viernes, 2 de junio de 2017

it is our sacred duty to defend the world..

-Wonder Woman (2017)

Hi cutiepies!
welcome, welcome! hope you're doing great n__n

today I come with my fabulous and fantastic Wonder Woman themed entry!
honestly I was dying to make it *-*

as you know, I went to the midnight showing of the new WW movie.. also you probably know that Wonder Woman is my favourite superhero, so I waited for this movie for YEARS..

okay, I better start now, the entry will be pretty long so.. here we go!

first of all let me tell you one thing: I LOVED THIS MOVIE!
it was even better than I thought it would be.. I seriously loved everything about it *-*

we can see the origin of Diana and her life in Themyscira, her training and the doubt of her mother about Diana becoming a warrior; all of the amazons look simply amazing, and ohgods I want to live with them!

one thing I liked about the movie is that we have some actions scenes through the whole movie, not only at the end in the "final battle"

my favourite part was, without doubt, everytime Diana opens her mouth to say what she thinks and shows that nobody can stop her and that she can fight for what she believes is the right thing to do

I liked the fact that Steve was there as a supporting character, the fact that the director never turned the story to be about him made the movie even better 'cause, after all, it was Wonder Woman time to shine

the plot was interesting (loved that it was kinda based on the animated Wonder Woman movie) and even if the movie seems to be pretty long, it doesn't feel like it at all; it has some funny parts and some touchy moments too.. also all her fight scenes looked incredible!

I have to confess something, the very first time Diana steps in the battle field, with her suit, sword and shield, I felt like I was about to die haha that scene looked so damn perfect and she looked stunning, so powerful.. I was completely breathless

the best thing about this movie is that is not only protagonized by a woman but it also was directed by one, so it's very, very powerful

and, well, I guess it's time for some spoilers.. so.. here we go!


this movie has so many great quotes, specially the ones that Diana tells, the ones saying she'll fight for those who cannot fight for themselves; or that she cannot let innocent people die..

one thing I really loved is that she doesn't only care for women or children, in one part she asks why they were hitting a horse or why they didn't help an injured soldier.. here you can see that, indeed, the world doesn't deserve her.. she's too pure

also loved the fact that yeah, Steve and Diana fell in love but thay had a mission ahead, they had to complete it first before having a "happy ending"

ohh and about the "bad guy", the antagonist haha I knew it! I knew the general Ludendorff was not Ares in disguise, also I knew that sir Patrick was into something.. at the end he ended up being the real Ares so.. I was right!

it was pretty sad to see how Antiope died protecting Diana.. damn u__u and then Hyppolita letting her go with Steve..

and when Steve left Diana to complete his mission.. he sacrificed for the world, to "save the day" he explode himself and the plane that contained the poison Maru created.. damn.. that was so impressive and I enjoyed it a lot 'cause, as you probably know, I love sacrifices like the one Steve made.. it's sad but it gives a lot of emotion to the story

I also liked how Diana was doubting about saving humanity 'cause, yes, she saw the dark/bad side of it, and she wasn't sure they deserved something better.. but then she remembered the good things it has, so she decided to don't give up and defeated Ares..


another thing I liked about the movie is that the supprting characters are there to only do their job, that is to support the main character (Diana) and they didn't steal the main focus from her; they were funny and heped her a lot, but I also think she helped them to develop themselves in the story

overall it was an incredible movie and I totally loved it.. I'm sure it will be one of my favourites of the year!

so yeah, the movie is even better than I expected it to be, sorry but it was magnificent!

this time the cinema was selling some "collectibles" of the movie, and as always I bought two things..

first I got my collectible plastic glass n__n is beautiful! they only had one design, but it looks really pretty!
btw, those letters say "Maravilla" (Wonder in spanish)

I also got my beloved key chain!
this time it is golden.. it may look kind of out of place with the other key chains I already have, but I have to say that it had to be this colour/shade 'cause it looks better like that

this time I knew I had to paint my nails! I have to say that I wasn't sure about which design to make.. and I was running out of time, so I made the first thing that got to my head..

as you can see it's pretty simple, but I think it looks very pretty, don't you think?

I used red and blue polishes as a base in each nail, I painted like half and half with each colour, then I added one coat of super thin gold glitter polish; then I used golden polish to draw the Wonder Woman symbol covering the space where the blue and red polishes met

the final touch was to add black polish to draw the lines to make the symbol look better and defined

it was a little bit frustrating and kind of hard to do the black lines, but I guess they ended up looking great!

well.. sorry for the confusing review of the movie.. is just that I still don't know what to say about it.. it was just perfect for me.. and I didn't want to ruin anybody's experience haha

now than ever I think DC movies universe took a big step, finally somebody gave us, the women in the superheroes fandom, the movie we truly deserve, with a lead femele hero that takes nobody's sh_t

you just gotta love Wonder Woman.. she's a symbol for everyone, and I'm just happy that finally little girls (women in general) have some representation, somebody to look at

now I can't wait to see what Justice League will give us in the future (this year too!)

well.. that's all for now.. hope you liked or at least enjoyed the entry n__n'
also, if you can go watch Wonder Woman, I'm sure you won't regret it

as always thank you so much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have an incredible weekend n__n

bye bye!