sábado, 17 de junio de 2017

捧げよ! 捧げよ! 心臓を捧げよ!

-Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 5 ~ Sui Ishida

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great day! right now I'm really emotional haha but I'm here as I promised.. so welcome to a new entry!

you probably already know why I'm making this today, right? if you don't, then let me enlight you: today was Shingeki no Kyojin second season finale.. damn.. right in the feels

I'm still in denial haha I just can't believe how fast time passed by.. it seems like it was just yesterday when the first episode aired.. now the only thing we have left is to wait the next season, which I hope, will come soon!

the entry will be pretty long, but I'm not gonna talk *only* about SnK, 'cause I couldn't resist and read another manga volume haha also I went to watch a movie yesterday, BUT I'm not gonna talk about it in this entry, so you'll have to wait n__n'

okay, let me start this now!

Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 5 by Sui Ishida
I was dying to keep on reading Tokyo Ghoul.. I really want to catch up this manga, but I'm afraid I'm still too far to do so u__u

first of all I want to say that this cover is jut too gorgeous! this one is my favourite! is not only because the colour, which is my fav, or the character, but the chapters make it a great volume..

now, the story gets more and more interesting, and all the mystery involving Rize (the one in the cover) is getting stranger, and maybe, just maybe, things are not what they seem

I was surprised to find this volume has more action and it's even bloodier than the previous one! and finally we get to see Touka's Kagune (and force) in all its glory.. believe, it's gorgeous *-*

we're still seeing an incesicive Kaneki, he's still wondering if being a ghoul is right or not, also he still tries to "deny" his new self, like he's refusing to embrace who he is now.. but I have to confess it, I love this Kaneki, he's willing to save everyone he cares about, but maybe he has to start to care for himself.. I know a big change is coming, but I don't know if I'm completely ready to see it u__u

I was glad to see Nishiki once again (finally!), we were able to see just a little sneak peak of his past and we kind of understand why he acted the way he did; I used to dislike him but now.. I don't know, I kinda like him haha

we also met new characters, the most interesting of them all is Suzuya, a ghoul investigator.. he seems quite crazy but there's something about him that calls me.. I'm dying to see and know more of him!

the part I enjoyed the most was the side story we got in this volume.. about who? no one else than Rize! and yes, she's crazy.. so.. why the hell do I like her?

this volume was incredible, for me is the best I've read so far and I'm dying to read the next one 'cause the things are getting out of control.. the story will only get darker and more twisted eventually.. so.. volume 6 here I go!

in case you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here n__n

and now, the moment we were all waiting for: the season finale of SnK!

(Shingeki no Kyojin)  /  Attack on Titan
Season: 02          Episodes: 12

well.. I guess you already know how I felt about this season 'cause I wrote a super short reviews about each episode in previous entries..

the story still follows the Survey Corps and their mission to "save humanity", now they're totally aware that, maybe, there are more traitors inside the Walls..

first of all, let me tell you that right now I feel glad that it was accurate to the manga, they didn't do a lot of changes and that's something to be thankful; one thing I wasn't expecting was that they added some "scenes" that are actually later in the manga..

with this I mean that this season ends in the manga chapter #50/51; and the "added" scenes take place some chapters later; like the memory Reiner has of Marco and Ymir's past story..
to be honest I don't know if I feel good with that, but, c'mon, the ending sequence was a big spoiler to start with

this season left me feeling good, sometimes it seemed quite slow, but I understand why they added a lot of dialogue, believe me, it actually happens like that in the manga, so no big problem there