sábado, 23 de marzo de 2013

★:. spring, my deadly friend ☠

"At least, they would remind me
not to make the same mistakes again"

so.. a new day a new entry :P
today I come with a short post, why? 'cause I feel really lazy LOL
spring is here! I don't like spring ¬¬ too much sun and warm weather, what's worst than that? hell maybe.. this weeks have been very crazy! we were in winter and was getting warmer u____u and then BAM! cold *-* cold days, colder nights.. and finally warm >____< just hate that :(

anyway.. past week my mom bought me some chocolates! haha they have a wonderful bone shape *-* just love tham! is a shame I didn't like very much the taste :(

also, my sis bought me a super delicious ice cream sandwich *-* I have to say, I love vanilla ice cream, maybe one of my fav flavours ❤____❤

as always (well, most of the times) I went to rent movies n____n'

-The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: well, I love LotR film series (I want so badly to read the books!) so obviously I wanted to watch this one, I have to say I was expecting for more, I found it a little bit boring u____u I was like "that's all?".. but I'm hoping the next two will be better.. we'll see..

-Hotel Transylvania: this one had very funny parts, I just love all those creatures (vampires, werewolves, monsters, etc); to be honest, if I didn't watch the movie, it was gonna be the same if I did watch it.. I mean, I felt the same way about it after I watched it than before I did..

-Life Of Pi: I was right about this movie, is so fucking BORING! first of all, I didn't want to watch it, but my mom wanted, so we rented it.. she liked it, I didn't.. why? is boring, boring and boring! it has good visual effects, like the tiger; the message is clear "never give up" but we already know that, right? T____T I regret the few minutes it had a little bit of my attention..

-The Dinosaur Project: why did I rent it? 'cause I love dinos! (I love Jurassic Park *-*) and I always want to watch all the movies that have dinos on them.. but this one was an epic fail.. I know not all movies are gonna be like JP; this one is boring and I totally regret I rented it Y____Y

nothing else to say today, I wanted to write another type of entry, but my pictures were not ready LOL so this one came up :P
Laters, babies

Paramore - Now♫