lunes, 22 de mayo de 2017

one hell of a butler

-Black Butler Vol. 1 ~ Yana Toboso

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry n__n hope you're doing great.. I'm currently kind of busy and in a hurry 'cause I have to do a lot of things haha I spent all morning and most part of the evening without electricity 'cause it had maintenance.. I wanted to do the entry before but.. I wasn't able to for haha

anyway, finally I'm here! I'm thinking this entry will be kind of long 'cause I finished watching another anime.. also I read a new book (actually a manga haha) AND I got my tickets for an upcoming movie!

anyway, let's start with today's entry!

Black Butler Vol. I by Yana Toboso
FINALLY! since I watched the anime I wanted to read the manga, and finally I was able to do it!
first of all, when I was searching for some info of the manga, I thought it already finished, but surprise surprise.. it still goes on! so that means I have a long way to catch it up

I have to say that I like a lot how each volume is constructed, it seems like every single one of them has four chapters and they follow the same "order", it seems that the main plot of each one of them happens in a determined time of the day (morning, evening, night or midnight)

the story follows Ciel Panthomhive and his butler Sebastian,it takes place in the Victorian England.. I think this volume was a great introduction to the Phantomhive's world, of course, it's not revealed (yet) about Ciel and his intentions, instead it's revealed who is Sebastian

the art is incredible, I really enjoyed Toboso's drawings, especially I fell in love with Sebastian (actually, MORE), I wanted to lick every single illustration of him haha

also, since it takes place in the victorian era, it has that "goth" touch that made me fall in love, once again, with Black Butler

I can't wait to read the next volume, I guess it'll become my favourite.. haha

if you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here please n__n

otherwise, as I said before, I finally finished watching another anime..

学園黙示録  /  Highschool of the Dead
Genre: Action, Horror, Harem
Season: 01          Episodes: 12 (+1 OVA)

if you ask me why did I watch this anime I'd probably say it was because of the "Dead" part of its name haha

after watching the first episode I wasn't really sure if I wanted to keep on watching it.. I liked the fact that there were zombies, and it actually looked pretty good but, ohgods, all the fanservice (is it correct to call it 'ecchi'?) was too much for me.. but yeh, as you can see I watched it anyway

the plot is about a zombie apocalypse, our protagonist is an student, so the story first takes place in an school haha the survivors want to get to a "safe point", so all they have to do is get out of the school..

something funny? they only happen to be inside the school for three or four episodes.. so I don't really know why the name is "Highschool"..

the whole season our protagonist have two missions: survive and get to the safe point; but of course, all of the want to find their families but it may be impossible 'cause since they are in a zombie apocalypse, they may be already dead..