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I have no heart or time to spare

-Attack on Titan Vol. 11 ~ Hajime Isayama

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having an incredible time! I've been quite busy, but finally here I am for a brand new entry n__n

pff! these past few days have been quite hard, I'm kind of tired, guess I need to get more rest or sleep haha I've been reading and watching anime.. a bad combination if you ask me, there's a lot going on inside my head right now, I only hope the stories don't get all messed up @__@

I finally ended up watching one of the anime I started some time ago; I had it paused for some reasons, but I'm glad that I found time to watch and finish it

there are also some news about Free!, and I'm super excited about that.. but I'll talk about it at the end of the entry, so keep on reading n__n'

okay okay, enough of that, I'm thinking that this is gonna be a long entry, so I better start with this

well, as I said I read, not one but two, yes TWO manga volumes!

Attack on Titan Vol. 11 by Hajime Isayama
as you know I'm obsessed over Shingeki no Kyojin, and since season 2 of the anime is finally coming out in less than two weeks I decided to hurry up and read as much as possible :P

so this volume was chaotic, and I'm sure the cover says it all: Attack Titan vs Armoed Titan!
I thought it would be, thanks to this fight, epic; sadly it didn't last much T__T but it was, without doubt, incredible

I thought we were gonna have some answers for the questions planted some volumes ago, but for my disgrace, at the end there are more questions than answers; yeah, we get subtle hints but nothing concrete; but I have to be honest: I don't really care about that 'cause the story is getting more and more interesting with every new chapter

about the characters, well, as always I'm happy to see how much they've evolved through the time, also I was glad that we could see a little bit more about Ymir.. right now she seems to be a really complex character and I'm seriously attracted to her, even if her attitude is starting to be quite confusing, I want to see and know more of her

and that ending.. ohmygods, I feel like each volume ends with a cliffhanger, so you can guess all the time I'm almost bitting my nails and falling dawn of my sit..

overall it was a great volume, it didn't solve much (actually nothing haha) but it gave us a little info and now I'm starting to have some new theories.. oh, I want to know what's happening!

in case you want to read the full review (spoilers included), in spanish, click here n__n

Attack on Titan Vol. 12 by Hajime Isayama
holy mother of dragons! I swear this volume almost killed me!

this is probably the most emotional volume I've read so far.. yeah, I admit it, I was almost crying over it, is just that it had a scene that was.. uhm.. sad :| and beautiful at the same time.. ohgods, I can't even describe it!

in this volume we discovered something else, even if it's only mentioned like once: Titan power(s)
sadly they don't get deep into it, so we don't really know what is it, we can only guess for now, hopefully they start to explain it soon

finally we were able to see Erwin! oh I missed him so much *-* I think I need more Erwin from now on! also we saw Jean, oh long time no seeing him! I was starting to miss him too haha
but, you know who I really miss? Rivaille (or Levi, however you wanna call him)! why Heichou, why aren't you here? T__T

again, I really enjoyed seeing Ymir, but I feel like I have a love/hate relationship with her; she's a complex character and that makes her very interesting, but I don't understand her, she's a chamaleon and I feel like I need more info about her, I need a backstory (a complete one) to fully understand her

in the other hand Historia is.. uhm.. sorry but I find her quite annoying, but same as happens with Ymir, I don't really understand her :| something I can't deny is that I like her relationship with Ymir; I get why both of them acted the way they did in this volume: they can do whatever they want with their lives, but to risk somebody else was not good in my opinion, they were acting really selfish..

anyways, this volume didn't answer the questions we've been carrying since some volumes ago, and I think the author is dragging the story, but, honestly I don't really care, it's getting more and more interesting, I just need to know the truth

the last chapter of the volume was really amazing, all my emotions were messed up, I almost had a heart attack x__x
and that ending, ohmygods, a new ability for Eren? WHAT IS GOING ON? these cliffhangers are going to kill me, srly..

if you want to read the full review in spanish, click here n__n

otherwise, as I mentioned I finished to watch another anime..

未来日記 (Mirai Nikki)  /  Future Diary
/  Diario del Futuro
Season: 01          Episodes: 26 (+1 OVA)

I saw so many times that people love this anime, and I read about it so many times in Instagram that I decided to give it a try; I have to say that I didn't read what was it about, so I didn't have expectations of it, it was surprise when, in the first episode, I understood the plot: diaries that predict the future

the male protagonist is Yukiteru, who receives a diary with the ability to predict his future, the reason why he gets it is because he entered a game created by Deus ex Machina, a God, whose life is coming to an end so he needs a someone who can replace him

Yukki now is in a sick and weird game where, if he wants to live, he has to get rid of the other eleven persons, which also own a diary that helps them in different ways; soon he learns that Yuno, one of his classmates, is one of the owners of the other diaries, but the surprise here is that she is obsessed with Yukki..

I have to say that I still don't know how I fell about it, most of the time it turned kind of weird, and I have to admit it, some times I felt like I was missing some important parts but I guess at the end everything made sense (more or less)

[1x26] 初期化  /  "Format"  /  «Inicialización»

after some big revelations, after seeing them fight the other diaries' owners, after all the suffering they've been through, finally we see how the story "closes"

the world is coming to an end so we see the fight between Yukki and Yuno to see who will be the last one remaining and become the new God.. sadly the thing is not gonna be easy for them, especially for Yukiteru


so, the biggest revelation of all came like two episodes ago: Yuno became a God before 'cause she won the first game: so this story we saw took place in a "second world" 'cause Yuno got back to the past and changed the timeline, so she created this new timeline..

that's the reason why Akiseru said she was a fake Yuno, 'cause the 3rd corpse in her house was the "original Yuno", but surprise: Godess!Yuno killed the Yuno of the second world to take her place and spend more time with Yukki (complicated and weird, right?), so after all she was the original Yuno haha

she got Murumuru's help ('cause all along she was the one of the first world and she followed only Yuno's orders) so she was able to execute her plan without any problem..
the thing is that beforeYukki died, he got saved by Minene (9th), who wasn't dead at all! before dying, Deus shared his remaining power with her, 'cause he suspected something strange was going on

she planned to "create" a third world, so she and Murumuru traveled in time, but Yukki and Minene followed them..
Yuno's plan was to kill the third Yuno and take her place (again) to spend more time with the third Yukki

it seemed that Yukki fell in love with her, so he saved the third Yuno, which changed the future, actually the future of the third world changed completely

Yukki was willing to die in hands of Yuno, but he wanted her to leave this new world 'cause it wasn't her place, instead Yuno accepted her feeling for him and stabbed herself, thanks to this Yukki became the new god

the final was kind of bittersweet 'cause it kind of tells us that time has passed and Yukki and Murumuru were all alone, it seems that there were nothing left but them.. he's sad 'cause he killed so many people that he can't get back and he misses Yuno, he's in love with her, so he's truly unhappy

luckily the OVA takes place after this, so we get to know that the third Yuno, who has a happy life now, went to look out for Yukki..


this episode was kind of emotional, my eyes got teary, but I'm not really sure why.. maybe it was the way Yukki and Yuno's story ended up..

I'm 100% sure this was not a love story, it was more like a sick love: Yuno was crazy haha and Yukki.. well, I think he needed therapy, but it got me emotional

the OVA データ移行  /  "Data Migration"
is the real ending of the story, it follows what happened after the finale; it was also kind of weird, and I actually got some questions left..

I'm not going to be more especific about it 'cause it would be an spoiler, so that's all you're gonna get from me this time

probably I have to read the manga to really understand what happens, but I don't want to haha.. I think that for now I had enough f this story :P

I have to be honest about something: I liked Yuno, I even thought I loved her haha actually a few episodes before the last one I thought several times "f__king Yuno, WTF? you're a crazy f__k", I totally understand that she was totally crazy (she was sick, really), and what she did was stupid and wrong

in the other hand I didn't like Yukiteru, most of the time he was useless haha I found him kind of dumb and, in my opinion, he was sick too..

overall this anime was.. uhm.. nice, I found it interesting and sometimes kind of boring, but I'm not really sure why people say it's one of the best anime out there.. for me it was not that good

well, I guess the entry ended up longer than I expected u__u sorry about that :P

okay, as I said in the begining, it's time for the Free! news!
maybe you already know it, but there were an special event in Japan this past weekend and they said they had an announcement.. so much fans were saying that probably a third season was going to be announced.. the big surprise: no, there's not gonna be a third season BUT THREE MOVIES!

yes! we're gonna have THREE movies this year:

- the first one "Free! : Timeless Medley (Bonds)" is gonna be about the Iwatobi swim club members and it's supposed to come out in april

- the second one "Free! : Timeless Medley (Promises)" is gonna focus on Rin and Sousuke and it's gonna be released on july

these first two will be a mix of some anime scenes and brand new ones and will be released in theaters in Japan..

-the third one "Free! : Take your Marks" is more like a sequel and it's gonna tell us what happens after Haru graduates; it's planned to be released on fall

this will have new scenes and will have two characters that we saw in the second season (Eternal Summer) and in the first movie (Starting Days)..

well, if you're part of the Free! fandom: we're alive!
I'm currently watching the second season, so I'm super excited about these upcoming movies n__n'

okay, now that's all for now.. hope you didn't get tired of all my fangirling..
as always thank you so much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have an incredible week

bye bye!