sábado, 1 de julio de 2017

july.. time to make a wish ;

-Black Butler Vol. II ~ Yana Toboso

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n I'm feeling kind of lazy, but here I am for a brand new entry!

first of all, I know I've been publishing a lot of entries recently and you already know the reasons behind my actions, so I guess I don't have to explain it again, right? I still don't know if this month will be as busy as june, I'm guessing it'll be since I want to watch a lot of anime (the ones that are in my queue) and I also want to read a lot n__n

but.. why? well, it's my birthday month! and it's pretty obvious I want to make it special!
speaking of that, I can't believe we're already in july! damn.. time pass by really fast, don't you think?

anyway, I don't know if this entry's gonna be long or not, so it'd be a good idea if I start with it now, so here we go!

first of all, I want to talk about the manga volume I recently read..

Black Butler Vol. II by Yana Toboso
I know I've said this a lot, but I love Kuroshitsuji! so I was dying to read another volume *-* finally I decided it was time to continue with the story

in this volume we keep on seeing Sebastian's duty as a butler and how his everyday rutine goes on, also our protagonist, Ciel, has a new mission: to investigate, clean up the disaster and stop a serial killer, named "Jack the Ripper"

we start to comprehend the role Ciel plays as the watchdog of the Queen and how Sebastian helps him in his duty; we also met new characters like Ciel's aunt, Angelina, commonly known as Madam Red and her butler, Grell Suitcliff, Lau and.. Undertaker!

I have to be honest: I was dying to see Undertaker haha even if he seems a little crazy I really like him :P

what I liked the most about the story is that I was able to see the chapter were the episode 4 of the anime was based on, and yes, I loved it!

I have to say that I enjoyed and liked this volume more than the previous one, it was very funny but it was also interesting, and the mystery it presented to us was really good; at the end we're able to see who is behind the murderers in London and it was a big twist in the story and a big surprise..

so overall, it was amazing and I fell more in love, if it's possible, with Sebby!

if you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here then n__n

otherwise, I finally finished watching another anime! one I paused some time ago 'cause I had other things in mind..

私がモテてどうすんだ (Watashi ga Motete Dōsunda)  /  Kiss Him, Not Me
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Reverse Harem, School (Rating: PG-13)
Season: 01          Episodes: 12

well, first of all, let me say that at first I wasn't so sure about wayching it, but thanks to the fact that currently I'm in a phase of "school anime", so I decided to give it a try

the truth is that I'm not still sure I liked it.. the story is about Kae, a girl who loves anime and manga, and is a fujoshi.. one day her favourite anime character dies and she gets so sad that she looses weight.. and voilà, the next thing we know is that she's a beauty and four boys (Igarashi, Nanashima, Shinomiya and Mutsumi) are behind her..

one thing I didn't like about the story is that the protagonist, Kae, had to change her physical image to get people (mainly boys) to like her.. but the good side about it is that she wasn't so interested in that, 'cause all her attention was focused on her interest and she didn't change her attittude for the boys..

other thing I enjoyed was the fact that later a female character appears, Nishina, and kind of falls for Kae too.. sorry but that was amazing haha also both of them are similar, they're fujoshis so everything gets even better

through the season we get to see how the boys, and later Nishina, are after Kae, but the thing is that they are always together, yes, the six of them, like a group of friends..

I have to say that I didn't like Kae; even if she was really nice, kind and cute, I found her really annoying :|

about the boys.. damn.. I only liked one of them haha I think Mutsumi was the one who always cared and treated Kae with respect, he was nice to her before and after her "big change", also he was direct and honest..

Igarashi was not bad, but before Kae changed he never noticed her in a romantic way, he was only polite towards her :| Nanashima and Shinomiya were the worst, the used to treat Kae like sh_t only because she wasn't "pretty", suddenly she turns into a "beauty" and BAM! both of them are crazy for her >__<

and Nishina.. she was pretty cool, especially when she cosplayed certain butler haha and I actually liked her, she didn't care about Kae's looks

[01x12] 私がモテてどうすんだ  /  "Kiss Him, Not Me"

well, this last episode was kind of.. strange? after the "fight" we saw between the Mutsumi brothers, we get to see how the "group" (the boys and Nishina) try to get Mutsumi away from Kae

I still don't know how to feel; we see how the whole group decide to confess to Kae and then she decides she has to give a proper answer to them..

to be honest I'm not sure I liked how it ended, in one hand it was a big plot twist and it kind of surprised me, but all I could think about was "really? really Kae?"; but in other hand I think I kind of liked it, like, I wasn't expecting her choice haha

okay, sorry about this but here come some spoilers!


one thing I just hated is that in one episode Kae gets fat again and some of the boys are just disgusted by that and try to make her go thin once again :|

Mutsumi and Nishina don't have a problem with it, but Nanashima and Shinomiya are angry at her, and Igarashi at first is like shocked but slowly he sees Kae is in reality cute, no matter how she looks like.. so, do you see why I don't like them, except Mutsumi and Nishina? can you see what's my problem with this story?

okay so.. Kae decides she's going on a date with each one of them and you know what? she has a great time with all of them, and that was fine but then she has to decide with who of them she wants to be..

at the end she surprised us by picking Shion, WHAT? she decided she only had eyes for him and so her heart always had and will always belong to her adored anime man.. strange but.. great!
she wasn't really interested in a real person after all haha

I have to say I wanted her to pick Mutsumi, so I was kind of sad at the end.. I also thought that I wasted my time with this anime :| like, all of that for nothing? WHAT.THE.FUCK.


after all I think it was just okay, I kind of regret watching it, I thought the ending would be better but guess I was wrong..

it was funny and yes, I laughed a lot but I got really exasperated with the characters, most of them were annoying as hell.. I don't think this anime will be one of those I'll remember in the future..