viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

☠ . . too much BLUE! ✖♡✖

"For my dreams I hold my life
for wishes I behold my night"

so.. I'm really excited but tired today LOL yesterday was a hard day, so that's the reason why I did not update.. anyway on sunday my sis made me some cookies  vanilla with cranberry *-* ohmy, I have to say I'm addicted to berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc) so those cookies were delicious, actually, I want more n_____n

Hand/Nails Cream & Lip Balm by Distroller✖Avon
past week I finally got my hand cream and my lip balm, I really liked the design and the colours of the packages!
I love that hand cream 'cause is for hands and nails, maybe not the best I ever tried but is cheap and has good quality
the RICA lip balm has karité and vitamins; I think my lips look and feel better; was really cheap and helps me to save money LOL 'cause I'm crazy about BL and is a little bit more expensive than  this one :P

AVON hmm... CANDY! body spray in berry pop
the smell is nice, I only tried once LOL but it really smells very very sweet n___n I'm thinking about to get another scent later..

Maybelline Baby Lips in 05 Quenched
like two weeks ago I went to buy another Baby Lips 'cause I fell in love with it! I was hoping to find the peachy one, 'cause I don't like to have colour on my lips and I didn't want to get the same (Peppermint). I was surprised to see there where another one without colour so I bought it..
I loved the colour comb pink✖blue and I'm dying to try it :P

so this week I went to rent movies with my mom, watched one on tuesday and the other two yesterday..

Shark Week: to be honest, I love killer animals movies (not dogs) LOL so I had to watch this 'cause I love shark movies :P I thought it was gonna be good, but it was a little bit boring Y____Y

Wreck it Ralph: I usually don't like disney movies, they're always the same, but I have to admit this one was nice, it has some funny moments and others a little bit boring, will I watch it again? NO

Breaking Dawn pt2: yes, I watched it again n_____n why? 'cause I love the saga! as a good TwiHard I watch all the movies several times :P I have to say I enjoyed it more than the first time, and I felt almost the same, is not my fav of all, but I loved to watch it again!

I'm just realizing this was mostly a makeup entry LOL but that does matter? I guess it doesn't n____n so that was all for now :P I already have ready my next entry! I'm so excited..
Laters, babies

Nightwish - Sleeping Sun♫