lunes, 27 de marzo de 2017

hope... or despair?

-Attack on Titan Vol. 13 ~ Hajime Isayama

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! hope you're doing great n__n I'm kind of busy but finally here I am :P

woah, I'm super excited now.. the day is almost here! Shingeki no Kyojin season 2 finally comes out this saturday! *-* damn.. it's gonna be epic (probably I'll talk about every episode, but.. I'm not sure, maybe just a few lines, not a big deal..) and I'm gonna cry a lot T__T

anyways, I don't have so much to tell, my life as always is boring haha
so I guess it'll be better if I start with it n__n'

well, yeah.. this time I decided to pick up another manga volume.. sorry I can't help it!

Attack on Titan Vol. 13 by Hajime Isayama
first of all, let me talk about the cover.. damn.. it's so.. so.. hot? haha sorry but I think all of the characters in there look like badasses and really hot.. especially Rivaille *-* and Mikasa! even Eren looks fine LOL

okay okay, now to the point; I found this volume interesting, sometimes it was kind of confusing but slowly it made sense

I also found it kind of slow, for me it was not as good as previous volumes; yes, it was interesting and I wasn't able to put it down,  but the lack of action was a problem for me, not a big one but it was still there

finally one of the big questions is answered, so that means one of the main theories got confirmed! I think most of the fans (or even everyone) saw it coming but it was amazing to get an answer

we're also starting to understand who is "the real enemy" and we're getting into a political issue and probably we saw it coming too.. with every chapter the problem is getting bigger bigger, it makes you think "things can't get worse.. right?" but I think we already know they can and they will

is just that there's a lot going on in the story right now.. it kind of frustrates me how, up until now, a lot of questions remain unanswered

one thing that I liked was that we were able to see Rivaille again *-* and Mikasa! and finally I started to see a change in Eren: he wasn't as annoying as before.. I guess that's a big step for him, I just hope to see this new side of him from now on

overall this volume was great, it has funny moments, and even if sometimes it seemed slow, the plot is getting more interesting with the political plot, but I'm dying to know more about the Titans!

in case you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here please n__n

otherwise, past week I went to watch a movie!

Kong: the Skull Island
well, I have to be honest: I went to watch it because of Tom Hiddleston *-*

about the movie I think it seemed quite long and a little bit boring sometimes, but it was better than the previous King Kong movie, that's for sure

the plot was good and it shows you how humans don't know how respect works and usually want to kill what they don't understand; one thing that I liked is the fact that it's not the same than previous versions, so it makes you think that maybe it will have a sequel..

I was also glad that since the begining we're able to see Kong because, after all, it's his movie.. gladly it was not like Godzilla (2014) that showed the protagonist just a little ¬¬

overall it was good, but it's pretty obvious that it won't be the best movie of the year..

rumor has it that probably there will be a Kong vs Godzilla movie.. honestly? I don't know who will I support haha hopefully they get together to fight a major danger :P

otherwise I got a new wallet! at first I thought it looked really cute and pretty but now.. uhm.. I'm not so sure haha

I don't know why but I don't think I still like it haha
as you can see the it has an alphabet pattern plus it feels really soft; it's pretty so I guess I won't get rid of it..

it also has a part where you can put your phone, and it looks like an octopus tentacle haha it can stay there without making your phone feel sticky, so I guess is fine.. but why is it pink inside? I don't have idea..

well, that's all for now! this time the entry may seem kind of simple (maybe even short..), is because I don't have anything else to say :P

as you can see this time there's no anime here! what a surprise, don't you think?
is not that I suddenly stopped watching anime, no, is only because I'm currently watching two and I'm taking my time with them..

I'm even watching one of them in TV! every week two episodes air.. I think next saturday will be the season finale.. but I don't know if I'll talk about it in the next entry :P

I have tons and tons of things to do, but look at me, I do nothing haha I have to edit a lot of entries! and just thinking about it makes me feel lazy and bored.. but I swear I'll do it as soon and fast as I can

okay, now that's all!
thank you so much for reading/ passing by!
hope you'll have a great week n__n

bye bye!