lunes, 11 de enero de 2016

no need to get warm

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! welcome to a new entry n___n I've been feeling quite lazy these days.. I wanted to start a new book since jan 1st (or 2nd) and look at me, I haven't been able to start reading..

anyway, I have some news.. they're kinda sad, or at least for me haha but I'm gonna tell later in this entry.. now let's focus on something else.. the days are getting really cold and, according to the weather info, they're gonna get colder *-* perfect! I hope not to get sick again ¬¬

I also had some kind of "challenge" for this year but I already failed haha so.. I'm not gonna do it :P it was about posting one picture daily on instagram T___T but I have a pretty boring life.. I guess I'll keep posting whenever I want to.. btw don't forget to follow me! I tend to follow everyone back ('cause I wanna)

okay okay, let's start with this now

some days ago my sisters went shopping with their kids, they asked me if I wanted something and as always I said no, before I was telling my sister about the nail oil I saw some girls use to take care of their nails and my sister decided to look for one and, again, I said no haha

when they came back my sis brought me something..

Calcium nail Builder by European Secrets
to be honest, it was NOT what I wanted: I wanted oil; but don't get me wrong, I was thankful she though of me and spent her money on me.. the ladies in the store told her that a lot of people buy this product and it works really good, now I have to see if that's true..

on the back the package says:

Liquid Calcium for the Nails & Nail Builder and Fortifier:

  • Instantly Strengthens Nails
  • Gives Nails Flexibility
  • Adds Shine as it Builds the Nail

the instructions say that if I want my nails to grow faster I have to put it on everyday and at the ends of the week take it completely off, so I guess I have to "use it" every week, right? also I'm not sure if I can use it as a base when I paint my nails or wear it only by itself..

I already used it but, as I said, it will take take to see how good it is..

after they were shopping, they went to the grocery store and they came back with this..

PURPLE RICE! haha yes.. my sis actually loves japanese food and she wants to learn how to cook it, so she bought this to make some purple sushi rolls (I guess that's what she wants to cook), I love purple and the box looks cute BUT the whole idea makes me wonder if I really want to eat it haha I'm not a big fan of japanese food since I got sick for eating too much x___x

otherwise, my mom gave me another present (may I call it "complementary present"?)

Eiffel tower printed shirt
I really loved the print! it looks soooo pretty and kinda "nostalgic" (maybe because the colours?), one thing I don't like: it's transparent! so obviously you can see through it.. I guess I'll wear some kind of tank top under it :P

otherwise, it's time for the news I talked about in the begining of the entry.. as you know I usually go to rent movies, well, I rent them on Blockbuster (I bet everyone knows how this store works, so I'm not gonna explain it), like one month ago they changed the name to B-Store and modify some things..

anyway, we went past week and we rented some movies, they had some kind of "sale" (only second handed movies) and the price was really low.. my sisters got some movies..

two days later we came back to rent once again and guess what? they told us "we're not currently renting anymore, the store is closing" WHAT?? yes, the store (the one near of my house) is closing, according to them, the other stores are going to remain open but not this one, so they were going on a big sale of second  handed movies (DVD and BR)..

if you ask me it's really annoying and sad.. we're not gonna travel a lot just to rent a movie, so I guess we're not coming back to be the "clients" we used to be T___T so now we're going almost everyday to check out the sale movies, maybe we'll get a good one, who knows?

well, I guess that's all for now, in another entry I'll show you (and talk) about the movies we bought (and will buy) haha
as always thanks for reading/passing by!

bye bye!

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