martes, 26 de marzo de 2013

☄ dude I'm a gamer ❤x❤

"I'll never understand the meaning of the right
ignorance lead me into the light"

today I'm really tired, I slept just a few hours T____T so right now I feel a little bit bad LOL not in mood :( anyway, I've been playing video games like crazy! I went to rent some, two of them like 2 weeks ago and one past week, and today I rented the same I rented past week haha!

I've met some people (most of them online thanks to xbox live) that think I can't be a gamer.. they even say is not possible I like M rated games LOL maybe that's one of the funniest things I've ever heard..

so, dude, I'm a girl and I'm a gamer, deal with that.. sometimes I don't have enough time to play, but I try to do it often n____n'

Gears Of War 3
uhm.. I don't like to play GOW LOL so I don't know why I keep on trying them.. they are a little bit boring, sometimes I just laugh when I see a lot of blood and stuff :P

well, I have to say I fucking love it! when I was reading Personal Demons, the novel mentions the book (Dante's Inferno) LOL and I went crazy.. I love the story and everything of it..

Devil May Cry (DmC)
ohhh! what can I say about it? I LOVE it! I remember years ago I played the first one, to those who don't know this new DmC is like the "begining" of the whole saga, here we meet a young Dante (we also meet his twin brother Vergil), he discovers who's he (Nephilim) and he fights against demons..

so I think that's all for now.. well, right now I can't post comments on poupée >____< that drives me mad :(
Laters, babies

Nightwish - Angels Fall First♫