jueves, 14 de enero de 2016

cut me and I bleed Dior

-Liz Taylor ~ American Horror Story Hotel (2016)

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great!
well, as you might guessed by now, this entry will be focused on the season finale of one (if not the #1 of my list) of my favourite tv series! yes, American Horror Story!

I have to say I fell in love with AHS since it came out, when I saw the tv promos/spots of the first season I thought "now, this is my kind of series" and, honestly, season one was my fav.. until now!

so, how did "Murder House" become my fav season? well, it was because "Asylum" was killin' it but, suddenly, they introduced the aliens into it u___u I think that was really bad, and honestly, just because of that MH had the first place..
"Coven" was pretty cool, I love witchcraft! but I guess it wasn't enough.. and then.. "Freakshow".. I didn't like it at all.. I mean, the plot was not really interesting for me (I don't like circuses) and then the "killer clown" just became the "how sad! poor clown!", so you can say, for me, it was a horrible season, it even bored me in the first episode!

and then.. "Hotel" came out.. and without Jessica Lange, don't get me wrong, I think she rocked but I was getting tired of the always-the-same kind of leading female character, and when they announced Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer I freaked out..

the thing I love about AHS is the fact that each season makes you feel you're watching another show, and, luckily for us, all the seasons are connected! I'm dying to see how and why!

okay, now that you know my story haha let's start with the entry!

first of all, I was freaking out, 'cause the whole day my tv signal sucked and I was afraid I couldn't be able to watch the final episode.. gladly it came back when it started!!

where do I start? I have to say this season is my favourite so far! it reminded me of MH beacuse of the ghosts and all of that but I liked how they used the vampirism as a "virus", and all those kids were scary as hell haha

American Horror Story: Hotel 12x05 "Be Our Guest"
I really mourned some deaths and others were like "yeah.. whatevs"; this episode was a rush! and I think we got a happy ending haha of course, at the pure style of AHS..

I know this happened in the previous episode, but I didn't like that Donovan died T__T and I was kinda glad when John killed the Countess haha it was super cool to see her chopped head :P

it was really nice to see how every ghost made their best to get along the other.. and to make Hotel Cortez being a nice place to stay in (well, something like that)..

I never liked Sally, but I was glad to see how she started "living" thanks to internet haha and I loved Liz helping everyone else!

okay, I got to my fav part of the season: Liz Taylor.. I loved the character so much! she was truly amazing; I felt really bad for her when the Countess killed Tristan (which I saw coming..) and again when she tried to contact him and he didn't answer (kind of..) and then I cried, yes, I cried, when she told that she had cancer u___u and I kept crying until Tristan went to meet her once again.. sweet!

then.. John's death.. ohgods it was really dumb haha and, honestly, I was relieved when we found out they sent Scarlet away, I mean, her whole family was fucked up!

okay, so I'm gonna say I really enjoyed this season, and now it's my fav so far :P I can't wait for the next season this october (I suppose?)!

well, I don't know if that's all for now haha but I hope you don't think I'm a crazy fangirl..
thanks for reading/passing by

bye bye :3

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