lunes, 5 de junio de 2017

spring, the season I met you...

-Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 4 ~ Sui Ishida

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great time, I've been quite busy these days but finally here I am, so welcome to a new entry!

this time the entry will be pretty long (or that's what I think).. is just that I read two books (one of them is a manga haha) and finished watching another anime.. so I hope you won't tired of reading :P

anyway, I better start with this!

Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide by J.K. Rowling
actually I was dying to read these new books that were launched in Pottermore past year, luckily I finally was able to put my hands on them; this is the first I've read so far..

I was kinda impressed when I read that it has information previously posted on Pottermore, so the info it's not brand new.. but that's not a problem for me!

there is not so much to say about this book 'cause is really short and doesn't have so much info, but I can tell you it tells us about Hogwarts-related stuff, like places, objects and even the ghosts that live in the castle..

also Rowling wrote her comments about evey single thing that appear in this book, like what does she thinks about it and from where she got inspiration

overall I found it interesting and easy to read, it complements the Potter Universe

to read the complete review (actually it's pretty short haha) click here please n__n

Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 4 by Sui Ishida
I read this one some hours ago, so everything is fresh in my head haha
first of all, I don't know if I like the cover or not.. it looks okay but I guess it's not my favourite haha

anyway, as you know I'm in love with this manga, the story gets more and more interesting with evey volume I read, but honestly I'm just waiting for the moment when the anime diverges from the original story.. I really want to get to that point!

I think that in this volume we're in the Gourmet Arc (not really sure.. sorry!)
finally we meet new characters, one of them is Tsukiyama Shuu (the one in the cover).. and you know what? I don't know how to feel about him.. he looks very handsome but he's an ass.. and he's creepy.. and kind of disgusting..

I think this volume is a little bit bloodier than the previous ones (in the anime they changed one scene and honestly I'm kind of mad now haha) and now I'm hoping it gets even bloodier over time..

one thing I liked a lot and found really interesting is that they keep on talking about Rize.. and there's something "strange" about what happened to her in the first volume.. I thought they already told us what happened in reality but it seems that it may be wrong..

overall it was a great volume, but I don't know why I wasn't so sumerged into it like I usually am.. probably I found it quite slow in some parts and I feel like I wanted to see more action :|

I have to say that I really want to catch up the manga, so I'm trying to hurry up reading the available volumes (and later the chapters..), I'm kind of slow with this, but I'm doing my best..

if you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here n__n

otherwise, on saturday I finished (finally) another anime..

四月は君の嘘 (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso)  /  Your Lie in April
Genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy-Drama, Music, College, Tragedy
Season: 01          Episodes: 22 (+1 OVA)

I decided to watch this anime thanks to a cover I heard on YT, also I read a lot of good reviews of it.. but I wasn't so sure about it 'cause they also said it's one of the saddest stories out there.. so.. I doubted, but at the end I decided to do it

what I found was a beautiful story with pretty colours and a great animation..

the story follows Arima Kōsei, a pianist prodigy who no longer plays beacuse something happened and marked him forever; two years after he left piano he meets a girl named Kaori, and there is where everything changes..

the problem here is that Kaori likes Watari, Kōsei's best friend :|

the characters were good, but I wasn't really able to connect with them so that's why I can't say I loved them and that I identify with them..

I think the story developed at its own pace, nor slow nor fast, it never felt rushed up,, also the characters developed in a right timing; this story is supposed to be kind of tragic/sad, and yes it is, but it also had a lot of funny moments..

[01x22]  春風  /  "Spring Breeze"

well.. I have to be honest here, this freaking anime played with my feelings T__T I cried at so many times, but the final two episodes were just too much.. I cried a f_cking river

I think the ending is quite predictable, but it's not less painful..

so Kōsei performes in a contest while Kaori undergoes surgery, he plays his heart out so everyone is captivated by his performance, after entering a dream-like state he completes the song

he receives a letter from Kaori that he opens time later; basically it said that she was thankful and that actually he was her inspiration to play violin..

this episode was really emotional and broke my heart, I think the saddest part was that freaking letter haha I just.. damn.. I feel like I can't properly talk about this episode without spoilers, so here they come.. sorry!


until this episode I wasn't sure I completely undestood why its name was "Your Lie in April", lickily they clarify it with the letter Kaori sent to Kōsei: she told a lie in april (yeah, literally) - she liked Watari

thanks to the letter we know she liked Kōsei! she not only admired him but she actually liked him T__T how sad is that? he liked her and she liked him back, WTF? why?
I don't really know what would be worst: they being in love and then she leaving him or what happened, she lied and leave him without telling him the truth.. either way it hurts haha

so.. we got hints that Kaori was sick, very very sick.. all those pills she took, the times she collapsed, she staying in the hospital for so long... we got the clues right in front of us: something was bad
also we slowly saw how her looks were deteriorating, so we knew the "moment" was close

in the last episode, while Kōsei was performing, he entered to a dream-like state where he saw Kaori, so he knew the surgery failed.. but intead he stopped playing the piano he continued and we saw their final duet..

it was really emotional and the way Kaori starts to disappear is heartbreaking.. then he begs her to stay but she finally disappears with a smile and teary eyes.. he finishes his performance while tears run down his face..

after Kaori's funeral, her parents give him the letter Kaori wrote, he decides to read it before spring arrives and there he learns the truth.. also she left him her most precious thing, a picture when she was a little girl of her with her friend and Kōsei in the background.. damn

Kaori knew she was going to die but she decided to live as happy as she could, and live everyday as it could be her last day

I fell like I need to know if Kōsei was able to enter the music school he wanted, also what happened between him and Tsubaki T__T


overall I really enjoyed and liked this anime, I knew it was going to break my heart but still I wasn't ready for it haha it was truly pretty and I don't regret watching it at all n__n

the OVA "Moments" is about when Kōsei was a little boy and his firsts performances, we're able to see Emi and Takeshi and how they got inspired to play the piano and decided to begin a rivalry with Kōsei..

also we have a little sneak peak of a little Kaori assisting to the same recital

it was pretty funny and I was kind of glad to see the characters as little kids

well, I think that's all for now.. guess the entry ended up  being quite long haha but.. I knew it :P
I hope you liked, or at least enjoyed it.. I'm starting to think that next entry will be as long as this one (or even more), so get ready haha!

oh! I almost forgot.. the last episode of Shingeki no Kyojin was incredible! right now I feel so glad that I decided to read the manga 'cause, honestly, they're giving away a lot of spoilers haha

I couldn't believe they showed us Ymir's story.. it was amazing!
and the scene were she's looking at the starry sky is stunning, it looks simply beautiful *-*

also I can't believe the season is almost over! I still can't believe it'll only have 12 episodes.. I'm still in denial haha but I guess I comprehend it 'cause the next manga Arc is really extense and it will be a real pain in the ass to cut it in half, don't you think?

anyway, as always thank you so much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have a wonderful week!

bye bye!

--- edit 06/06 ---

I just watched the latest episode of Fukumenkei Noise and damn.. it was amazing! my poor baby Yuzu.. he always end up suffering thanks to Nino and Momo..

why Nino? why are you still running after Momo? even if he treats her like trash, she's always there, behind him, almost begging him.. Nino makes me so angry sometimes..

I also watched the latest episode of Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine, finally I caught it up haha and I'm loving every single second of it.. this episode was really funny and also gave us a hint about Haine's past..

finally in the next episode we'll be able to see his past and know how he and Viktor met..