jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2015

Thomas... take care of them...

-Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015)

Hi cutipies!
welcome to a new entry! as you can guess by the title or the quote up there this is gonna be a Maze Runner entry!

as you already know I went to the midnight showing of The Scorch Trials; so that means I watched it almost 18 hours ago.. I'm currently feeling sleepy and tired T__T but it's okay, I'll sleep later :P

before I start saying it all, let's start with this!

okay, when we arrived to the cinema there were a big poster! I took the picture with my sis phone 'cause, as you probably know, I don't own one since some time ago..

so only us in the freakin' teather haha gladly some minutes after other people arrived, so we didn't feel so bad about being the only ones there..
I didn't expect they have a TST themed glass but I went to the candy shop to check out anyway.. and I was right: no special glass this time T___T

we were like 15 people in the room LOL and so the movie started..
so, what do I think about it? well, to be honest, it was nice BUT not what I was expecting it be..

as you know, some weeks ago I read the book (and finished the trilogy) so the "info" in my head was fresh.. thy changed the story so much that it makes me think about the Percy Jackson's movies.. I think they totally fucked up the plot..

since the first movie I noticed how much they changed the whole thing, but I'd never thought they were going to change it even more.. now is more evident the plot is all twisted; the movie has not feet nor head; I kind of liked the Cranks (even knowing I imagined them different) but they were not "amazing" or "awesome", just "okay"

okay, time for some SPOILERS! sorry, but I have to! stop reading if you don't want to know
I warned you!


as I said up there the movie has a lot of mistakes, is all fucked up for me and it also lost all the point.. I mean, first, why do you think it's called "The Scorch Trials"? beacuse the Scorch is supposed to be the fase 2 of the trials of WICKED! it's not like "we scape the WCKED installations and run to the fucking scorch just to survive" NOOO! it's supposed to be a fucking trial! they HAD to do it 'cause WICKED promised them a CURE

another mistake: really? more than two mazes? REALLY? ohmygods no.. there were only two, why? 'cause there were not so much immune people out there! and the fact that WICKED was "drying" the survivors.. what? in the books (well, in the 3rd) they only need ONE of them (like "the chosen one") to find the cure, not all of them.. that's why Thomas is important!

now let's talk about Jorge.. I pictured him younger, now he looks like everybody's father! wasn't he supposed to be in his 20s?

Ava Paige.. am I wrong or it totally seemed that she is 100% okay about draining those kids? like, in the books we don't fully see her and at the end we know she's the key of their freedom.. but in the movies they are showing her like the real enemy and now Thomas wants (and maybe is going) to kill her and honestly I don't know what are they going to do in the last movie..

the Cranks, as I said before I liked them a lot, even if they were not how I pictured in my mind; they reminded me a lot of the "zombies" in "World War Z" (for the sounds, the look and the moves), well, let's say they are zombies, now they infect you if they have contact with you, that's why they infected Brenda, wait what? if I have a good mekory, Brenda was immune in the books.. so according to the movie it doesn't matter if you're immune or not, you can get the Flare, right? or are they going to kill Brenda? WTF?

one thing I didn't like about the whole movie is the idea of the Scorch.. it was supposed to be in flames, with fire everywhere and a soffocating heat..

other thing that made me go mad was the fact that they changed the end.. I wanted so badly to see the final fight and then bam! they change it.. now we have an angry Thomas who wants revenge and wants to kill Ava Paige (what?) and then they took Minho away!

I mean, I can't believe how much they changed the story.. now, honestly, I don't know what path is going to follow the next movie..


overall I think it was just okay.. I don't like the idea of how different is this story from the one in the books so.. I don't think I liked it :| sorry but it was, somehow, a disappointment..

otherwise I painted my nails for this! at first I didn't know what to do so I searched for some inspiration but I didn't find something I liked, so I came up wih my own design..

so, this was the final result.. my favourite part of the book were the thunder storms so I decided to put that in three nails and in the other two I made some fire 'cause The Scorch, according to the book, is a place full on heat and fire..

I used black and a think golden glitter as a base in all of then, then the colours I used were red, orange and yellow for the fire; for the lightning I used white, gray and orange; then, after I drew the lightnings I used a little bit more of golden glitter and then added some glow-in-the-dark polish..

honestly they were a pain in the ass (sorry!), it was a total mess from start to end; the black polish didn't work so well T___T and at the end I didn't like the result.. I wasn't able to paint them again 'cause I didn't have time to do it.. I guess I could've done it better..

I already removed the polish 'cause they looked bad ¬¬ and also one nail of the right hand messed up u__u

well I think that's all for now, sorry about the long entry haha is just that I had to complain about the movie..
btw I promise I'll edit everything soon! just be patient please..
as always thanks for reading/ passing by!