miércoles, 6 de enero de 2016

Día de Reyes

Hi cutiepies!
I hope you're doing great in this new year :P I've been a little bit lazy and kinda bored haha but here I am, yes, again!

well, today is Día de Reyes, and I'm sure I mentiones this at least once in the past.. so, as you probably know I often receive presents.. I don't really know if people celebrate this day in another countries T___T

anyway, I came today to show you what I got :P
so let's start!

yes, I got three presents this year: a book, a puzzle and slippers..
here's a closer look

Book: The Infernal Devices III: Clockwork Princess
well, honestly I was expecting to get the second book of the trilogy (TID2: Clockwork Prince) 'cause I only owned/read the first one and I srly wanted to finish this trilogy.. so now I have to wait till I get the one I need u__u

Star Wars puzzle
I like puzzles a lot and I love Star Wars so this one is perfect! plus is Kylo Ren! *-*

Gray boot slippers by Weekend
I wanted a pair of slippers since months ago, actually, since my previous slippers died.. these are way better than the previous ones!

I fell in love with them 'cause they look so comfy and warm *-* and the pom-poms are a cute touch! I know they look small in the picture haha but they're actually really big (my feet are very big!), plus I liked a lot the colour and the pattern..

well, I'm gonna be deadly honest here, I was mad and angry all day long.. I know I was childish and all of that but I felt really bad.. and then thinking about my xmas presents and these ones.. well, let's say I didn't get what I wanted, that suddenly made me feel like shit..
don't get me wrong: I'm thankful for the presents I got, but they were not what I was expecting.. but that doesn't matter anymore..

anyway, yesterday my sis bought me a chocolate bar!

the addiction continues! Reese's chocolate bar *-* that's just perfect! it tasted like heaven, srly..

I guess that was all for now, hope you enjoyed my short entry haha
thanks for reading/passing by! have a nice day/night

Cya' *