miércoles, 21 de junio de 2017

suddenly, inevitably, goodbye will come

Hi cutiepies!
what a sad title, uh? is not like I'm saying goodbye though haha

anyway, welcome to a new entry! hope you're doing great n__n I'd love to say that I'm feeling good but sadly I think I'm starting to get sick u__u but whatever, I already took something to cut it off haha so I'm hoping to not get worse..

I guess this entry will be kind of long since I'll talk about a season finale, a book and a movie..

oh! I also created a new acc. at MyAnimeList n__n' I still have a lot to edit in there, I'm kind of slow, but it'll be ready soon (or that's what I hope)

okay okay, I better start with this..

first of all, let me tell you about the "book" I read, that is, actually, a manga haha!

Anonymous Noise Vol. 1 by Ryoko Fukuyama
I was dying to read Fukumenkei Noise! as you already know I really like this anime, and really wanted to give the manga a try

first of all, let me tell you that this manga is NOT available in spanish, and there are only two volumes out in english (the next ones are coming out in a few months..); another important thing is that I don't know how many chapters it has in total T__T

anyway, about the story.. it follows Nino, a girl who loves to sing along with her best friend, and neighbor, Momo.. but one day tragedy strikes and Momo disappears of her life without saying a single word..

then Nino meets Yuzu, who encourages her to keep singing and she starts to believe she can, somehow, reach Momo with her voice so, someday, they'll meet once again.. but tragedy strikes again and Yuzu leaves.. now Nino has to find not one, but both of them

Nino holds up into the promise both of them made her, that one they they'll find her, so she tries to "reach" them, wherever they are, with her voice.. but suddenly one thing everything changes when she meets Yuzu once again..

one thing I love about FN is the aesthetic of its music band, in NO hurry, and I'm kind ob obsessed with it haha

the story, up until now, seems to be okay, same as the characters.. but honestly I don't know how to feel about Nino :| I like her, but at the same time I don't (is kind of hard to explain it now 'cause I'm thinking about the Nino I'm seeing in the anime..)

but I'm 100% sure I love Yuzu haha I think he is the best character in the story and, sadly, I'm already in love with him.. but since this manga is shojo, we can expect a lot of drama and probably some broken hearts, 'cause after all, there is a lot of unrequited love in this story u__u I just hope that, in the future, it won't break me to pieces

I like Kyoko's style and, even if the story is kind of predictable, it has a lot of funny and "sweet" parts, so yeah, I'll try to read the next volume as soon as possible!

and, in case you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here n__n

okay, now, let's go to one important thing: yesterday one of the anime that was currently airing had its season finale..

王室教師ハイネ  (Ōshitsu Kyōshi Haine)  /  The Royal Tutor
Genre: Comedy, Historical Fiction
Season: 01          Episodes:12

well, I started to watch this anime some weeks after it premiered; months ago I saw it was one of the anime coming out this year's spring, but I wasn't so sure about if I wanted to watch it or not.. one day I had some free time and decided to watch the first episode

was it what I was expecting? definitely no, it was better haha

for the title, the plot it's pretty obvious: it's about a Royal Tutor (someone in charge of the education of the royality), named Haine, who has to prepare the four princes -Kai, Bruno, Leonhard and Licht- for them to being capable candidates for the throne

as always, things are not what they seem and soon Haine discovers that the princes are not who people believe they really are, now they have to face some adversities to turn them into candidates for the throne in case their older brother, Eins, won't become the next King

in the firsts episodes we see the intervies Haine has with each prince to know them, then in the other episodes we see their weak points and how Haines manages to help them out..

but, the interesting thing comes when we see Haine has a secret.. and he and the King, Viktor (damn, another hot Viktor..) share this secret..

[01x12]  最後の授業  / "The Last Lesson"

first of all, I hate the princes, how dare they to be so perfect?
second, the gif is an actual, and accurate, representation of me while I was watching the episode..

now, as you can guess from the title of the episode, it was about one last lesson, and yeah, it probably meant a good-bye from our sweet and beloved Haine..

okay, I just knew, since the first time I saw him, the Count Rosenberg was into something.. and when we learned that he was the high steward of Eins, the pieces started to fit together.. now, I only have one question left: what is the exact reason Rosenberg did what he did?

was it because of him or.. did Eins had something to do with it?
after watching this last episode I'm doubting Eins had something to do with it but.. there's a little part of me that tells me otherwise haha
also, why did Eins avoid his father?

anyway, here we see how the princes changed thanks to Haine's lessons; I really liked their development and how attached they were to chibi-sensei, and what they did was just incredible..

and now, sorry, here come some spoilers..


okay.. Haine's past was that he met Viktor before he became King, 'cause he used to sneak out of the palace; Haine lived "in the streets" with a bunch of kids.. they became friends, but Viktor never mentioned he was a prince..

but one night their parents noticed he was missing so every guard started to look for him, when they found him he was with Haine, they thought he kidnapped Viktor and shoot at him, but the prince received the bullet in his place..

Haine went berserk and was about to kill the guard but Viktor told him to stop.. at the end Viktor survived but Haine was in jail T__T after Viktor told the truth, they set Haine free and he was able to become a teacher in some kind of home for homeless kids..

Haine left the palace T__T so the princes will have a new tutor but the thing is that they wanted Haine back.. so they spoke to the royal council and, somehow, demonstrated everyone they were now capable of being candidates of the throne..

Eins made his debut.. and basically told Rosenberg to get his nouse out of the subject, that he was going to be the next King by his own habilities..

at the end we see that Haine returned to the palace and the princes welcome him back *-*


in general I really enjoyed this anime, and I totally loved Haine! at first I even thought it was going to have some kind of "supernatural" touch (maybe Haine being a demon or another type of magical creature haha), but I was wrong and honestly I was kind of glad with it not being true

this anime was really funny and also had some "drama" haha; I was glad that they answered the main question about Haine's past.. but I'm not sure if I liked it, I guess I was expecting a different thing..

I liked the ending and the fact that it was somehow an "open" one, but I'm not sure if I'm okay with it being an anime with only one season or if I'll be okay if we get, by chance, a second season.. I don't know if it'll work or not.. right now I can say I'm in peace with it

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