miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2015

Poupée ~ monthly fav: September

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new monthly fav entry! hope you're doing great, I've been a little bit busy these days and also I've been feeling better! the bad thing is that my dentist's appointment was moved to another day T___T next tuesday to be exact.. I'm only hoping the pain won't come back..

okay, now, to the point :P another month came and passed by really fast! october starts tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! as every year, my halloween themed entries will start soon, wait for them!

you already know what this entry is about, so let's start!

one thing I have to say about my septembers in poupée is that in 2008 I stopped login for some days, why? well, I don't remember haha I only dressed-up like a week or something like that.. it was kinda sad to remember that haha but meh I guess it doesn't really matter..


20 - I'm not a big fan of pink, but I think this outfit was simple but very pretty

19 - this one looks very funny but I like it a lot! actually t was the first "kimono" event I was in.. I loved the hand items! that's why those two (from the whole outfit) were the only ones who stood with me until the end of PG

18 - I love pastel purple but I was not very sure about that coordinate, it looked kinda odd to me.. it was pretty but not my style, that's why I sold it some time later..

17 - yee-haw! haha I liked the shirt, it looked nice, so I don't really know why I sold my cowgirl outfit (only the jeans survived..) >__< I wanted to get it back later but I didn't find it!


16 - I bought the bunny slippers in the market.. I fell in love with them when I saw them! plus I like a lot how pastel pink and purple look together!

15 - this was not one of my fav events, honestly it was kinda boring for me; but as always, purple and black is always a great choice for an outfit

14 - I liked a lot that dress! is a shame that I sold it haha I also wanted to get one later but it was impossible T___T

13 - I was in love with those plaid shorts *-* I tried to wear them as often as I could, but sometimes I didn't find a good combination..


12 - I loved that bunny shirt! and black will always be essential in any outfit :P

11 - again, not one of my fav events, but I liked a lot the squirrel tail and ears; the ones that I lost some time later (I got banned T__T so they took some items from me haha)

10 - school outfits are so cute! the dress and the hat were super pretty and they matched so well with the striped tights!

9 - another school outfit but this time in purple :P the books were one of my fav items (obviously) and I liked a lot the cardigan and the skirt; they matched so good with the black back-pack!


8 - simple but cute; I loved that wig! and that shade of green looked very nice

7 - I liked a lot that bear! I got it at the Jewel Auction and it was very cheap! is a shame I never was able to get the white (with purple) one T__T

6 - I like a lot this outfit, I know it didn't match the background (Disney event) but the dress was one of my favourites along with the cat head ribbon!

5 - it seemed that september was the perfect time for school outfits, right? I liked a lot the checkered vest, and with those black jeans it looked really cool!


4 - I love everything about this outfit! the pastel colour, the cat accessories and the boots! my beloved white boots *-* always a good complement of any outfit

3 - you my think, thanks to my outfits, that I'm what people call a "cat person" but no, I mean, they are cute but no, that's not me :P now, about the outfit: I LOVE it! the cat dress was one of my top favourite dress-up items! plus the coffin and the spiked hair band make it look cuter!

2 - yep, another outfit with the cat dress haha this time I combined it with mint and pink! what can I say? it was perfect!

1 - and, finally, here's my favourite dress-up of september! I was in love with those leggings *-* and the t-shirt looked really cool with them, plus the monster stole was one of my favourite items; everything in this outfit was pure love!

well, I guess that's all for now :P hope you liked, or enjoyed, the entry.. and, well, september ended and now we're heading to october.. that means.. HALLOWEEN! halloween everywhere! haha sorry n___n'
anyway, hope you had an amazing month, next will be even better!
thanks for reading/passing by

Cya' *