domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

not as strangers, but as family

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! and welcome to a new entry n__n

actually I'm not feeling really good, today I woke up with a sore throat T__T the chance of getting a cold is high 'cause all the people in my house are sick ¬¬ so it was about time for me to get it too..

anyways, this entry was supposed to be quite long but it won't be 'cause I made a mistake haha the thing is that I thought yesterday was going to be Hellsing's finale but silly me, after a quick re-search I found out that it actually has 13 episodes, not 10 ¬¬' I checked out the channel and there said they were going to put ep. 9 & 10, but, what happened? ohh well, they aired ep. 1 & 2 instead! WTF?

so if next saturday they just go and air ep. 3 & 4 then I'll go watch the other episodes elsewhere, I just don't want to wait like another month! are they insane? I just need to watch Hellsing!

okay, sorry about that :P now, about the entry.. I'm afraid it could be a little messed up 'cause I still don't know what to think nor how to feel towards TWD season finale.. but I really wanted to do this..

so here we go then :P

first let me tell you about the movie I went to watch on friday..

The Boss Baby
I went to watch this with my niece, my sister and her son.. as you know I tend to watch kids' movies because of him; this time I wasn't really interested in this movie but oh, whatever, I went anyways

well, I don't really know what to say about this movie, the only thing that comes to my mind is that it's pretty funny; the animation looks good and the story leaves a cute message, but I honestly don't think is the best Dreamworks' movie ever

I have sisters so I kind of identify with the story, but probably it has a deeper meaning to older siblings..
as I said it was funny, but that's all; I guess I won't be watching it again, not even when it airs on tv..

okay, now comes the main point of the entry: the season finale of the 7th Season of TWD.. sorry if this turns out to be quite long.. is not the intention here :P

The Walking Dead
Season: 07        Episodes: 16

kay, hope you remember the entry I made for the last season finale (click here).. as you can recall I was really.. uhm.. fucked up
that freaking cliffhanger was too much for me.. but the pain started in the very first episode of this season

but I'm gonna be honest here, I don't really know how to feel about this season.. it had great and memorable (okay, sad) moments, but sometimes it got quite boring.. I think it was too much talking and no action at all..

as tends to happen in dystopian post-apocalypse stories, at then end it seems that humans are still the most dangerous thing out there, so, I ask, where are my freaking zombies? weren't they the "main" risk? isn't the name of the series "The Walking Dead? what the hell happened to all the zombie gore? pff..

the good thing about this season was Negan.. I hate him but I like him.. he's the kind of character you're supposed to hate but there's something in him that makes you like him.. in my case I find him hilarious.. he's really funny and intelligent.. yes, he's very very intelligent or talented, if not, what the hell did he do to become some kind of "God" for people?

I like you Negan, but I hate you.. I want you to die but I want you alive.. you're the reason this season was bearable.. you are the reason why the fandom freaked out every single week, we were afraid of you.. because in the very first episode you took not one, but two lives.. and that was the greatest, and saddest moment of the whole season.. probably of the whole show

[7x16] The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

so.. TWD season finales are usually a blast.. they always leave us wondering what's going to happen in the future and how the hell are they going to survive one more season

finally Alexandria decided that it was time to fight Negan, and through the season, they were looking for new allies.. and so they found some

I have to say the whole episode was a roller coaster, it made me scream and got me angry, but also I ended up kind of sad..
but hear this clearly: All hail Shiva, our saviour!

I'm not sure I can talk about it without spoilers, so here we go!


first things first: I had the feeling that Negan was going to take Abraham down.. but I bet for Eugene.. WTF :| it was really sad 'cause Sasha was there and saw everything.. and how Abe said "bye" to her.. ohmygods I'm not okay T__T but then Daryl, as dumb and brave as always, wanted to punch Negan.. so he had to "punish" him.. I thought he was going to kill him too! but oh surprise, Glenn paid for him O__O

it was really, really sad! WTF? poor Maggie.. poor Rick, poor everyone! why Glenn?

one thing I didn't like about Glenn dying is that after that, everyone focused only in him, like everywhere it was all about him, what about Abe then? it kinda feels like they just put aside his death and only cared about Glenn..

through the season they took advantage of this and they mentioned the dead ones almost in every episode, and for me that was kind of annoying.. why didn't they do it with the people who died before? like Tyresse, Andrea, Lori, Hershell or even Beth? was it because Glenn was one of the "originals"?

then Carol leaving the Kingdom 'cause she wanted to be alone.. is just me or she didn't glow in this season like she used to do in previous seasons?
King Ezekiel was a great addition but again, he didn't shine, and Shiva.. she's impressive!

I'm not sure if I liked how Sasha died.. she took the pill Eugene gave her, so when Negan opened up the coffin she was traveling in, Sasha!Zombie attacked him.. sadly she failed haha but she ate another person's face..

I kind of understand why she did it; she suffered so much and finally decided to "reunite" with Bob, her brother Tyresse and Abraham, I guess she also did it 'cause that was the only way to tell Negan she was living her life the way she wanted, that he didn't own her

then the Trash people (sorry I don't know how else to call them haha) that were Alexandria's allies betrayed them.. yeah, those traitors made a pact with Negan, who offered them more than Rick did, so, everything was fucked up :|

at the end, Negan had them under his control, again.. but he told Rick that he was going to kill Carl O__O to show him a lesson.. and what did Rick say? "do it (what?) but I'm gonna kill you" like, Rick, don't you care about your freaking son or what?

Negan was about to hit Carl.. but then Shiva saved the day!
the people from the Kingdom, leaded by Ezekiel and the Peak, leaded by Maggie arrived and helped Alexandria!

Michonne got her ass beaten up by one of the ladies from the Trash people ¬¬ what? seriously? luckily she's recovering, same as Rosita who got shot

at the end, Maggie gave an emotional speech, in a few words, she mentioned that Glenn lead the way and she followed his desire: to be a family and support each other..


overall it was a great aepisode, it drove me crazy.. but I'm not sure it was better than the previous season finale.. I don't know, maybe I was expecting some kind of cliffhanger once again :P

okay okay, now let me talk about the most important thing ever: Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 finally arrived yesterday!

according to what I saw/read the episode came out at 7 a.m. in my country, but of course, my lazy ass wouldn't wake up at that hour.. so I watched it like three hours later haha

so, how was the first episode? EPIC
what can I say about it? it was incredibly amazing; I was so happy to finally see the manga animated, even if I already knew what was going to happen I was really excited and I screamed and almost cried and my heart was pounding so fast and loud that I thought I was going to die haha

the animation looks better and I totally understand the hype; even if I only waited for it for like two months and a half it felt like years..

the openning was really good but I have a question: why are dinosaurs and a flying whale in it? is it some kind of spoiler of the future chapters (the ones I haven't read of course)? or is it a metaphor?
I went crazy when I saw Levi and Mikasa in it *-* and the part where we see Eren and Mikasa fighting.. ohmyfuckinggods are you serious? that episode will be epic if they include a scene like that!

going back to the song.. it was great, better than the second openning but the first one (Guren no Yumiya) is the best for me, I'm still in love with it!

and the ending.. well, I have to be honest, I didn't watch it, why? because in the moment I saw the first images of it I knew there was an spoiler, which I confirmed later thanks to people talking about the episode in.. everywhere! so no ending for me, at least not now!

next episode will be a blast too.. I can't believe we have to wait a week T__T

oh-my-dear I can't believe this entry ended up being so long! I guess I did it again u__u I'm sorry guys.. but I had to say everything I said haha

damn I almost forgot it: incredible news for all the CardCaptor Sakura fans! in october a new OVA will be released!

as you may know a new Manga Arc, "Clear Card", was released past year and they were thinking turning it into anime, so finally we have the news that this OVA will connect the previous "finale" with the new begining.. so that means we will have the new anime probably next year!

okay, now I think that's all for now.. sorry for my fangirl attack :P hope you liked or enjoyed the entry n__n
as always thank you so much for reading/passing by! have a wonderful week n__n

bye bye