jueves, 30 de marzo de 2017

we're not good people anymore

-Attack on Titan Vol. 14 ~ Hajime Isayama

Hi cutiepies!
hpe you're doing great, welcome to a new entry!

well, actually this is some kind of last-minute entry haha at first I thought about making it until sunday but then I realized that I could have a super long entry, so I decided to make one today and a new one on sunday (according to the plan..)

anyways, today was a busy day, right now I'm super tired T__T and I still have a lot to do..

ohh! finally march is coming to an end, so that means Shingeki no Kyojin is almost here! ohgods I can't wait.. I'm seriously dying to watch the new season.. I'm literally counting the hours haha

okay, I guess I better start with this!

obviously I couldn't resist and I had to read a new volume of the SnK manga! luckily I'm advancing fast, soon I'll be at the same "level" as the other fans :P

Attack on Titan Vol. 14 by Hajime Isayama
as always this freaking manga made me almost fell down off my sit, I swear I'll die soon and all because it gets more and more interesting and surprising; even if we don't get so much answers and instead we get tons of questions, the story is just amazing and always leaves me breathless

if I'm not mistaken, since the previous volume we put the Titans aside and focused in the real enemy of humanity: the humanity itself

as I said about the previous volume, I'm not too interested about all the political issue, but that doesn't mean I don't like it at all, yes, it's very interesting but I miss the Titans haha

luckily we're starting to see some theories about the whole Titan thing..
I'm still not able to connect all the things together, I feel like I have the truth in front of me but I can't see it haha not yet..

in this volume the Commander of the Survey Corps, Erwin Smith, plans to do something against the royal goverment, but, as always, nothing goes according to the plan, so now the SC are considered traitors

what I liked is that finally we can see more of Rivaille! ohgods I missed him!
also what I found interesting is the new dilemma the Levi Squad faces here: what happens when they start fighting against humans, is it right or wrong? is a thin line some of them are not willing to cross, at least not yet

oh and we learnt something about Erwin and Rivaille's pasts! I'm so glad we get to know a little about them..

we also saw a new character, Kenny the Ripper, who is terrifying, and will cause a lot of problems to our protagonists

overall this volume was really good, and it amazed me to realize how much I liked it, but still I want to see the Titans once again!

in case you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here please n__n

a few days ago I got a new nail polish! I have to say it wasn't exactly the colour I was looking for haha but I saw it and fell in love with it..

Nail polish by Bissú in 044 Imperio
wel I'm not sure about the exact colour, but let's say it's a burgundy shade
as I said I was originally looking for a new black polish but I wasn't able to find it.. instead I saw this one and I knew I had to buy it haha

I really liked the shade, now I'm looking forward to paint my nails with it!

otherwise today I went to watch a movie, honestly I was actually dying to see it, why? well I'm not sure haha 'cause when it was announced I was like "WTF? who would like to watch it anyways?" and look at me now.. I'm currently fangirling over it..

Power Rangers
damnit I'm not even gonna lie here: when I was a little girl I loved Power Rangers, yeah, the first season (the "originals"), you know, the one with Jason, Billy, Kimberly and Trini.. thank gods this movie has those characters so the story feels familiar

what can I say about it? only that it's pretty awesome!
I think they constructed a nice story and damn, I love how diverse the cast is!

I really liked the way they started to connect with eachother, how they openned up and constructed the base of their new friendship, plus the character development is so clear there that is utterly impossible not to notice it

what else? the suits looked really cool and the dinozords were amazing, alpha wasn't as annoying as it used to be in the tv series and Zordon was.. uhm.. he was okay haha

my sister asked me if I thought this was a movie that her kid could watch, my answer is no, I don't think it's a movie for kids, why? well, I think kids would find it kind of boring 'cause it doesn't have so much action; I guess this is the begining for a series of movies, so is more like an introduction to the PR universe

of course my favourite Rangers were Billy, Trini and Zack.. I just wish they showed us more about them, but it's okay..

the only problem I have with it is that sometimes I felt that they focused and spent more time in Jason and Kimberly than in the other Rangers, I would have loved to see more of my fav trio: Trini, Billy and Zack; also the "real action" started like in the last 30 minutes of the movie..

overall it's a fantastic movie, if you want diversity and a nice story then go watch it, you won't regret it 'cause, honestly, I don't!

this time they also had some collectible glasses and, of course, I got one!

I picked up this one 'cause I prefer black over the other Rangers' colours, and Zack was hilarious! it also has the red Ranger in the other side, but meh I don't like him so it doesn't appear in this pic haha

I guess this entry ended up longer than I expected.. but luckily that was all for now n__n
hope you liked or enjoyed it.. I actually spent more time than I originally thought haha

oh right.. I'm also starting to edit previous entries (here and in my side blogs), so feel free to take a look :P I'm kind of slow doing it, but I'm trying!

anyways, thank you for reading/passing by
hope you'll have a good weekend n__n

bye bye!