lunes, 4 de enero de 2016

it's a new year, follow your dreams

-Promise Me ~ Harlan Coben

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great, I've been a little bit lazy and feeling tired all along and I wanted to make the entry yesterday but I forgot it haha

anyway welcome to the first entry of the year! I was looking at my past year's 1st entry and I thought about making this one like that (with a wishlist) but at the end I decided to do a different thing..

I know I still have a lot to edit u___u and I promise I will :P just be patient please..
okay, we better start with this!

on new year I received another present from my mom..

Black skinny jeans by Cuidado con el Perro
I LOVE BLACK JEANS! I could never have enough! and I truly love how black they are haha

on saturday my sis bought me this marvellous juice! it was apple/strawberry flavoured and it tasted amazing! I picked this one up 'cause I liked the print of the package *-*

yesterday my sisters (with their respective children) went to the toy store just to watch around, I didn't go 'cause my lazy ass didn't want to haha when they came back my oldest sister showed me what she bought..

Star Wars Donuts! as you can see she also loves Star Wars! the donust were not really delicious, or at least, the one I ate (chocolate) was not really good haha

otherwise since some months ago I've been watching more movies :P some of them brand new.. is just that I really forgot to talk about them before plus since I didn't finish the entries I really don't know when to talk about them.. so I decided to do it today!

Flight 7500 - I don't really remember this one, I only remember that it bored me a lot.. plus I didn't understand it well, so I don't have anything good to say about it

Curse of Chucky - I'mnot a big fan of Chucky's movies and I watched this one just beacuse I found it on tv.. plus I watched it without subtitles haha it was kinda boring

Insidious Chapter 3 - I enjoyed the first one, then the second movie bored me a little bit, I wanted to watch this one and finally was able to do it; I have to say I think this one is probably my favourite from the trilogy (even if the ending was kinda dumb)..

well, I guess the entry will take a better look once I properly finish it (with the spanish version on it too), so.. for now.. it will have to look like this :P

whatevs, thanks for reading/passing by! and have a nice day/night

Cya' *