domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

pastel colours are life

Hi cutiepies!
okay okay, I know I still need to edit a lot of entries x___x (and I guess not only that!) but honestly, I tend to forget it haha sorry :(

anyway, welcome to a new entry! I hope you're doing great; I've been quite busy but it's okay, I guess :P
today's entry gonna be "short" that means I only have a few pictures haha but I'm going to write a lot! so what's better than a "to read" list? but this time is a little bit more complicated than my previous lists.. so, are you ready for it?

okay, let's start!

I was going to start with the list but I'd better start with another thing.. this is what I got some days ago..

Hello Kitty Fragrance
yes! another one *-* sorry, I couldn't resist it!
do you remember my previous HK perfume (click here)? well, this time I bought a new bottle 'cause it looks different, and it smelss quite different too :P

this super lovely HK shaped bottle is pink and it's also matte! how cute is that? sadly the package broke x__x that's why I wasn't able to take a picture of it..

here are two I have! and yes, I don't use them so often 'cause the smell is really really sweet; but the bottles were too cute to not buying them

okay, now we're starting with the long part of the entry.. get ready!

before I start with the list I have to put some.. "directions"; for which I'll use different symbols.. so, I hope I won't put it too hard to understand

books I want to get (printed ones) to read them for the first time (NOT ebooks!)
books I already have on my queue and will read them soon (most of them are ebooks)
books I have on my queue BUT I want to get a printed copy of them
✖ books I want to get (printed) BUT they're not available (yet) in my country/lenguage

Cassandra Clare                                               Victoria Aveyard
  ▶The Infernal Devices                                          Red Queen
   Clockwork Prince
   Clockwork Princess

  ▶The Mortal Instruments
   City of Glass
   City of Fallen Angels
   City of Lost Souls
   City of Heavenly Fire

George R.R. Martin
  ▶A Song of Ice and Fire
   A Game of Thrones
   A Clash of Kings
   A Storm of Swords
   A Feast for Crows
   A Dance with Dragons

Rick Riordan
  ▶Heroes of Olympus
   The Lost Hero
   The Son of Neptune
   The Mark of Athena
   The House of Hades
   Blood of Olympus

[to edit..]