____n

-Banshee: well, I was curious about it, did I like it? no, is boring and I think I kinda regret the rent LOL sometimes I think horror movies don't scare me anymore Y____Y or maybe I'm too demanding and ask too much of them >____<

-Paranorman: well, I usually don't like animated movies, but my sis wanted to watch it; I think it has some good parts (not too many), and it's a little bit boring, will I watch it again? hell no :P

-Rise Of The Guardians: to be honest, I was not ecpecting too much of it, I thought I was gonna be boring, but guess what? I liked it O____O I loved Jack Frost (as everyone else LOL) and everytime he "fights" against Easter Bunny I was like LMFAO

well, I just realized I have been like one hour writing this entry haha! is just because I was gonna tell all the book, but I don't want to give so much spoilers ;P
anyway.. I think that's all for now
Laters, babies

Saving Abel - Addicted