domingo, 25 de junio de 2017

I want more than I have

-Everything, Everyhting ~ Nicola Yoon

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great time, and welcome to a new entry!

I honestly thought I was going to make this entry on tuesday (almost a week after the previous one) but I was forgetting something: the season finale of one of the anime I'm watching on tv, so I had to do it today n__n' but of course, expect a new entry in two days :P

as I didn't want this entry to be only about one single thing (said anime), I decided to read a book, one of the few (okay, that's a lie) I have on queue

believe me, I'm trying hard to read more books but it seems that manga just complains about that and whispers in my ear "read me.. read me instead.." so it's becoming kind of hard to pick up books and not manga haha

okay, I don't know if the entry will be long or not, so we better start with this..

Everything, Evertyhing by Nicola Yoon
I really wanted to read this book for a while, I've read so many people said it was really good and some even said "if you liked Hazel&Augutus.. you're gonna love this book" and some things like that, so the hype was there..

finally I had the chance and I took it, since the movie came out past friday (is that right?) I really, really wanted to give it a try

the story is about Maddy, a girl who, basically, is allergic to the world, most known as a "bubble girl"; thanks to her illness she has never left her house and the only persons she has contact with are her mom and her nurse; but one day everything changes when a family arrives to the house next to her, then she meets Olly and her world turns upside down..

the premise sounded pretty interesting 'cause, how the hell was going to exist a love story if one of the "lovers" is "allergic to everything"?

at first I was kind of enjoying the story, but slowly I found myself more worried about Maddy's health than herself, at some point I had a lot of questions running through my head and all I needed were answers

then the plot twist came and, honestly, the only thing I thought was "WTF? re you kidding me?", I even got angry! well, I'm still angry haha at the end I feel like it wasn't what I expected

but, did I like it? uhm.. it had some nice parts and I liked some quotes, I even liked (just a little bit) Maddy, but in general is a no.. I didn't like the plot twist but, to be honest, all the signals were there.. I just never imagined what was going to happen.. I feel kind of disappointed of the book.. so much hype for nothing u__u

and, in case you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here please n__n

okay, now let's go for the reason I made this entry today: anime

ガンツ (Gantsu)  /  Gantz
Season: 01 ("First Stage")          Episodes: 13

first of all, let me tell you that I wasn't really interested in this anime, I heard about it time ago but it didn't catch my attention until the channel that shows anime in my country (Panico) announced it.. so I decided I had to watch it :P

the most important thing you need to know is that I still don't have idea of what's the point of the story haha the things I know are because I investigated a little bit, but if it were for the anime, my mind would still be in blank..

I find the plot kind of confusing and I still don't fully understand what the hell is Gantz, I'm just hoping the second season clears my mind a little bit T__T

the story follows Kei, a student kind of selfish, we also met Kato, Kei's childhood friend who used to admire him; the story starts in the moment when Kato tries to rescue a homless person from being crushed and obviously killed by the train, he asks Kei's help, who at first didn't want to but he agrees later.. the point is that they rescue the man but the price they pay is their lives.. or that's what it seems

they are "transported" to a room in what it seems to be hotel sorrounded by other people and with a big black ball in the center of the room.. slowly they start to realize that all of them have something in common: every one in that place is presumibly dead

the black sphere gives them instructions: they have to accomplish a mission before the time runs out, they have to hunt and "exterminate" an.. alien? with the guns and aquipment Gantz gives them

I have to be honest about this, this story is full of ecchi elements, which I don't like; don't get me wrong, I'm not disgusted by that, is just that sometimes I find it kind of unnecessary, like, I don't give a hell if the girl in there, named Kishimoto (her name is also Kei), has big breats, and also I don't care if Kei loves oppai.. like, why should I care about that?

I find the characters kind of annoying, Kei is always obsessed about liking Kato instead of him and he's really selfish u__u then Kato always wants everyone to be safe and wants to save everyone.. then Kishimoto.. damn.. she's annoying T__T she always wants to be saved the someone else and she's always screaming and doesn't do anything to save her sorry ass.. just.. annoying

[01x13] 死んで下ちい  /  "Please Die..."
/  «Por Favor, Muérete»

okay.. the season was quite slow and they didn't explain the deatils, like the famous 100 points that Nishi mentioned once, or what exactly is Gantz..

I think that finally in this episode we saw a development in the characters, especially Kei and Kishimoto, but I still think they're annoying haha but I was glad to see a change in their behaviour

the group of survivors from the first mission got bigger (well, kind of) after the second mission were accomplish; we still don't know how Gantz decides how many points get each person also we don't know how Gantz choses the persons who will be part of this "sadic game" :|

so the last part of the mission, when they had to beat the "boss" felt quite slow, but when Kei decided he didn't want to run away anymore was intriguing and fascinating..

sorry, but here come the spoilers! you know I really can't talk about something without them haha


well well, where do I begin with?
lt me tell you that I never expected Nishi's death.. like, srly? I thought he was going to be in the story for a long time haha also he was the one who had some answers..

we learnt that the suits Gantz gives them can get powerless and so they are useless, also for each each "minor" enemy they kill they get 5 points; if they mention Gantz to people that aren't part of it, their heads explode..

in the first episodes Nishi mentioned that they are like fax copies of themselves and that, sometimes, the "original" doesn't die.. and this is what happened to Kishimoto so she had to leave her life and asked Kei to live with him..

I also think that Kei had to let go his obsession with Kishimoto, yes, he wants to have sex with her and all of that, bu he knows she's in love with Kato and he's all frustrated about that, he just has to let go, she's not the only girl in the world u__u

going back to the second mission, Kei decided to not run away anymore and so he gave his best and killed the "bird boss", thanks to this he received 38 points, Kato receives 5 while Kishimoto and Hojo (some type of celebrity) earn 10 each one.. and the other character, Hojo's stalker got 0 'cause she didn't do a thing..


as I said, I'm not really convinced I'm enjoying/liking this anime, it's kind of confusing also all the ecchi elements are quite annoying.. like "what about you explain what the hell is Gantz and stop focusing in Kishimoto breasts?"

one thing I like a lot is all the blood scenes, as you know I really like gore, so all those uncensored scenes are quite great

overall I find the plot kind of interesting but slow and messed up, I just hope the second season gives us answers and makes sense