miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

❤The Twilight Saga❤

"The day we met
frozen I held my breath"

I really wanted to make this entry a while ago, when I rented Breaking Dawn part 2.. 'cause that week I finally got my copy *-*

so I got the Combo Edition Blu-Ray+DVD why? 'cause it has two discs (includes special features) and I love to own the movies with that kind of stuff :P

so it has a shining metallic-like package, and one thing I really liked about the blue box is that inside, behind the discs you can see the characters!
on the left are the Cullens, the wolves' packs and their vampire friends
on the right are the Volturi

and guess what? I got, as a gift for pre-ordering my copy, a charm bracelet :P
maybe is not the best Twilight themed bracelet LOL but is kinda cute, it has a heart charm, the cullen crest and Breaking Dawn logo charm.. it came in a simple, but cute black velvety small bag n____n

ok, I've seen/heard so many people don't like this saga; some say the books are aweful and the movies are even worst.. well, I have something to say about it:

I love the books I read them before the first movie (Twilight) came out; I was a TwiHard before it turned into an international phenomenom (thanks to the movie).. maybe I'm not so much into romance stories, but the fact it had vampires caught my attention.. I know the movies are not the best (I really DON'T like the people who they chose for Edward and Bella), but as a good TwiHard I have to own the movies :P

so, there you can see all the movies *-* all of them on two discs editions
from left to right:
on top: special edition Twilight metal box and special edition Eclipse metal box
below: Twilight, Twilight extra disc with special features and New Moon
down: Eclipse, Breaking Dawn part 1 and Breaking Dawn part 2

and here you can see a closer look of the boxes (btw, those boxes came with an "authenticity certificate" of the movies :P and other stuff..) I really love those boxes *-*

anyway, you really feel is the end when you get a copy of the last movie..
so, that's all for now :P
Laters, babies

Christina Perri ft. Steve Kazee - A Thousand Years♫