martes, 7 de marzo de 2017

anime in my life

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great day n__n I'm kind of tired right now.. and also I'm feeling a headache is coming.. the time for those freaking aches is coming.. I usually have a lot of 'em when spring arrives, so I guess I have to get ready to suffer u__u

anyways, as I told you before, and I bet you already figured it out, this is the special entry I mentioned before! I wanted to do it 'caused I've been loving a lot of anime lately and I've been thinking about how much I've watched my whole life..

so this is my story with anime.. hope you don't think I'm crazy haha
of course, is not like I've watched a lot.. just.. a few.. but whatsoever here is it!

NOTE: it may contain some spoilers, sorry!

I have to confess that I don't remember what was my first anime haha is just that I was really young and I even didn't know what an anime was..

but certainly I remember that I used to watch Candy Candy, probably it was my first anime, but of course, I'm not 100% sure n__n'

my cousin and my oldest sister watched it with me; I remember that I really liked it but after Anthony died it got kind of weird for me..
also it was the first time that I cried over something like that..

and Terry was, uhm, I don't know, I didn't like him so much, so I got bored of the whole anime, I don't even remember watching it like I used to do it after Anthony's death

-fav character: none (actually I don't remember much of it haha)

right now, if you ask me, I don't even know what was CC even about haha

then comes Sailor Moon!
this, this was my favourite for years! I just LOVED SM; even if sometimes I found it kind of annoying (thanks to some characters) I was delighted with it

I have to say that I ddn't watch all the seasons, the channel that used to show it, sometimes messed up and mixed the episodes.. and sometimes I was busy, so no time to pay attention..
I missed a lot of  important info, and sometimes I didn't understand what was going on haha

also I started to find it more annoying when Chibi-Usagi (I guess that's her original name..) arrived..
I'm glad that right now I decided to watch the new adaptation, maybe it clarify some questions I have (or not..)

-fav character: Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn

then comes another anime I used to like a lot: Dragon Ball

I used to like the first season, but I got bored really fast 'cause it took them what it seemed to be thousands of episodes to fight against villains, it was just too much for me..

then I watched DBZ and it was just OK.. I also watched DBGT (just a little) but, I don't know.. again, I missed a lot of episodes/info 'cause, as I said, it bored me most of the time

right now I just don't like DB, even you can say that I loathe it.. is just that I can't even stand it :| why? well, I don't have idea haha

-fav character: none

and now comes my favourite for years: Pokemon!

yes, yes, yes! I was crazy about Pokemon *-* I just loved it
I have to say that I only watched the first season (the best) and the first movie; then when the second season came out, when we saw new Pokemon I stopped watching 'cause I found it pointless haha and boring..

I was so obsessed that I used to collect stuff haha I even bought a lot of soda to participate to win a Game Boy with the videogame!
good news: I won one haha and greater news? it stills works :P

-fav character: Misty
-fav Pokemon: Charizard

I don't remember so well, so I don't know which anime I watched first, but I'm sure I did watch 'em almost at the same time..

I totally loved Ranma 1/2!

why? I don't really know.. I just know that I was such a big fan.. even if my mother was kind of upset that I watched it, 'cause according to her it was inappropiate for a child, I watched it anyways..

I can say I watched almost all the episodes, but not the ending 'cause I remember that the channel that showed it stopped airing it.. so.. no ending for me :P

several years ago I came to the conclusion that, yeah, it was super inappropiate for me 'cause it was super dirty and not so good for a kid of 10 years haha

-fav character: Shampoo

I also used to watch Mikami

well, that was until they stopped airing it too haha
I'm not sure why I liked it.. it was almost like watching Ranma (for the dirty situations/puns) but I somehow I found it entertaining

if you ask me now, I don't really have idea what was Mikami about haha I don't remember so much of it, only that I enjoyed it..

-fav character: none

up until this point I didn't know they were anime, I mean, never knew the correct term, nor even I cared about it haha

then comes a new "age", this is when I started to investigate and learnt what anime was.. so it had a totally new meaning

I'm not sure which one I watched first, if it was CardCaptor Sakura or Inu-Yasha..

I loved Inu-Yasha! *-* I was totally in love with it!
it was definitely my favourite anime, plus my oldest sister also watched it! the only bad thing about this anime is that it aired at night T__T but only on saturdays.. after midnight.. guess that's the reason why I missed a lot of episodes..

I liked everything about it.. I even learnt the openings and endings haha it was such a shame when they also stopped airing it.. so I never knew what was the real end haha

-fav character: Kikyou and Inu-Yasha

NOTE: quite controvertial, you know? I've seen so many people dislike, even hate, Kikyou.. but I loved her since episode 1.. I'm not sure why, but she was amazing! I really cried when she died T__T

the reason why I decided to talk about CCS right after Inu-Yasha, even if I'm sure I watched it first, is that, as you know, I re-watched it past year :P

CardCaptor Sakura was a big part of my anime life, thanks to it I kind of learned about the term "magical girls"..

I just loved how cute it was.. the story was kind of cool and the characters were incredible.. so yeah, I got an instant crush

again I missed a lot of episode 'cause I had to do homework and all of that haha, also in that time I had to stay in school to take more classes :|
gladly I decided to re-watch it past year and finally I was able to know the whole story

-fav character: Sakura Kinomoto, Kero (Kerberos) and Yue

well, to be honest there are another anime that I've watched, but they're not gonna have a highlight since I only watched less than 10 episodes of them.. like Tokyo Mew Mew, Mirmo Zibang, Magical DoReMi, Hamtaro, and some others..

now, the thing turned out special past year.. when I decided to watch a new anime, without truly knowing it was actually an anime haha

Yuri!!! on Ice marked a "before" and an "after" in my life, it may sound kind of cheesy or dumb, but it did

YoI has something that calls me every freakin' time.. is the first anime I've watched more than three times; I just love it, and it marked me in a way I never thought an anime could

there's something about it that made me fall in love, everytime I think about it I just go breathless.. this freaking anime is too beautiful haha