viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

I am Groot!

-Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1 ~ Sui Ishida

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! hope you're doing great, I'm quite tired and feeling sleepy but here I am :P

this time I was thinking about making a Guardians of the Galaxy themed entry, but I also read a new manga volume, so I guess I'll combine both subjects haha sorry!

anyways, finally Guardinas of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is here! and as you probably know, I got tickets for the midnight screening n__n
I love the first movie (sadly I didn't watch it in the big screen..), so I had my hopes up for this one..

I'll try not to make this too long, okay? :P
so, let's start!

I was dying to see my babies in a new movie, I was especially craving to see my adored Rocket *-* have I ever mentioned he's my favourite character from GotG?

so, what can I say about the movie?
it's really, really funny, all the jokes are simply marvelous, I really enjoyed and liked it a lot

the plot was interesting and easy to follow, we are able to explore the feelings of the characters and how the bond they acquired through the previous movie becomes stronger; I think this movie focus in the relationships the characters have, not only of them being a group of friends but an actual family

I wanted to know so badly who was Peter's father, so it was a big shock when they announced they were actually going to tell us about him.. but the bigger surprise was to really know him and to explore their relationship

I especially enjoyed seeing my baby Rocket in action.. he is the same as always, he was funny, mean and got emotional at certain point

we are able to see more of Gamora and Nebula's relationship, plus Gamora is a bad-ass, who on Earth doesn't love her?

Drax.. ohmygods he was funny as hell, I just love his sense of humor; I also liked how he developed a friendship with a new character

Peter was funny as always but what I really liked was that, finally, we get to know more about him and who he is, at certain point I was like "oh no Peter, what are you doing? don't.." but then he surprised me by showing how commited, loyal and strong he really is

and last, but not least, my lovely Groot.. oh dear, I just loved Groot in the first movie, but I'm not sure I love Baby Groot.. yeah, he is super cute but I think that was too much for me, I think he was cuter and adorable before.. but don't get me wrong, I liked him a lot!

now, sorry about this, but I have to do it.. here come the spoilers!


I think this movie focuses, obviously, in saving the galaxy, but.. from who? oh surprise, surprise: Ego, Peter's dad u__u

damn.. I never imagined that Peter's dad would be an actual God.. like, srly?
thanks to the previous movie we knew he was important and all of that but, a God?

he turned out to be the villain this time and he wanted Starlord to help him 'cause, according to him, he was the only one who inherited his "power"..
he paid Yondu to bring him all the kids he had in the whole freaking galaxy (uh, sorry Peter, guess you weren't that special for him..), but as none of then had the power then.. they all died T__T

he had Quill under his control.. until he said the wrong thing: he put the tumor into Peter's mom brain.. WHAT. THE. FUCK.
according to him, doing that broke his heart.. yeah, sure.. WHAT? are you serious?

so, as he was originally the planet he lived in.. then our guardians went to save Peter.. and they did it (thanks Groot!), but sadly they paid a high cost: Yondu's life

I have to confess I cried T__T Yondu "kept" Peter 'cause he didn't want Ego to kill him like he did with his other sons, so when Yondu told Peter that he wasn't his dad but he loved him as one.. damn.. it was super sad.. and then he gave his life to save him.. WHY?

I was kind of glad to see that Nebula finally expresed her feelings out loud, all she wanted was a sister.. then, somehow, after saving each other, they hugged!

through the whole movie we saw a different Rocket.. he was salty and mean all the time (I still loved him), the real reason was that he felt alone and he didn't want to open up his heart and start loving his friends 'cause he felt that, somehow, they would leave him some day

I loved how he bonded with Yondu, and how they became friends pretty fast, so he cried when his new friend died..

I'm still wondering.. am I wrong or Hela (from Thor Ragnarok) appeared in the movie?
now.. who's Adam?


I also liked the new character, Mantis.. she was kind of scary, cute and funny but scary.. maybe she will join the group in the future.. but I'm not sure :|

and the soundtrack.. I think this is an important part of GotG, it was fine, but for me it was as good as the one of the first movie..

somehow I was expecting to see a connection between this and other MCU movie, but I'm not sure I saw it.. maybe I'm wrong

overall I liked it a lot, but it's not my favourite movie :| I feel like the first movie was better, the jokes didn't feellt so forced back then, somehow I think they tried to make this new movie funnier, but at some point there were too much jokes.. don't get me wrong, is not as bad as it sounds, is just that I enjoyed, and loved, the previous movie more

so.. I knew there was going to be some merch at the cinema, but I didn't know there were gonna be collectible plastic glasses.. so when I noticed I knew I had to get one!

well.. actually there were only one design haha but I got it anyways 'cause I love GotG.. I just love how all the characters (the ones we already know) appear in it..

also I got a new keychain! yes, it's my beloved Rocket *-* there were one of Baby Groot, but, as I said, Rocket is my favourite character, so I had to get this one!

this time I didn't paint my nails u__u to be honest I wasn't able to think about a good design haha so I just thought it would be a nice idea to finally use a nail polish I got some time ago.. nothing really special actually.. but if you want to see which polish I used, click here n__n'

otherwise I decided to read another manga volume BUT this time I started a new one! kind of strange, but I was dying to give it a try so I had the chance and took it..

Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1 by Sui Ishida
I have to say that I love this cover.. the colours in it look simply amazing.. I'm actually dying to buy a copy (in spanish 'cause it's available in my country!), guess I'll do it in the future n__n'

okay, since I loved the anime (first season was incredible) I wanted to read the manga, and someone loaned me a copy, so it was pretty obvious that I was going to devour it

for those of you who doesn't know, the story follows Kaneki Ken and how his life turns upside down after he crosses paths with a Ghoul, which are creatures (often called monsters) that eat human flesh to survive.. so here's when the tragedy starts..

I have to say that I liked the illustrations, I think the author did a agreat job and I'm sure the drawings will be better in the other volumes, so I'm trying not to get too excited about the ones in this first volume

obviously we don't get to know a lot about the characters, only their "surface", but I guess that's enough to start knowing them; so far I can say I like Touka, she is kind of mean but she has had a rough life :| also I like Kaneki, I think that, even if I get how he feels, I also think he just has to accept his new life..

as the story itself says it, this is a tragedy, so I'm sure it will break me down, I'm gonna end up pretty f_cked up.. I'm kind of afraid but.. I'm ready haha

one thing that surprised me is the quantity of chapters it has (9), but it's not like it was super long.. actually some chapters were kind of short.. so it was easy to read and I wasn't able to put it down

I really liked this volume but somehow I feel like I wanted more of it, like I was expecting it to have more blood and action.. I'm sure that the story will get better and more interesting, actually I'm dying to read the next volume!

if you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here please n__n

well, I guess that was all for now.. and, again, it seems that the entry ended up pretty long Y__Y sorry, not my intention!

oh! tomorrow is SnK day! damn.. this freaking anime is killing me.. after this episode the thing will get crazier.. damn..

I almost forgot it! I've been editing, so, if you want, give it a try and check out what I've been doing haha here n__n'

anyways, hope you liked or enjoyed the entry n__n
as always thank you so much for reading/passing by! hope you'll have a wonderful weekend

 bye bye!

--- edit 29/04 ---

well, a few hours ago I just watched Episode 5 (#30) "Historia" of Shingeki no Kyojin S05..
my thoughts? well, I have to say that the animation still takes my breath away.. I can't believe how well done, and pretty, it looks..

I almost cried of how beautiful the whole Ymir and Christa thing looked.. especially I think at the end of the episode Ymir looked really pretty..

and.. how not to mention Mikasa skills? damn.. everytime I see her I fall in love with her more and more..

--- edit #2 ---

woah, I just read some news in Instagram and tumblr.

there were a Yuri on Ice event, called "Yuri on Stage" and, it seems that the YoI team said that we're going to have a freaking movie!

yoooo, what? really? ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS? ohmygods, ohmygods, I'm freaking out.. damn, it seems that I have to investigate!