sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2015

bye bye summer!

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great and welcome to a new entry!
as you know I've been sick these past few days, luckily I'm feeling better now n__n

I don't really know what's happening with me.. lately I'm feeling lazy and I just stopped editting the previous entries; I have like +25 entries that need to be finished! ohdamn this is a real mess x__x

about the weather (what? this sounds like a forced conversation, right?) finally summer is ending! ohh I can't tell you how glad I feel about that.. I just HATE summer.. now autumn is coming *-* my second favourite season.. actually it's been rainy and cloudy these days and also you can feel the cold mostly at night.. yay!

okay, we better start with today's entry n__n

today was a busy day haha I went out with my sis 'cause she had to buy some stuff, my sis, as cute as she can be sometimes (haha jk) bought me a muffin!

cherry flavoured *-* ohgods it was delicious, as always :P

then we went to eat with my mom and my oldest sister, we bought chinese food! I like a lot chinese food, unfortunately it wasn't so good after all.. I guess that was out first and last time we go there.. on the way back to home we got some ice-cream *-* finally! after being sick for a while I was able to eat some..

talking about my sister, some weeks ago she got a Mason Jar mug for herself, I wasn't so impressed by it, but some days later she got one for me!

it looks so pretty and I'm already thinking about putting some pink lemmonade in it :P I bet it would look precious with it.. it came with a purple lid (with colorful dots haha) and a crystal straw, so it's a little bit delicate but not so much 'cause it's not very thin.. I took a closer photo for you to see what it says "County Fair Drinking Jar"

otherwise, some days ago I bought more nail polishes! oh, I think I'm obsessed with them, right? I kinda feel I'm lately buying a lot thanks to my side blog haha but I guess after New Year I'll stop buying them so often..

Nail polish by IM in Esm. Strawbeery
this brand is really cheap and I tend to find it everywhere, I'm starting to realise they have a lot of colours/polishes and now each one has a name..
this one has a pearly shade, and I'm think that the "Esm." at the begin of its name means something like "Emerald" (esmeralda in spanish).. but who knows..

I saw this one and I couldn't resist, I don't know if that's the real name or if they made a mistake, whatsoever I liked the shade; sadly when I arrived home I had the idea to try it in one of my nails and, guess what? the smell is HORRIBLE! I know it has garlic but the past polishes I bought didn't had that smell.. right now I'm doubting about keeping it or not :|

Nail polish by Flamingo colors
this brand is really cheap, I bought one polish before and I didn't like it BUT I decided to give it a second chance, maybe I''l like it.. I got this 'cause the shade looks very pretty! it doesn't have a name (none of them has), so let's say it's cyan or even mint haha

uhm.. I had another picture but I forgot to edit it haha and now it doesn't want to open so I can't edit it x__x maybe tomorrow, I don't know.. sorry!

well, I think that's all for now.. honestly I'm dying to read a new book but when I think about doing it I start to get afraid that I won't have enough time to finish it.. one thing I want to do is to edit the previous entries T__T and I swear I'll do it!
anyway, thanks for reading/passing by have a nice day!

Cya' *