martes, 2 de mayo de 2017

some things are gone forever

-Attack on Titan Vol. 18 ~ Hajime Isayama

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n welcome to a new entry!
I've been feeling quite lazy and feeling sleepy.. I guess that's my fault, I've been watching anime haha so I go to sleep kind of late..

but I'm not complaining at all, I actually enjoy it haha I feel like I'm watching so many anime at once.. I hope I don't get everything mixed up u__u

oh! now that I'm talking about anime, I started to watch a new one, I discovered it past friday night, well it was after midnight so I guess it was already saturday haha anyway, the trailer of this anime was in my recomendation list of YT.. I watched because the image was kind of cool, it looked like a gothic lolita!

I have to say that the girl in the trailer looked really cool haha all the aesthetic was cool, so I said "why not?" then I watched the first episode.. and, damn

the anime name is Fukumenkei Noise
I was glad to find out in recently came out, so I only missed three episodes (that I already watched) and every tuesday comes a new one n__n'
why did I like it? I'm not sure haha but I'll keep on watching..

well, I guess I better hurry up and start with the entry..

yesterday I decided to read another manga volume.. I really need to catch up with the story..

Attack on Titan Vol. 18 by Hajime Isayama
this story only gets more and more interesting and frustrating.. after the cliffhanger of the previous volume I didn't know what to expect and I was kind of nervous

I have to say that this volume was better than the previous one but it was not the best; in the very first chapter we got some more info (finally!) but sadly most of it felt like was there to fill up the story :|

one thing I loved about this is that I got to see my baby Armin doing what he does best, sorry but I felt really proud and happy for him *-*
I'm kind of surprised to see Eren's attitude.. is just me or he's not as annoying as he used to be?

I still feel like they're giving us a lot of info so we have the truth in front of our eyes, but somehow I just can't put the pieces together.. sometimes I think I may have a theory but then I read the next volume and all my ideas become dust haha

then that freaking cliffhanger.. damn.. why Isayama? WHY? finally, after seeing all the stuff about humans vs humans, we're getting TITANS! but ohmy.. the thing is gonna get complicated.. it will be a bloodbath, and you know what? I'm not sure I'm ready for it..

overall it was a great volume, it was interesting but as always I kind of miss the action the story used to have before, gladly in the next volume we're going to see an epic battle, the one we were waiting for

I'm so attached to this freaking story that I'm 99.9% it will break my heart eventually u__u and, when I finally catch up with the latest chapter, I'll go literally crazy..

if you want to read the complete review, with spoilers and in spanish, please click here n__n

otherwise, I finally finished watching another anime.. well, actually I finished it on wednesday BUT I forgot to watch the OVAs haha

ノラガミ  /  Noragami
Season: 01          Episodes: 12 (+2 OVAs)

I wanted to watch this anime since some time ago but finally I decided to do it.. the main reason was the main character, Yato haha

the story is about a minor God named Yato, he wants to have followers and a shrine, but sadly nobody knows about him, so he does any kind of job for 5 yen

every God has a weapon called "Shinki" (regalia) who is a human spirit not yet corrupted by "evil", Yato, along with Yukine, his shinki, fight against "Ayakashi" (phantoms) who usually corrupt humans
the other character, Hiyori, is a human girl who, one day, meets Yato by accident.. thanks to this she starts to fall asleep (no matter the place nor time) and her spirit slips away from her body

so Hiyori is now part of Yato's world, she meets other Gods and their shinkis; also she starts to know Yato's story and why he acts the way he does

[1x12]  一片の記憶  /  "A Scrap of a Memory"

I think this season focused in constructing Yato and Yukine's bond; also I think Hiyori had a big rol in the development of their relationship

so, we got to know who was Nora a few episodes ago (like two?) and what kind of relationship she used to have with Yato, but one thing I don't understand is why she's still into him.. does she hate him? or could it be other kind of feeling..?

in this last episode of the season we saw what happened to Hiyori after she lost her memories of Yato T__T but the worst part is that slowly she started to forget Yukine too!
Nora offered a way out, same as God Tenjin..

Yato and Yukine make a choice and go fight against Rabō, and I have to say this fight was pretty cool.. I was so worried about my baby Yato!

and as always, I can't talk about the episode without spoilers, so here are they!


as I previously said, the whole season focused in the relationship between Yuki and Yato; it was pretty hard to see Yuki's behaviour.. I totally understood why he was feeling all depressed.. after all, shinkis were humans who died not because they wanted to.. it's not completely confirmed in the anime, but it seems that Yuki was killed by someone..

so, he was so sad 'cause he wanted to have a normal life.. but his behaviour was really bad, he was starting to infestate Yato, and he was near to die.. and then Yukine would turn into an ayakashi..

gladly Mayu (previously Yato's shinki, Tomone) who is one of the shinkis of God Tenji and Kofuku's shinki, Daikoku, decided to help, but they needed another shinki, sadly nobody wanted to help.. so Hiyori contacted Kazuma, Bishamonte's shinki

after that Yato, Yukine and Hiyori's relationship became stronger.. but then Nora appeared once again T__T and she took Hiyori's memories of Yato!

in order to make her remember him, he spent his money to get art supplies so he could draw an story of their time together! I can't believe he spent his money in that way, like, he loves money and he worked so hard for it.. it's pretty obvious how much he cares for Hiyori *-*

sorry but it became one of my OTPs haha

it was said by Nora, and Rabō that if Hiyori didn't get back her memories she would enter in some kind of coma.. so Yato decided to fight to take them back..

it was revealed that Yato used to fight side by side with Rabō, and they even killed humans.. but Yato decided he wanted something else, so he left those days in the past..
through the whole season, we had the doubt about the shinki Yato killed.. so.. who was it?

Hiyori followed Yato and Yukine in her ghost form, and ended up in the middle of the battle.. in certain moment Rabō and Nora made her memories explode, so she just kind of "passed out" and here is where the real battle begun..

Yato was shocked, as everyone haha, and he started to fight like he used to.. damn.. he was incredible! O__O

Hiyori's body is about to get crushed by some rocks and Yato goes to protect her.. Hiyori, in her mind I suppose, starts to smell something and she says it's her favourite scent! the starts to embrace Yato and BAM! she woke up! also she remembered everything *-*

Rabō started to absorb the ayakashis, and so he becomes one.. Yato notices this and uses Sekki to cut him and expel him from this world, and so Yato wins.. Nora then disappears and says something about visiting someone's father.. probably Yato's?

Yato tells Hiyori that they should cut off their bond, so she would live a normal life, but she says no! then she tells him that she only want to stay by his side forever.. and Yato teold her that for 5 yen her wish will come true

it was pretty obvious that, after Hiyori saved them both, Yato from death and Yuki from becoming an ayakashi, Yato started to feel something for her.. I'm sure he likes her haha and obviously she likes him back..


this episode felt like a roller coaster, I liked how much determination  had Yato and Yukine; and you know what? I'm happy with it.. it showed us how deep the main trio's bond really is.. I'm actually dying to watch the next season n__n

and the OVAs.. haha they were really funny!
the first one (神憑り、神祟り / "God's Possession, God's Curse") was about Yato possessing Hiyori's body, so he would be able to distribuite info about him and gain followers..

in the second one (春の約束 / "A Promise in Spring") we could see all the "supernatural" characters having a picnic together haha then Yukine has the opportunity to rate his job as shinki (regalia)

overall the whole anime was not what I was expecting but it was incredible, I really enjoyed and liked it.. I simply fell in love with Yato *-*

otherwise, like two weeks ago my sis gave a me a new nail polish!

Nail polish in matte purple
well, this polish is offbrand so it doesn't even have a name haha but I like the shade and the fact that it's matte makes it even cooler n__n maybe I'll be using it soon, I don't really know when, but I'm sure it'll be soon

well, I guess that's all for now n__n'
the entry ended up being really long, right? I'm sorry guys.. is just that I just start fangirling and don't know when to stop haha

anyway, thank you so much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have a wonderful week n__n

bye bye!