sábado, 30 de enero de 2016

it feels like hell

- Stake That ~ Mari Mancusi

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! the last of january o__o ohh the month passed by really fast, uh? anyway, hope you're doing great n___n I'm uhm.. sick again u___u and, honestly, that sucks!

I plenty recognise it's my fault: on tuesday evening I was playing xbox with my niece and I was shaking a little bit haha 'cause the weather has been really cold but I didn't want to go for something to cover up (my hoodie, which was on the couch while I was sitting on the floor haha) so, thanks to my super lazy ass I was like that for more than one hour.. when we finished playing I went out (to the patio/garden) with the puppies but this time I finally put my hoodie up, I was still shaking!

then when my oldest sister came back from work she showed me a video and I choked ('cause a part was really unexpected and funny) since that "incidental choking" I started to feel how my throat sore.. and the next day I woke up with this infernal throat pain! I went out with my sister and I was shaking all day long.. I had cold and when we came back home I was feeling really bad.. so all day long I felt like I was dying haha

so that's how I got sick.. today I feel better but I still have the remaining cold and a little bit of cough.. the lesson? whenever you feel cold, listen to your body and cover up!

there is something I like (and at the same time I don't) to do when I'm sick: READ a book!
I like it 'cause I have so much time to do it and no one disturbs me haha but the bad thing about reading when I'm sick is that sometimes I can't do it correctly (tired/teary eyes, headache, sleepless, etc.) so I don't do it very often u__u

since tuesday night, before I go to sleep, I started re-reading one of my favourite books, but I'm not gonna talk about it right now (maybe in the next entry) and I'm taking it easy, I just read one "story" per night so I'm not even close to finish it haha
BUUUT this is not what I wanted to say! what I wanted to say is that I started (and already finished) a new book!

wanna know more? well, let's start with the entry then :P

Stake That (Blood Coven Vampire #2) by Mari Mancusi
as you know the first book I read this year was the first volume of this saga, I found it by "mistake" (thanks Goodreads..) and I wanted to give it a try..

one of my favourite creatures are vampires, so I aalways end up reading books with vamps.. what I like about this saga is that the author, Mari Mancusi, most of the time makes fun of the vampirized-culture, plus the lecture is really easy and entertaining yet I don't feel like I'm in love with the saga..

I have to say I liked this book way more than the first one, specially because of Rayne (Sunshine twin sister), she was not as annoying as her sister and I liked her sense of humor and her sarcastic touch to everything; I felt really glad about who tells us the story, 'cause Sunny was.. uhm.. a bad option for me :P
one thing that maybe I'd change would be the way it's told: through "blog" (and then diary) entries.. I think it left a ot of details out.. but it was okay..

and the ending.. I don't really know if it was good or not, I mean, it was not what I expected, yes, it was "happy" and all of that but I saw some "plot holes" that I hope can be answered (or full?) in the next books..

honestly I'm hoping the series get better or I'll be pissed off at the end.. I'd love to start with the next book but february is right at the corner and I decided to read some "romantic" books haha let's see how it works for me..

otherwise some days ago I got something super cute!

a Hello Kitty clock! isn't it the cutest af all? I got it as a "free" gift when I purchased something else :P I just love it!

some days ago I went to buy another polish 'cause I saw a colour I wanted, when I arrived to the store I noticed they increased the price of everything!
the polishes were 47% more expensive than one week ago T__T what kind of shit is that? really? and guess what? I was mad and didn't buy the polish at the end haha

so, when I was getting another things I saw some polishes and decided to take a look.. at the end I ended up getting one :P

Nail polish by im in Dracula
I had to get a new black polish 'cause the one I had just got all sticky and didn't want to work fine.. I don't really know why the white and black polishes I own don't live enough u__u
but I saw the name of this one and fell in love :P plus I wanted to try a black polish of a "new" brand

well, I guess that's all for now.. I thought the entry was going to be shorter haha ohh I was so wrong..
thanks for reading/passing by! have a wonderful week!

bye bye *

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