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the sun is blazing on my armor

-Attack on Titan Vol. 10 ~ Hajime Isayama

Hi cutiepies!
sorry for the lack of productivity in the blog.. is just that lately I've been feeling really tired and also I've been busy these past few days.. but finally I'm here :P

anyways, welcome to a new entry! hope you're doing great n__n

today's entry will be a little bit longer than usual, I have a lot to say: I read another manga volume, I finished the first season of an anime and I went to watch a movie..

these days have been quite complicated, I've been watching a lot of anime haha I guess I have to take a break.. BUT I still have a lot to watch :| so I guess I'm gonna take it easy.. but srly I can't haha

also since second season of Shingeki no Kyojin is almost here (rumor has it that it'll start on 1st april), I feel kind of nervous 'cause I'm not even done with the half of the story T__T plus, some people in the fandom say that S02 will cover till Volume 20 of the manga, so that means I have to hurry up!

okay okay, before I start fangirling more, I better start with today's entry!

Attack on Titan Vol. 10 by Hajime Isayama
so yeah, I decided to rush a little bit my lecture, so that's why you'll see a lot of entries about SnK..

as I said, the previous volume was some kind of introduction for this one; even if volume 10 didn't answer most of the questions we had, or followed what happened with the Beast Titan, it reveals a lot of secrets

I have to say that this is not what I was waiting for, don't get me wrong, it was incredible but for me it needed more action haha I couldn't put it down, seriously

even if I already knew some important things about the plot (well, thank you epople who love to write spoilers without warning!) I still couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing

I feel like I can't tell much of it without saying spoilers, a big problem then :|
so I'll just say that everytime this turns out to be a little bit more complicated, when we think the situation can't get worse, well, it does..

the only thing I can say is that I liked the fact that they showed us a little bit more of the other characters (not the main ones), they tried to make us understand them, sadly we can't get too deep into their pasts, at least, not now.. maybe in a future volume..

and the ending.. OH-MY-GODS I an't believe they left us in such a cliffhanger!
I'm still in shock O__O something big is coming..

in case you want to see the entire review, in spanish, click here please n__n

finally last night I finished watching another anime!
of course, it's only the first season haha I think it has two and a movie.. I'm not sure.. I'll have to do a research then :P

フリー!  /  Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
Season: 01          Episodes: 12 (+3 BD/DVD bonus shorts)

I'm not really sure why I didn't watch Free! before, maybe because it's an sport anime.. or probably I was just too lazy haha

the point is that, even if I don't like swimming, this anime was pretty cool..
after watching the first episode I found myself almost obsessed with it..

so, the plot is not so complicated, it's about an small group of friends (Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rin), who used to swim together but one of them decides to go to Australia to follow his dream, so he leaves his friends..

after some years the three remaining friends decide to open an swim club in their school, but they need another member to become a real club, so they recruit Rei..

okay, so the point of the story is thatone of the friends is kind of reluctant to swim again, and the one who left them plays an important role there..

I have to say that I fell in love with Haru haha he's so damn hot (sorry) but sometimes he got in my nerves T__T sometimes I didn't understand him and that drove me crazy..

at first I didn't like Makoto, but I started to like him (okay, more like love), he was too cute!
Nagisa was so funny! I laughed a lot with every single thing he said *-*

about Rin.. uhm.. well, I noticed a lot of people love Rin, but I actually don't like him :|
and Rei was better than I expected, and I think a lot of things solved thanks to him

aaand about the 3 bonus shorts, well they came out only in the BD/DVD, they doesn't really add anything special to the story, they are, as the name says it, bonus shorts

[1x12] 遙かなるフリー!  /  "Distant Free!"
/  «¡Libre y distante!»

okay, so I have something to confess: this episode made me cry
weeell, actually I also cried in previous episodes haha but this one was the death of me ._.

through the whole season we faced a certain problem: Haru didn't want to swim again.. luckily we knew why before the season finale..
but there was a question left: why was Rin acting so salty towards his "friends"? luckily we kind of saw the reason so we finally understood his attitude

we had a very emotional scene between Haru and Rin, then Mako and Nagisa joined and it was, certainly, impresive, we got to see the four of them together again

but, why did I cry? was it because Rin? NO, was it because the team reached its objective? NO; it was all thanks to Rei

as I said before, I think everything solved thanks to Rei, he was the one who asked, who listened and who tried to understand the reasons the others had, and it was all because he truly loves his team, his new friends.. ohgods I'm gonna cry again haha

okay, so here come the spoilers!


damn.. let's beging with the main thing: why did Rin left the team? because he wanted to go after his dream, but as episodes were passing by we knew it wasn't his dream, it was his father's; his father wanted to be a professional swimmer, instead he got married and then had Rin and his sister, he became a fisher..

so after he died in an storm, Rin decided to become what his father never could; he went to Australia to train and all of that, but, after a few episodes we learnt that he failed because he felt alone.. so he planned to leave "his" dream behind..

Haru left swimming after he defeated Rin while he visited one day.. I think he felt guilty 'cause he thought Rin was going to quit his dream because of that..

Nagisa wanted Rei to become the new member of the team, but surprise, Rei didn't know how to swim! haha it took him a while, but he discovered that butterfly style is his strong point..

I have to confess that during their "training" in the beach I cried haha Rei was going to die, but luckily the other three went to look out for him (after Makoto almost died too..); I guess that was the point where they connected as a team: after they openned a little to the others

all the time Rei felt disconnected of the team.. I guess unconciously they made him feel that way 'cause they were alwys talking and remembering Rin, they kind of looked obsessed over him, especially Haru..

Rei had to ask them what happened with Rin, so Haru told them what happened when he defeated Rin.. they started to understand, but Rei still had a feeling he was left behind, like he didn't truly belonged to the team; thanks to that he went to talk to Rin!

Rin explianed to him what was happening, so Rei kind of undertood the situation..

back to the swimming thing they went to a competition but they lost in their individual races; BUT Gou (Rin's sister and "coach" of the swimming team), our saviour, told them that she signed them for the medley! so they were going to participate once again.. and what happened? they won! and Rin saw everything!

so now they had a chance to go to another competition; but after seeing the medley Rin wanted to join his school's medley team but at the end, the captain of the team just dumped him so he was sad about that

Iwatobi team heard the notice and Haru went to look after Rin, but he wasn't able to find him, so everyone started to search him, finally Haru found him and talked to him.. they kind of fought haha but at the end Rin cried! and told Haru he wanted to swim with them once again but now he wasn't going to be able to do it

Mako, Nagisa and Rei got to the place and heard him, then they told Rin they got a plan..
at the end, Rei gave his place to Rin so he could swim with the team once again.. they won but thanks to the fact that he wasn't a member they lost haha but Rin decided that his father dream was now his, completely and absolutely his

Rei saved their friendship, Rei was the one that got them together once again, Rei gave them the chance to swim as a team again! he was dying to swim with them but what did he do? he gave his place to Rin.. and that's why I just love him so much!

I just hope next season they win haha


overall this episode was really good, of course, I didn't like what happened almost at the end, but I guess that's what all of the team members wanted, so I guess I'm okay with it

the whole season was full of funny moments, but it also had some teary ones; I really liked the relationship between the characters, but I'm not sure I completely understand Haru, I think there's something else there that they didn't tell us in this season.. I don't know what it it, but I have the feeling there's something there

I wasn't expecting to like this anime as I ended up doing, I'm just delighted with it and now I'm looking forward for the next season!

ohh and about the opening and ending songs.. mygods they are wonderful! I especially enjoy the ending haha but they are amazing *-* I'm in love with them!

otherwise, some days ago I finally got tickets for Beauty and the Beast midnight showing!

ohh *-* I wasn't sure about wether I should go or not, but at the end I decided to go after all :P

anyways, as I mentioned at the begining, I went to watch a movie today!

The Lego Batman Movie
finally I went to watch it! and you know what? I really liked it *-*

the plot is easy to understand, it's about Batman learning how to live it shows us how important can be friendship and love, and how everyone needs, at least, a little of them
also I liked how Batsy was thinking about sacrificing for something major..

it was super funny, I laughed a lot, and I had a great time watching it.. also it surprised me that we were able to see a lot of characters, villains and heroes, but something that made the movie even greater was to see some unexpected characters, I honestly didn't see that coming and it was fantastic!

well, I think that's all for now.. right now I'm a little bit tired.. but finally the entry is complete!
sorry if this ended up being so long T__T I tried my best to make it short but it didn't work out haha anyways, hope you liked it or, at least, enjoyed it

as always thank you very much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have a wonderful week n__n

bye bye!