miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012

[☠] Samhain . . ★

"This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or Treat till the neighbours gonna die or fright"

haha Happy Halloween n____n finally one of the days I love!!

so.. I'm not feeling 100% good, just a little bit delicate of my mouth x___x
anyway.. today I made some vanilla milkshake, I put it on halloween glasses LOL added some whipped cream and chocolate :P yumm! ◕‿◕

like one month ago I bought a plastic witch nose and a cute small skull lamp haha! just love it, when you turn it on the color changes n_____n

my sis got for me a big Grim (from Billy and Mandy LOL) head! just love it and my dad got a little purple pencil-broom for me n_____n

so.. I have some Halloween goodies :P my beloved Jack Skellington lamp ❤ is just like the skull one :P but bigger! my cute Devil-Domo and my Voodoo n____n and of course! I've been collecting those little but cute skulls since.. 09? the green one glows in the dark, perfect

well, that's all.. Happy Samhain!

TNBC - This Is Halloween♫