lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

☠' halloween❢ halloween❢

"It's better than a sex scene and it's
so fucking obscene, obscene yeah"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
I hope you're having a great day n____n I'm happy haha why? halloween is almost here! well, I don't celebrate it LOL but I usually get excited about it..
anyway, I can't wait to get new books! but I'm afraid I'll have to wait till december.. WTF :(

I don't have so much pictures.. but I'm doing my best!

this is a CUTE dancing skeleton I got past year on sale after halloween :P
ohmygods I almost died when I saw it! is perfect, right?

today I went with my mom to buy some stuff we needed.. and guess what did I get? a fucking muffin!

a closer look :P

ohshit is perfect!  witchy themed muffin n____n the cute hat was made of chocolate *-*and the shoes were cherry gummies.. the muffin was cherry flavour :P and I already ate it haha it tasted amazing! it costed more than they usually cost.. just because the "special deco" it had.. but that doesn't matter now..

past week I got some fabrics, I'm using this one as a blanket for my desk :P I just love all the bright colours it has and the print! special for Día de Muertos (day of the dead) n____n

and this one ohmygods I loved it I'm planning to use it as stole :P is not heavy and the print is gorgeous, I fucking love skulls!

yesterday was an amazing day: the final trailer of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire finally came out! I'm so excited  I srly can't wait!! *fangirling
well, before I go nuts again, I better finish this entry now :P plus, as I said, I don't have so much pictures ¬¬ but I'm trying so hard, I swear!thanks for reading :P
Laters, babies

Marilyn Manson - mOBSCENE♫