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too many feelings

-Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ~ J.K. Rowling

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n I'm feeling quite lazy haha but I'm here for a new entry!

this time I decided to make the entry 'cause just a few minutes ago one of the tv series I watch had its season finale.. and since saturday I'll make another entry (which will be quite long..) I decided it was a good idea to make one today

the thing is that it seems that my tv series are getting (finally!) their season finales these days (past week was The Flash), also the ongoing anime are getting theirs too (*tear *tear), so you can expect a lot of entries this month u__u

for that reason I paused the anime I was watching/was going to watch (of course, the oldies), if I kept on watching them the entries would have been too long or too many; luckily I'll re-take what I was watching soon n__n'

yesterday I watched the new episodes of two anime I'm currently watching and, ohmygods, I'm not ready for their season finales T__T why they'll only have 12 episodes? WHYYY?

okay okay, I better start with today's entry.. I guess it will be pretty long..

I don't know if you know it or not, but I made a list with my "bookish resolutions" for this year (click here), and one of them was to re-read my favourite saga ever..

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling
it's obvious HP is my favourite saga haha and I honestly was dying to re-read it n__n but it seemed that I never found the time to do it..

at the begining of the year I read this book but it was the illustrated one (click here), I still wanted to read the "original" ones, but the thing is that I got so deepely in love with manga that slowly I forgot books haha

now we're at the half of the year and so far I've only re-read one single book of this incredible saga u__u I feel awful.. but I'll do my best to read them all once again!

I was so glad to give it a try once again; it took me more days than I once planned to finish it, but suddenly I was really into the story that the pages passed by really fast and before I knew it I was at the last page..

only one thing left to say: I LOVE HARRY POTTER!

if you want to see the complete review, in spanish, click here please n__n

otherwise, on saturday I went to watch a movie with my mom and my oldest sister!

The Mummy
yes, we watched the.. "reboot"? I don't really know how to call it haha 'cause it's almost the same plot.. but the story is different.. well.. not that different, but.. uhm.. yeah, you understand.. right?

it is kind of hard to explain, and the more I think about the movie, more flaws I find :|
at first I was like "yeah, it's fine", but then it hit me: after thinking about it for a while I concluded that actually it was not good

NOTE: I decided to put just a little spoiler, but of course, I'll tell you when it comes, don't get mad at me! I think this time the movie doesn't deserve to have spoilers..

first, I'm sorry, but I don't like Tom Cruise (the only movie I like where he appears is Interview with the Vampire haha), I think he's kind of old for the role or maybe the female protagonist is too young for him, and that's something I started to hate a while ago: old males with youg females.. why?

then the Mummy.. I have to say that I liked her haha but the plot was the same than the first Mummy movie: he/she does something bad that involves the Pharaoh, gets mommified and swears revenge against humanity.. some dumbass wake him/her and voilà, the world's coming to an end :|

also, one thing that got me upset was the protagonist friend.. he was there to add a comedy touch to the movie but.. it was just me or the "comedy" felt kind of forced?

other thing that I didn't like and/or understand was that there were a character (**spoiler** Dr. Jekyll and.. Hyde?) that also felt forced, like he didn't had anything to do there.. why did they put it in there in the first place? it was nonsense!

and finally.. the ending.. WHAT? seriously? ARE.YOU.SERIOUS? I felt like I lost one hour of my life watching the protagonist run and trying to hide and at the end he decided to do exactly what the Mummy wanted.. really?

I know this is the begining of a new franchise about "monsters" (that's why it's named "Dark Universe"), but I don't think it was a good choice to make movies about all those creatures 'cause, at the end, we already have tons of films about them :|

and finally, as I said in the begining of the entry, now's the time to talk about the season finale of a tv series (one of the few I kept on watching)

Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D
Season: 04          Episodes: 22

as you know, I love AoS! and one of my OTPs is in it *-* so I obviously had to watch this new season..

first of all, let me tell you the thing I loved the most: MY OTP IS FREAKING CANON!
but we already knew it, right? I mean, since the very first time they appeared the show itself gave them the ship name: FitzSimmons *-*

the bad thing about my OTP is that this series, always, every freaking season, makes them suffer and break our hearts slowly.. and this time I was dying (again)

okay, I have to be honest here, I think the first half of the season (4a) was kind of boring for me; I was kind of divided between if I liked or not the fact that they introduced Ghost Rider; it looked amazing but I'd never been one of his fans..

they also introduced the Darkhold, a book that contains infinite knowledge which is too much for the human brain.. with this comes Aida (an android built by Radcliffe), who is capable to read it without secondary effects..

the season comes to a point where it gets quite confusing.. we don't really know who is the "bad guy" this time, until the real intentions surface..

[04x22] "World's End"

okay so this episode was a roller coaster! I was dying u__u first FitzSimmons, then Mack.. then that ending! WHAT.THE.HELL.

finally we get to know what happened with the Framework, the Darkhold, and with Ophelia..

this episode was full of action but it also had its emotional and touching moments.. and yeah, I was about to cry T__T

it was really amazing to see how Daisy and Robbie teamed up and kicked asses haha

sadly I don't think I can talk about it without spoilers, so here they come, sorry!


damn.. I have to say that I got into the trap: I never expected Radcliffe was the one who wanted the Darkhold, I thought it was Aida who was after it all the time! he also created an "android copy" of one of the agents..

May who was kidnapped by Aida and then they put her in a simulation that didn't work the way they wanted.. until Radcliffe stole the Darkhold and created the Framework with Aida's help..

the Framework was this "alternate reality" were they fixed one regret of the person they connected, so they could be happy inside of this "reality"; what happened next is that again, Radcliffe exchanged the real agents for andoid copies of them u__u Daisy and Jemma were the ones who remained outside the Framework..

they decided that the only way to save the other were to get inside this "world".. but everything was upside down! May and Fitz worked for Hydra (who ruled the world), and Aida (Ophelia) was Fitz's girlfriend? WTF?

in the other hand Aida killed Radcliffe in the real world and put it inside the Framework, so there he could live forever..
sadly Mace, the director of SHIELD, died in the framework T__T so he died in the real world too..

after some episodes trying to convince the people in the Framework that they were inside an "imaginary world" they made it but.. Mack wanted to stay T__T 'cause his daughter, Hope, was alive in there..

Aida reached her purpose and got a human body, after Fitz choose Jemma over her (thank you Fitz, for a moment I thought he was going to pick the evil Ophelia), she went berserk and decided to dominate the world.. he became some kind of inhuman, and with Ivanov help they decided to get rid of SHIELD..

Robbie returned after getting "locked" in an another dimension.. and goes after Ophelia 'cause, according to him, she's made of the same thing that the other dimension and the Darkhold are made of..

Ophelia and Ivanov decide to blame SHIELD for having an army of inhumans to dominate the world, they are kind of stopped by the team but.. it's kind of too late for it 'cause there are now videos of Daisy attacking people (an android Daisy haha)

they make a plan to get Ophelia and end her, and that includes the Rider..
first we see Jemma and Leo doing things but Opjelia appears and grabs Jemma, Leo tells her they will use the Darkhold to stop her, and begs her to leave Jemma, but then Ophelia kills her T__T

reality is that it was an android! so Jemma is safe *-* I was screaming (almost crying) at that moment.. Coulson made a deal with Rider (we don't really know what it was, maybe he will take his soul in the future?) so he will have his power to kill Aida..

meanwhile the Framework was being destroyes 'cause Ophelia wanted to haha.. but the problem was that Yo-yo was in it to find Mack T__T she found him but wasn't able to convince him to leave.. she decided to stay there with him.. and honestly it was heartbreaking.. but it got sadder when Hope started to tell Mack that she didn't want to die, that she wanted to be real.. and suddenly she disappeared and my poor Mack was destroyed

luckily he and Yo-yo were able to leave the Framework in time.. but we saw Radcliffe disappear from it.. I have to say it: he deserved it; he destroyed a lot of people, especially Fitz, who now is tormented by what he did inside the Fw..

at the end Coulson incinerated Aida and Robbie took the Darhold to the other dimension..
then we see the team eating, suddenly they get arrested by an unknown group.. and then we see Coulson working.. in the space? WHAT?


one thing that I didn't understand very well was that ending.. what is happening?

overall the season was good, but that season finale was incredible.. now I want to see what's going to happen between Jemma and Fitz.. are they going to be happy? are they going to stay together?

I can't wait to see what happens after the mysterious ending we got!

OH.DEAR.GODS. I can't believe how long the entry is!
yes, I already knew it, but, I had no idea it will end up like this!

okay, before I go, a little summary about the anime I mentioned at the beginig of the entry..

first, Fukumenkei Noise; damn.. I don't really know what to say.. it was ep.10 and was fantastic! I still can't believe Nino is still going after Momo ¬¬ he's been really mean to her.. and she's "in love" with him? WTF? one thing I liked about this episode was that it seemed that Nino is starting to open her eyes.. I just hope she doesn't end up with Momo or I'll be pissed off

then we have Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine, it was ep.11 and next week it'll have its season finale T__T this episode was really emotional and we were able to see how Viktor and Haine met.. finally the Princes discover the truth.. damn.. I don't know what's going to happen.. I just want to see all of my husbands happy haha

I can't believe SnK will have its season finale this saturday! it's kind of nostalgic.. I hope next season won't take too much time to arrive!

okay okay.. that's all for now, I swear!
if you're still reading, thank you very much! sorry for the longest entry ever haha
hope you'll have a wonderful week n__n

bye bye!