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even ghouls have feelings...

-Attack on Titan Vol. 20 ~ Hajime Isayama

𝓗𝒾  𝒸𝓊𝓉𝒾𝑒𝓅𝒾𝑒𝓈❣ ◕‿◕ 
welcome to a new entry❣ hope you're having a good time n__n I'm quite busy right now 'cause today I decided to make two different entries ¬¬ and honestly is quite hard.. and boring.. haha

anyway, at first I thought about making this entry yesterday but I decided it was going to be a better idea to make it today, but why? well, I thought the season finale of a tv series was last night.. but I was wrong u﹏u luckily I had a plan B, the one you're about to see ;P

a few days ago I read a manga volume and thought it was enough for this entry, but yesterday I decided to read another ∩__∩' and you don't know how happy I am that I did it, what a relief❣ otherwise this entry was going to be kind of crappy haha

okay, enough of that.. I better start with this❣

 ↳ Attack on Titan Vol. 20 by Hajime Isayama
I can't believe that I'm so close to achieve my goal❣ it's been hard but.. it worths it, I just love this freaking manga..

I was about to die with the cliffhanger of the previous volume, sadly this one was the death of me.. seriously :|

what a majestic and awful volume❣ it was a roller coaster.. and oh, my heart broke like two, three or a thousand times x﹏x it was incredible but at the same time horrible.. this is, probably, my favourite volume so far, plus the cover is one of the best :P

it made me bite my nails and got me inner screaming with angst and agony, also it made me cry T__T but damn.. I simply loved it 

here we see how the "final" battle ends, and how each one of the adversaries used their strategies to defeat each other.. honestly it got me in the verge of madness.. it was full of action and feelings haha

and about the characters.. well, as I said in the previous volume, I like this new Eren.. he doesn't complain anymore and tries to cooperate and protect his team/friends..

Mikasa.. damn she's incredible❣ I'm still wondering why people hate her, once again I saw a clear development in her attitude, she started to understand that her friends know how to manage themselves and she doesn't have to go and save them every single time they are in trouble..

Armin.. damn.. my baby Armin is the best❣ I just love him ❤ and loved the fact that Eren recognized he's the bravest of them all.. otherwise Jean is so interesting.. he always surprises me, I definitely want to see more of him.. also I want to see more of Connie and Sasha, sometimes I feel like they need more attention

and last, but not least, mi beloved Levi  ohmygods he is amazing❣

I'm not telling more 'cause I feel like it would be an spoiler haha but let me tell you once again that this volume is amazing, even if it made me cry like a baby I loved it

if you want to read the complete review, in spanish and with spoilers, please click here ∩__∩

 ↳ Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 3 by Sui Ishida
I have to say that this cover is one of the best of the TG series.. is too pretty❣ I'm seriously dying to get a printed copy of it ∩__∩

anyway, this time the story focuses on Hinami and the way she's dealing with her feelings towards the events of the previous volume..

what I liked about it is that finally Kaneki is realizing he has to accept his ghoul side.. of course, it's gonna be hard but he has to comprehend that he's no longer a human (actually is half-human haha)

another thing that I particulary enjoyed was all the action it has❣ there are two main fights in this volume and both were amazing.. and finally we're able to know what's a Quinque (CCG's investigators weapons) made of O__O and obviously we understand why they use them..

and, as I already said, Kaneki was amazing, I love him ❤ too sad his life is a tragedy haha
and Touka.. well, I'm dying to know the reason behind her attitude, we had a little hint here, but I want to know more about her, she's complicated and I need to understand her :|

the other characters remain as mysterious as they were in the begining, so I don't have so much to say about them..

overall in was a great volume but, sadly, sometimes I found some parts kind of slow.. somehow I feel like if some chapters were put together the story could have gone faster; but honestly after all I don't complain, TG is incredibly interesting

if you want to read the complete review, in spanish and with spoilers, click here ∩__∩

and last, but not least, the other day I got a new polish❣

 ⇝Nail polish by Charm Limit
this was actually the last metallic matte polish left, so I picked it up ∩__∩'
the shade seems like an electric blue, I tried it in just one nail and it looked really pretty❣

I've been editing some old entries, so, if you want to take a look at them, click here and here ∩__∩

ohmygods the other day I watched the new episode of Fukumenkei Noise❣ it was wonderful.. every single week it makes me wanna sing my heart out.. but I still wonder why Nino keeps on waiting for Momo :| and every single time something that, somehow, has to do with him happens she goes crazy and thinks more and more about him..

if you ask me I prefer Yuzu.. he's super cute❣ I just hope Nino won't hurt him more..

well, now that's all for now, hope you liked/enjoyed the entry, and sorry if it's quite long..
I tried to make it simple and short but, like always, nothing goes according to the plan

thank you so much for reading/passing by❣
have a wonderful day ∩__∩

bye bye