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-Doubt Vol 1 ~ Yoshiki Tonogai

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great, welcome to a new entry!

these days I feel like I don't have enough time haha, I'm watching anime like crazy 'cause I feel like, since the new anime season (summer) started I have a little bit of "free" time to watch the ones in my queue

also since it's my birthday month (yay!), I want to do something special, and by that I'm planning to read even more! probably I'll try to read more and more manga haha but who knows? maybe I'll end up reading two or three books :P

okay, this time I wanted to read a book, so I started one BUT I had some trouble with that and when I noticed the day for the entry (today) arrived and I wasn't done with the freakin' book ¬¬ so I decided to read manga.. the perfect solution!

I'm sensing this entry will be long, so I better start with it now!

Doubt Vol. 1 (1-2) by Yoshiki Tonogai
first of all let me clarify something: this manga is pretty short and it only has 4 volumes, but this "volume" contains the first two of the four, I mean it's something like 2 in 1

now, to the point, the plot is about a popular mobile game, Doubt Bunny, in which the players are "bunnies" and they have to find out which one of them is the "wolf in disguise"; if they discover the "liar" (aka wolf) they win but if they don't, they'll start to die one by one until there's one winner: the wolf or the bunnies

the story begins when a group of virtual players decide to meet in real life to have some fun together, but they never expect that the situation turned out into a living hell: they are kidnapped and now they have to play Doubt Bunny and discover which one of them is the wolf...

this manga was a recomendation I received some time ago and I was kind of interested in it, so I decided to give it a try.. is a combination of mystery and horror, and I have to say it got me intrigued most of the time..

the first volume (chapers 1-4) is like the introduction to the story, here we can see the "rules" and just a little bit of the character's personalities.. but it ends with a major surprise, one I didn't see coming

the second volume (chapters 5-9) has more action, and we start to see how the characters respond to the things they're facing, also we start to see how the wolf plays with their heads,,

right now everyone could be the wolf, we have some clues to discover who's the liar, but it's kind of confusing haha so I don't want to rush and point to one of them..

overall it was better than I thought, it was really easy to read and very interesting, I just can't wait to see how it ends!

in case you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here n__n

otherwise, as I said before, I've been watching a lot of anime before this new season ends haha this time I finished two of the large list I have! so, here we go!

僕のヒーローアカデミア (Boku no Hero Academia)  /  My Hero Academia
Genre: Superhero, Science Fantasy, Action, Comedy-Drama, School (Rating: PG-13)
Season: 01          Episodes: 13

well, there's something important you need to know: I wasn't interested in this anime at all, but since the second season is currently airing and is very popular I decided to give it a try (okay, it was because I think I fell for one character..)

I watched the first episode and I wasn't convinced, so I watched the second.. and I was still doubting about it but I decided to watch the third episode just to see if it worth it or not..
I don't know when exactly happened, but before I knew it I was dying to watch the next episode!

the plot tells us that 80% of the global population is born with "powers" (quirk), and with that heroes and villains were born.. the story follows Midoriya, a boy who wants to be like his favourite superhero, All Might, but the thing about Midoriya is that he was born without a quirk! but still he wants to enter to the UA (heroes university)

I have to say that the story seems quite interesting, and yeah, is funny but it also has its "emotional" moments.. the characters are very funny too

I'm not sure if I like Midoriya or not, right now I couldn't tell if he's my favourite or not.. he seems nice, and is taking my breath away slowly, I really enjoyed and like the fact that we were able to see him grow, he surprised me in almost every episode..

actually I have a side character stuck in my head.. I think I'm in love! haha

[1x13] 各々の胸に  /  "In Each of Their Hearts"

so, the season was intriguing and interesting, I think the most incredible thing is that we were able to see how Midoriya got "powers" and how he was able to enter in the UA, we also met All Might and who's behind the "hero face"

one of the things I liked is that Midoriya wasn't able to control his new ability since the beginig, so he had to work hard and yeah, he had a bad time trying to domain his powers; I loved that he never gave up, even if people told him otherwise

we also saw the bonds he made with his classmates, specially with Uraraka and IIda; and Midoriya's rivalry with Bakugo (his childhood friend) was interesting.. it seems that Bakugo "hates" Midoriya because, even without a quirk, he always acted like a true hero..

I also liked that slowly we're starting to meet the other students in the class 1-A, like my bf Todoroki *-*

this last episode of the season was a real roller-coaster.. it played with my emotions! I almost died like 10 times haha we saw how the battle against the villains concluded.. and yes, I got very emotional about All Might.. he's incredible.. same as the students who offered resistance and didn't give up..

at the end I felt really bad about Aizawa-sensei and 13 (another hero) T__T but they were amazing in the battle too, especially Aizawa!

I'm really sorry but here come some spoilers! stop reading if you don't want to know exactly what happened haha


well well.. first of all we have to mention that All Might is not the one he used to be.. he got injured time ago and the side effects were he losing his stomach and part of his lungs, so now he only can transform into a hero for three hours per day..

 the important thing is that All Might saw potential in Midoriya and offered his quirk! but first he had to have a good "vessel" for it, and how would he got it? by training of course! now the important thing: how was he going to get the quirk? by eating one hair of All Might.. O__O

how did Midoriya entered the UA if he doesn't control his quirk? well, he saved Uraraka, a girl he met before, and so he used "One for All" (his quirk), but in the process, as his body is not completely ready for the power, he broke his legs and arms T__T

in the lasts epsiodes we can see how the villains enter to the school's grounds and interrupt the students' rescue training with the intention of killing All Might (according to the info they had, he was going to be present in this training but he actually wasn't 'cause after saving several people in his way to the UA he was out of time..), not seeing him there the villains decide to kill some students..

I was super worried about Aizawa-sensei and when Shigaraki attacked him I almost died x__x at the end, it seems that his eyes will bet the secondary effects of the battle..

All Might appeared and was able to defeat Nomu! but he felt like he was going to go back to normal and Midoriya noticed it! and when Shigaraki was about to attack him, the other heroes arrived! and they were able to rescue everyone..

the only injured were Aizawa, 13, All Might and Midoriya haha
Shigaraki was able to escape with Kurogiri (his right hand, the one who created the portals to get in and out), and we learned that they're under another villain's orders.. probably the one we saw at the end of the episode O__O


one thing I also liked was the fact that the anime itself confirmed its second season (the one that is currently airing), so the people who watched it when it aired didn't have to wait much for the new season :P

overall I liked it more than I expected, it had a lot of action and I just fell in love with it.. now I can't wait to catch up with the second season!

one thing that I should mention is that I'm thinking about reading the manga.. probably I'll give it a try this month, who knows? :P

Bonjour♪恋味パティスリー (Bonjour Koiaji Pâtisserie)  /
Bonjour♪Sweet Love Pâtisserie
Genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy, Harem (Rating: PG-13)
Season:01          Episodes: 24

well, I have to say that I watched this out of curiosity haha I saw an image and I thought the protagonist looked kind of cute and that it seemed to be a Harem anime so.. yeah, I gave it a try

the first surprise I got is that each episode lasts around 5 minutes u__u so you can tell that the story is pretty short..

the story follows Sayuri, a girl who attends a confectionery school, named Fleuir, on an schoolarship, she wants to be able to open her own pastry shop so we can tell she loves cooking (I don't really know how to call this kind of anime.. food anime? cooking anime?)

in Fleuir she meets some charming men, who seem to treat her in an special way; we have the three teachers: Mitsuki (who works mostly with chocolate), Gilbert (the french one) and Yoshinosuke (very interested in japanese sweets) and in the other hand we have Ryo, another student who seems to have a crush on Sayuri..

I think I liked Sayuri, maybe not one of my favourite female characters, but she was nice, she didn't stop doing what she wanted and kept on following her dream.. even if sometimes she seemed to be quite insecure about her abilities, she always gave her best..

about the male characters, well, to be honest I fell in love with Mitsuki haha and I was waiting for Sayuri to end up with him *-* he was just too cute and handsome.. damn..

[1x24] "Lesson 24"

okay.. as I said, the story was pretty short and to be honest I felt like it needed more sustance.. it came a point where the "cooking" was no longer the central point of the story and all we could see was a Sayuri kind of meeting the boys ¬¬'

this episode was about the graduation day and so Sayuri had to say farewell to Fleuir.. we saw her saying goodbye to the teachers and Ryo, to be honest it felt kind of rushed and I ended up quite disappointed

as long as there's not so much to say 'cause the episodes were very short, I'll go straight to the spoilers..


at the end, guess what? none of the characters end up with Sayuri! haha it was a big surprise when she ended up single.. like, seriously?

Ryo was interrupted twice when he was about to confess his feelings to Sayuri and at the end he had the chance 'cause they were alone but nothing happened they were just like "thanks for being my partner, see you!" and that was all T__T

Sayuri said goodbye to the teachers and damn.. her moment with Mitsuki was too much for my poor heart.. he seemed to have a big crush on Sayuri but never said a thing.. after his words to Sayuri (the gif above), when Sayuri just melted down and sat on the floor 'cause he was being too much for this unholy world, I was like "same Sayuri, same.."

sorry but he's too hot *-* it was a shame not knowing more about him.. or the others haha


I have to say that it was kind of entertaining, but sadly when I was having fun the episodes just concluded.. like, why the hell only 5 minutes?

as I said before, I think this anime lacked of story, of backgroud, it felt plain and sometimes it was a real nonsense; it was not what I was expecting and sadly it couldn't fullfill my need for a good anime x__x

well, I guess that was all for now n__n I was right! the entry ended up being really long haha! sorry about that..

as I said before, I'm currently watching a lot of anime, today I started other two (of the summer season):

Dive!! .. well, I was kind of waiting this one haha this one follows a diving club, and obviosuly I can't avoid thinking about my beloved Free! even the main character reminds me of Haru u__u black hair and blue eyes.. damn.. but sadly, after watching the first episode, I'm not really sure I'll like it :|

Netsuzou Trap .. actually I wasn't planning on watching this one, but my curiosity was stronger than me so I gave it a try.. and you know what? it looks kind of cute haha I'm already in love with one of the main characters!

okay, with nothing else to say, I'm leaving now n__n' hope you liked or at least enjoyed the entry
as always thank you very much for reading/passing by!

bye bye!