domingo, 9 de julio de 2017

chemical reactions

-Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 6 ~ Sui Ishida

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great time, welcome to a new entry!
finally I had some free time, well, actually not much haha but whatever, I'm here now :P

these days have been quite crazy.. it's summer but rainy days are already here.. so most of the days are just not cloudy but cold, and you know what? I'm thankful for that! I was sick of hot days T__T now I feel like I'm in heaven haha

anyway.. do you remember that in the previous entry I mentioned I was reading a book? well, guess who hasn't finished it yet? yeah, me u__u
is just that I've been busy, also I just don't feel like reading it right now @__@ so it's on-hold for now..

also I guess that I'm currently watching a lot of anime haha and I still haven't watched MHA 2nd season yet.. I just have to hurry up and do it before it ends..

okay, I better start with this entry before it gets super long.. here we go!

since the book I'm reading is "paused" I decided to read another manga volume n__n'

Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 6 by Sui Ishida
ahh I just love Tokyo Ghoul.. this volume was incredible!
now the differences between the manga and the anime are more notorious

the story just keeps getting better and better and I'm slowly loosing my mind.. the most shocking part? I'm not even at half of it! so I guess I'll end up f_cked up with time..

what I liked about this volume is that finally we're able to learn more about the types of ghouls (it depends of the kagune they have) and how works the kagune..

if you ask me, in the anime I just went with the flow and never questioned the anatomy of the ghouls or even if there were types, but with the manga was different, since the very first moment they mentioned something related to that my curiosity appeared and I wanted to know more

also we finally reached the Aogiri Tree Arc, and that means new characters.. like the creepy and loathable Jason u__u that only means the biggest twisted and creepy part is coming and I don't know if I'm ready for it

there's this character, Suzuya (the one in the cover), I like him but at the same time I don't haha he's creepy and seems to be quite crazy; there's something intriguing about him, I just hope he won't mess up with  my precious Kaneki and/or nothing bad happens to him..

overall I enjoyed a lot this volume, I don't think I liked it more than the previous one but it was close n__n' I'm dying to read the next volume, I just hope I won't cry like a baby x__x

in case you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here n__n

otherwise, yesterday I went to watch a movie 'cause my mom and my niece wanted to go..

SpiderMan: Homecoming
I think that you must know something: I don't like SpiderMan u__u and, as you already know I don't like IronMan either so I was kind of unsure about this movie, but I went with my head clear and positive

the movie has some points that I liked/enjoyed, one of them is the fact that, finally, they don't present to us the part where Peter Parker gets his new abilities (powers?) like it happened in the previous franchises, the movie starts right after the battle of Civil War, and let me tell you that was the best they could have done to this new trilogy

of course, this doesn't mean we don't see how Peter grows along with his alter-ego, SpiderMan, we surely see his development and how hard it was for him to become a real hero; they showed us the process he went through, how nobody believed in him but slowly, and with some "mistakes", he shows everyone of what he's capable of

other thing I enjoyed was the fact that we didn't get uncle Ben, I don't know the reason (yet), but, sorry, it was for the best.. I honestly didn't want to see again his death

sadly not everything was good, I have to be completely honest, I found it kind of boring, and even quite slow in some parts, and I don't really know why, but I didn't like the humor it had.. also Peter's love interest was not what I was waiting for.. I thought Zendaya had a main role?

about the villains.. well, I liked the fact that they were not the same we saw in the past franchises (thank god..), but what I didn't like was the villain himself, for me was kind of plain, most of the time the only thing I could think about was "so.. he's the bad guy.. really?"

in one hand I felt like Peter was so plain and without grace, but in the other hand I liked how akward he felt all the time.. I don't know, but probably I don't like the actor haha

overall sometimes it was a little bit boring, but I liked the fight scenes and the effects.. it was not a bad movie but not the best from MCU :|

now, sorry, but I have to do it.. here come the spoilers! I promise it will be short :P


well.. I have to say that I thought Zendaya was the love interest haha but right after I saw she was not, I thought she was Liz's (the real love interest) sister! what gave me that clue? the fact that she was at the party and said she wasn't invited.. I thoight she lived there haha

but after Liz and her mom moved '¿cause her father was the bad guy and robbed a lot of Chitauri stuff to make and sell weapons..  well, Michelle (Zendaya) stood and there I realized they were not sisters..

I was surprised when Peter didn't accept to live in the new Avengers building.. he decided to stay with his aunt in their home..

and at the end, when May discovers he's SpiderMan.. damn that was hilarious haha


okay okay.. right now the entry is pretty long, but I have something else I want to talk about: anime!
this time I finished another one, and you know what? I still can't believe I watched it haha

Dance With Devils
Genre: Reverse Harem, Demons, Romance, Supernatural, Musical
Season: 01          Episodes: 12

okay.. I watched this thanks to a video that said it was a good "paranormal romance" anime, and when I saw the title and the characters (the guys haha) I couldn't resist..

the story follows Ritsuka Tachibana, a normal girl with a normal life, but everything changes when something strange happens to her mom and suddenly she's in a world full of dark creatures that are after her..

actually it looked pretty nice but sadly my first impression changed when a big surprise hit me like a bus: a song
the protagonist, Ritsuka, started to sing in her way to school.. WHAT.THE.FUCK.

the whole season was like watching Diabolik Lovers: the Musical
every single episode had one song.. I couldn't believe I decided to keep on watching it haha during the songs I felt, mostly, akward.. it was just.. weird

at the end I think I fell in love with all the boys haha but the one I will love forever and ever (well, not that much) was Lindo, Ritsuka's brother *-* he was just too.. damn.. cute? hot? perfect perhaps?