martes, 15 de octubre de 2013

★' halloween movies list ☠

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hello hello ◕‿‿◕
well, I don't have pictures haha so I decided to make an entry of my personal must-see halloween movies list n____n is very short haha but I usually get bored with the horror movies u____u

I chose the movies I always watch days before halloween :P BUT that doesn't mean I only watch them on this time of the year, nooo.. I watch them all year long haha that's the funny thing about this list :P

so, let's start!

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton 1993)
ok, this one is like my religion haha I just LOVE it! is perfect perfect to watch on halloween or christmas :P but, as I said up there, I can watch it anytime n____n
I still can't believe it's an stop motion movie! I mean, is great!

Corpse Bride (Tim Burton 2005)
well, I think is pretty obvios I love this one, is very similar to TNBC :P I specially love Emily, she's so sweet! and would love to make a costume of her n____n

Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton 1999)
uhm.. I think you already figured out I love Tim Burton's films n____n
I love his style, is soooo me..
I've always loved the story/tale of Sleepy Hollow, I mean, a headless horseman cutting people's head off, that's cool, creepy, but cool

The Mist (Frank Darabont 1983)
haha I discovered this one a while ago (like 2 years ago?) and I simply love it! the idea of "there's something in the mist" is pfff amazing.. this drove me nervous and paranoid, and the end.. haha I didn't see it coming :P

Interview with the Vampire (Neil Jordan 1994)
this is the only movie I like of Tom Cruise, he looks irresistible! well, everyone there look like that haha I really liked the movie, but efter reading the book I like it even more, is flawless!

Trick 'r Treat (Michael Dougherty 2009)
uhm.. this one is funny :P I enjoy watching it, is not the best I've ever seen, but it makes me get in halloween mood n____n

Evil Dead (remake Federico Álvarez 2013)
so, I know people is gonna hate me for this: I haven't watch the original one(s) u____u I just can't get them!
I watched this one a while ago and, actually, is one of the few I like.. all the blood/gore scenes are awesome :P so I guess is gonna be one of my favorites to watch on halloween

as I said, this list is short, but I'll do a second part (on the next entry) so wait for it :P
otherwise, right now I'm excited, I feel I'm gonna die! why? well, finally today begins the 4th season of The Walking Dead! ohmygods! and, after it finishes, American Horror Story Coven  oh I can't wait, just one hour and I'll be the happiest girl on earth n____n shit! I just want to watch AHS! I'm dying, srly..

anyway, I think that's all for now.. thanks for reading/passing by :P
Laters, babies

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