lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

maybe it's the look in your eyes...

-Attack on Titan Vol. 17 ~ Hajime Isayama

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great time n__n I'm quite busy and tired, but I'm here for a new entry n__n

this time I don't have so much to say, but I have the feeling this entry will be quite long 'cause I finally finished watching another anime! to be honest I'm always kind of scared of finishing anime seasons haha especially when I know there's not another season u__u obviously this time was not the exception

oh! finally the Free! movie came out two days ago, obviously in Japan haha I'm honestly dying to watch it *-* but I guess I'll have to wait a thousand years.. luckily I still have to watch the first movie that came out after Eternal Summer ended..

also tomorrow, if I'm not wrong, volume 21 of Attack on Titan will be finally available on amazon (of course, for kindle haha), damn, I'm dying to catch up the last chaper that has been released.. but I still have a lot of them to read.. but I'm doing my best n__n'

okay okay, if I don't want this to be super long, I better start now..

just a few hours ago, well, actually like two :P I just finished reading another manga volume! and you know what? I want to read the next one asap!

Attack on Titan Vol. 17 by Hajime Isayama
the previous volume was a total blast, so I felt kind of excited to read this one; plus if I'm not mistaken, with this volume we finally close the Uprising Arc

I liked it, and I think it was great but sadly it wasn't better than the previous one, I have to say that it definitely wasn't what I was expecting; don't get me wrong, it was awesome but I feel like I needed more of it

one thing that disappointed me was Kenny the Ripper, but I'm not gonna say more about him 'cause it'll be an spoiler :|

now that I tak about characters, let me tell you that one of them surprised me a lot, I wasn't expecting to see that development, is not like it's gonna be my favourite from now on, no, but I was glad to see the evolution

there's something that is starting to worry me, something is happening to Eren and I don't know if I'm ready to know hat it is haha

oh! and also we got a confirmation about Levi! I mean, I already knew it (freakin' spoilers ¬¬) but it always feels nice to read it and be part of it n__n'

also I honestly want to see more of my baby Armin, I guess his time to shine will come soon..

overall I think this volume was kind of slow; I liked it but not loved it, after what we saw in the previous volume this one felt quite boring :|
but that cliffhanger was just too much for me.. I bet the upcoming volumes will be breath taking and will cause me a heartattack

if you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here please n__n

anyways, as I said in the begining, I finished watching another anime, and you know what? I really enjoyed it!

桜蘭高校ホスト部  /  Ouran High School Host Club
Genre: drama / reverse harem / romantic comedy
Season: 01          Episodes: 26

I feel like this is not my type of anime at all, but I started to watch it thanks to an image I saw in Instragram haha lso this is one of those times that I ddidn't read the sinopsis so I wasn't sure what to expect about it :P

the plot is really easy to foolow: the story focus on Haruhi Fujioka (a scholarship student at the Ouran Academy, a school for rich kids) and the Host Club she's member of, the interesting thing is that she's mistaken for a boy, that's why she "joins" the club in the first place

I have to confess it, I had a great time watching it! it was funny and made me laugh a lot, but don't get me wrong, it also made me tear up a little :|
it was better than I thought and I don't regret at all giving it a try

my favourite chracter is probably Haruhi; for me she broke the stereotype of the female main character; she was intelligent and super funny, especially when she was being mean without even noticing haha

I also liked the other members of the club, I think picking just one will be unfair 'cause every single one of them had something special, but.. sorry, Tamaki Sou stole my heart, same as the twins Kaoru and Hikaru :|

[1x26]  これが俺たちの桜蘭祭  /  "This is Our Ouran Fair!"

well, actually I was really touched by the previous episode, and I was like "oh gods, why Tamaki? why is this happening?" this episode was a roller coaster, trust me, my emotions were really messed up..

Tamaki decided to disolve the club, also he got enganged with Éclair (thanks to his grandmother, who, I have to say, doesn't want him) and will leave Japan after the Ouran festival ends

finally we saw Tamaki's story.. and I have to say it was pretty sad T__T and also in this episode we got to see how Haruhi feels towards the club and the other members

and, as always, here come the spoilers.. sorry!


so.. Tamaki's story.. damn.. he left his mother in France 'cause that was the condition his grandmother decided: she will help her but he will never be able to see her never again.. obviously he accpeted

then he accepted the compromise with Éclair 'cause, if he agreed, his grandmother will let him see his mother again T__T after is revelaed that Éclair house maid is Tamaki's mom!

Haruhi goes after Tamaki and tells him that the host club is not a waste of time for none of the members, not even for her, then Haruhi fells down and Tamaki goes and rescue her, finally Éclair leaves

at the ball of the Ouran Fair, Haruhi dances with every member of the club, finally they watch fireworks together..

at the end Kyoya bought his family's company to save it then gave it to his father O__O so he proved everyone that he was capable to do more than everyone expected..

Tamaki and Kyoya's fathers are talking about being friends for the sake of their sons, then they start to say that they want Haruhi to marry their sons

I loved how Haruhi speaked and defended Kyoya of his dad, she realized how important the club was for her..

I honestly thought we were going to get a kiss between her and Tamaki haha but I was wrong u__u

one thing I'm still wondering is, who has feeling for Haru?
of course, I think Hikaru likes her, also Tamaki (even if he's too dumb to notice it), but what about Kaoru and Kyoya?


I think the story ended pretty well but also I kind of feel like I needed more, probably a second season wouldn't be a bad idea, but I don't see it happening..

what I'm thinking right now is that probably I need to read the manga, people say it's way better than the anime, and it's funnier and deeper.. so I don't know, maybe in the future I'll be giving it a try :P

overall it was a great anime, I'd never thought it would be actually that good and that I'd be loving every second of it

well, I guess that was all for now.. damn, as I said in the begining, the entry ended up being pretty long, uh? sorry about that n__n'

I'm gonna keep watching anime, so next entry will be as cool as this one haha :P

anyways, hope you liked or, at least, enjoyed the entry..
as always thank you so much for reading/passing by! have a wonderful day

bye bye!