jueves, 20 de julio de 2017

glassy sky above

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great, welcome to a new entry!

I know I've been absent from the blog u__u is just that sometimes I feel kind of lazy or I don't have enough time, but I promise to do my best and come to edit the entries that need it

as you can see, this tme I didn't make a birthday themed entry; as I already told you, I wasn't in the mood to make one T__T so in this entry I'll put something related to my birthday :P

I'm sensing this entry will be pretty long, so, as I don't want to make it longer, I better start with it now!

I was checking the list of books I've read so far this year and most of them (more than the half actually) are manga, so I decided that the remaining days of this month I'm gonna read only books, so I started yesterday!

The Scarlets by Madeleine Roux
this is one of the complementary books of the Asylum trilogy; I read the first book of this series past year and I liked it, so I decided to keep on reading it

the first thing you need to know is that this cover was the one that made me want to read the books, just look at it.. it's gorgeous!

that aside, the story takes place in Brookline building (now an school, it used to be an asylum), it follows Cal (who was introduced in the second book. which I haven't read yet..), the principal's son, who happens not to fit the school's standards.. soon he discovers there's something his father is hiding from him

now that I think about it, I guess it was a bad idea to read this book before the second one in the trilogy (Sanctum); as it is a complementary book is very, very short, so at the end I had several questions :|

in my opinion, the only character that truly shines is Cal but I really wanted to know more about one or two side characters >__< like I feel I needed more

overall it was a nice story but quite short; I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either.. the ending was kind of strange: I liked it and it had an interesting twist but.. what the hell happens later? I need to know!

so yeah, I'll keep on reading this books, it's a trilogy but it has like 7 books in total n__n'

in case you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here!

otherwise, as I didn't make a birthday entry, let me show you the first part of my presents..

this year I got two books, a pair of pierces, a necklace and a globet/cup.. is not much for now, but I'm okay with it :P


well you read it right: this is the first part, so, why? I received money as well so I'm planning to get some stuff by myself.. probably a book and.. manga *-* so the second part is coming soon!

this time I also wanted to paint my nails, but sadly I wasn't able to do it in time u__u and then I painted them but didn't like them so I took the polish off.. like 2 or 3 times ¬¬ it looked really ugly so I gave up.. BUT the next day I decided to try a brand new design, something simple, 'cause, after all, it was my granny's birthday

this is the final result, and you know what? I really liked it!
I decided I wanted to do some roses but this time I used only two colours: black and pastel purple

I used black as a base in three nails and then in one of them I used pastel purple polish to make some roses and small dots; in the remaining nail I used pastel purple as a base and then used black polish to make roses and dots too

they look simple but not so bad after all n__n'