jueves, 20 de abril de 2017

do what you want to do

-Attack on Titan Vol. 16 ~ Hajime Isayama

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! I've been kind of busy (and feeling quite lazy too) but finally I'm here for a brand new entry!

you know that my life is pretty boring, so I don't really have much to say :| but this time I don't have so much to say, but I'm gonna talk about the anime I finished past week, the manga volume I read today and something extra haha

ohmygods I'm so desesperate for the new episode of Shingeki no Kyojin, I'm literally bitting my nails haha talking about SnK I really want to hurry up and read the whole manga but I'm kinda afraid and also nervous.. I think I'm not ready for it.. but you know what, I'm gonna do it as soon as I can 'cause I really want to read other mangas and I feel like I need to catch up first with the one I'm currently reading u__ú

okay okay, enough of that, I better start with today's entry n__n

sorry but I really couldn't resist it, so today I read another manga volume..

Attack on Titan Vol. 16 by Hajime Isayama
pff! after the cliffhanger of the previous volume I was kind of afraid of reading this one haha but also I was excited 'cause I wanted more..

gladly this volume finally gives us some answers! of course it leaves us with more questions 'cause the whole truth obviously can't be revealed just because

what can I say about it? it was incredible, actually better than I thought!
we had some backstory and action! also we got a little explanation to why Eren and Historia have been so important lately

about the characters, well I saw my babies, so everything is fine n__n'

but as always I have a problem with Eren :| I thought he stopped playing the useless and helpless martir, but once again he was kind of annoying, like, what happened wasn't even his fault! why was he taking responsibility of it?

and then Historia.. ohmygods I thought I was starting to like her but in this volume I found her annoying >__< and it seemed that the whole volume was about her trying to decide what to do :|

one thing I liked is that my theory seemed to be correct! ha! oh dear..
and that ending.. damn, another cliffhanger.. I think Isayama is trying to kill me u__u

overall it was amazing, probably not my favourite volume (I honestly don't know which one has that place..) but definitely is in the top 10 haha, or.. perhaps in the top 5 n__n

if you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here please n__n

otherwise, as I told you in the previous entry, I finished another anime; it was the one I watched on TV.. finally the channel decided to air the last two episodes ¬¬'

Season: 01          Episodes: 13

well, I'm not really sure about what to say about this anime, so I'll go straight and just say what I think..

first of all let me try to explian what it is about: it takes place in London and the Hellsing Agency, runned by Sir Intendra Hellsing, hunts vampires under the orders of the Queen; the funny thing is that the organizations has a vampire, Alucard, working for them

I obviously made a research, and it seems that, as usually happens in a lot of anime, after some episodes the story starts to get appart from the manga, it's a brand new story..
BUT I read that there is an OVA which follows more accurately the canon story, so I guess I'll be watching it soon

okay okay, going back to this season, the plot seemed interesting since I just love vampires, so I wanted to give it a try; the surprise is that this anime is pretty old, and it was in my "to-watch list", so it was perfect that it was being aired in tv

at certain point, I was kind of lost in the story, sometimes I was confused about what was happening or even why some things happened..
I'm not sure if I think there should have been more episodes or not :|

about the characters.. well, obviously I was interested in Alucard, he seemed so mysterious and cool.. and the fact that he was a vampire made him look better for me n__n'
Victoria seemed pretty nice but I don't quite understood her attitude, it kinda desesperated me the way she acted, it seemed like she wasn't sure about her choice

Sir Integra was just incredible, I wish there were more of her :| and then Walter, her "assistant" was awesome, I liked him a lot..

[1x13] Order 13: Hellfire

this episode got me bitting my nails!
finally we got to see Alucard in all his glory thanks to the battle he had against Incognito

I have to say that I don't know how I really feel about this episode (well, with the entire season) 'cause in one hand it gave me the battle I was waiting for but in the other hand the ending was kind of disappointing :|

when I saw the end I was like "tf.. is that all? really? but what happened..?", sadly I think the story had a lot of plot holes and didn't answer the main questions

like always I feel like I can't talk about it without spoilers, so here they are..


even if they gave me that incredible battle between Alucard and Incognito, I feel like I needed more..

so, the Hellsing team was declared terrorists, and the Queen sent a message to Integra to say that the traitor (a member of the round table) will be punished and that she thanks and wishes good luck to the agency.. like, really? the Queen just went and say "hey, you are some kind of traitors to the entire world, we're gonna kill you, sorry guys! but be strong and brave, thanks for all, see ya" WTF?

Walter and Integra head to the Tower of London, and they were persecuted by the British Army, they shoot at Hellsing's helicopter and it crashes, but Water saves Integra.. it seemed that Walter died there T__T but luckily he survived!

Seras teamed up with Alucard at the Tower of London to fight agains the vampires in there; Alucard starts to fight agains Incognito, it seems that he kills him but no! Incognito was still alive and "kills" Alucard

Incognito has Integra under his control but she calls Alucard and gives him permission to use all his power; then we see how Alucard is alive.. he fights Incognito (who is possesed by some kind of God) and damn, he melts a silver cross and kills him..

one think I liked is that they implied that Alucard tru identity was Vlad the impaler *-* for how he impaled Incognito haha so cool!

at the end we learned that the "traitor" gets a punishment but they're still looking for who's behind the creation of the vampires..
we see Integra in jail and then Alucard appears and cuts himself, he offers his blood to her once again, she only smiles

and that was all.. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

do you see why I have a problem here?
first, what happened to Seras? did she disappeared or what? at the end she accepted she was no longer human and started to drink blood or what? did she become like Helena or like Alucard? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?

then, what happened to Walter? did the British Army also put him in jail?
and, who was the traitor of the round table? who was creating the vampires?
did Integra drink Alucard's blood?

also I was kind of intrigued about Integra nd Alucard's relationship.. in the episode where Integra had a surgery and they told us her story and how she met Alucard, he seemed really worried about her and Seras noticed it and became quite.. sad? angry?
so, did Seras felt something for Alucard? or all this shit was thanks to the "master" thing they both had?

and last, who the hell was Incognito human master?


overall I liked the anime but at the same time I didn't; at some point it bacem kind of disappointing and the ending was awful; I still need answers, but I guess I need to watch the OVA to know the "real" story or the other option is to read the manga haha

otherwise, past saturday my sis went to get our tickets for Guardians of the Galaxy Vo. 2!

yeah, another midnight showing.. but I'm kind of concerned about it 'cause it seems that we're the only ones who have got tickets for it.. if we're the only ones in there it will be kind of akward haha

well, I guess that's all for now.. sorry for the long entry >__< I thought it was going to be shorter but as always I was wrong n__n'

lately I've been quite tired.. also I feel like I've been watching a lot of anime haha but I can't hep it, I have a long "to-watch list" so I better hurry up :P
also I want to catch up the SnK manga as soon as possible 'cause I want to start reading Tokyo Ghoul and Kuroshitsuji.. oh man, I have tons of stuff to read u__u

anyways, hope you liked or enjoyed the entry, as always thank you so much for reading/passing by!
have a wonderful weekend!

bye bye!

--- edit 22/04 ---

ohmygods! I just watched Shingeki no Kyojin S02E04! it was AMAZING!
I cried, yes, I enjoyed it, yes; I'm so glad they didn't get rid of the scene where Ymir and Reiner have "the talk" haha it was incredible and one of the most memorable conversations in SnK..

plus, that final scene.. damn.. it's obvious I already knew what was going on, but looking at it was better, damn.. I just can't believe how cool it was!

I would like to say more but I won't, you know, because of spoilers..