jueves, 8 de junio de 2017

n o t a M A G I C A L g i r l *

-The Flash (S03)

Hi cutiepies!
first of all, let me tell you that today's entry is 100% improvised T__T the original plan was to make it other day but due to something unexpected (my fault), I decided to do it..

anyway, hope you're having a great time, I'm kind of busy and distressed haha okay, so I had to adjust my entries so they will match the upcoming "events" (aka tv series and anime season finales haha)

well, lately I haven't read any new book, which I think it's ok since right now I'm focused in other things.. but I'm thinking about reading in the upcoming days but I'm not so sure 'cause it could be kind of troublesome..

okay okay, I better start with today's entry..

oh! I've been forgetting to show you the Lego figure my sis got for me some weeks ago!

Baby Goot!
isn't it super cute?? it's super small *-* it's, aproximately, 1 inch tall!
I didn't want it to get lost, so I put it in Loki's hand (since is the only Lego Marvel character I own).. I just love it!

okay, now let's get into the important point in here: season finales..

The Flash
Season: 03          Episodes:23

you already know that I love this tv series *-* and after the S02 finale I was dying to know how the story would go on

in this season we were able to see what happened after Barry went back in time to the night when his mother was murdered.. so as he changed the future thanks to this action, he created Flashpoint, which is an alternative time line

in this new future he was no longer the Flash O__O and his parents were alive.. obviously more things changed, but the problem started when he started to suffer headaches and the original time line was slowly disappearing.. at the end he came to the conclusion that it was going to be better to go back in time (again) and change the things as they originally used to be

he came back to the original time line but, oh surprise, a lot of things changed, yes, again T__T thanks to this he had to face a new enemy who was giving to certain people the "powers" they had in Flashpoint.. including Wally West, Iris' brother

we met new characters, some of them with "powers", that probably will stay for the next season.. we also saw how our canon ship became canon (YASSS!)

one thing I'm not really sure I like is Kid Flash..
I really like that Barry finally has a partner who helps him with all the trouble he faces, but, really? how many "Flash" will we get? I know there is one Flash for every Earth (multiverse) but, in this Earth we have two..

then we met the "real" enemy: Savitar.. and, again, he was a speeder.. but this one claimed to be the "God" of the speeders.. and he had one thing in mind: to kill Iris

what I liked about this season is that it was full of tragedy haha the things changed thanks to the choice Barry made, so he messed up the future.. we saw how he was dealing with the guilt and his friends felt, somehow, betrayed and how they dealed with the changes