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an even more dangerous path

-Attack on Titan Vol. 15 ~ Hajime Isayama

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n welcome to a new entry! finally I'm feeling better, after being sick for almost a week I can say I'm 90% recovered now haha

these days ahve been quite crazy, the "spring break" is here and I don't know what to do with my life.. is like I thought I was going to be able to read a lot, but look at me, so far I've read only one manga volume haha also is not like I've been watching a lot of anime (what I wanted to do too).. I'm just feeling lazy :|

BUT the good news is that I've been trying to edit past entries! which is like some kind of miracle..
anyways, I don't really have much to tell but I'm guessing this entry will be quite long 'cause I want to talk about an anime I finished watching yesterday.. so I guess we better start!

Attack on Titan Vol. 15 by Hajime Isayama
well, what can I say about this volume? just that, even if it doesn't have action,  I enjoyed and liked it a lot

we're still in the Uprising Arc, which I have to say at first I was not sure if I liked the idea of it, guess I even disliked it, but slowly it is demostrating that probably it's the best Arc so far and actually I started to like it

I'm not gonna reveal so much here, but let me tell you that this volume is really interesting and it reveals a lot of information, finally we're getting details and answers

the plot and the characters are very interesting and, what I like is that in each volume we can see a clear evolution, not only of the characters but the story too; I feel like everytime it gets darker and darker

but I have to be honest, I'm enjoying a lot to see Levi in each volume.. and I feel blessed right now 'cause I didn't know that I needed it until I saw it: shirtless Levi!

I have to say that this volume is a big revelation, even if I miss the Titans, the answers are more relevant here, finally we got a big answer for a question we had in our heads for a while: how did Eren got his "powers"?

I still have a lot of unanswered questions in my head but I'm actyally stuck with this one: who's the real enemy?

in case you want to read the complete review, with spoilers and in spanish, click here n__n

otherwise I finally got a new black nail polish! it was about time..

Nail polish by KleanColor in 5 Black
I've been looking for a new black polish for a while 'cause the one I had started to get sticky and the last time I used it my nails ended up with tiny bubbles on them T__T so I knew it was time to get a new one

this time I decided to try KleanColor's black polish.. it seems that every black and white polishes I buy get useless after a while.. they just don't last and I'm always trying different brands.. so we'll see :|

as I said in the begining of the entry I finally finished another anime!
I'm a little ashamed of this, but I started it like two weeks ago haha of course I put it on a break 'cause I had too much things to do/watch and when I had some free time I just put it aside.. but finally, finally I decided to watch it again

 Free! - Eternal Summer
Season: 02          Episodes: 13 (+1 special episode included on BD/DVD)

as you may know I just fell in love with Free! so it was pretty obvious that I wanted to watch the second season, but at the same time I was kind of afraid of it 'cause it only has two season :|

okay, so the plot is almost the same as it was in the previous season, but the thing now is that sadly it's the third and last year of school for Mako and Haru, so that means you can almost touch the end coming..

so as it's the last time the team is swimming together they want to get to the Regional tournament so they train harder to get to that point of their lives, but the main point in the story is that it's time for the older characters to make a desition for their future

I thought it was impossible but I fell more for Haru, even if sometimes he acted strange he was a sweetie.. but what I found incredible is that I fell completely in love with Mako! I liked him before but damn he is incredible and amazing and I love him haha

I especially liked the relationship between Rin and the Iwatobi team, I think we were able to see the real Rin and it was very touchy; we also got into Samezuka School and saw more of Rin and the swimming team, and thanks to this we met a new character, Sousuke, who happens to be Rin's bestfriend

one thing I liked is that we're able to see a little bit more of Nagisa; in the previous season we got to know the other characters, even Rei, but what about our cinnamon roll Nagisa?
I think it was a great choice to give us more of him

this season was full of emotions and yes, I cried again u__u but I also laughed a lot; this season was a roller coaster and I really enjoyed it, it was amazing..

[2x13] はじまりのエターナルサマー!
/  "The Etenal Summer of Beginnings!"

for me the fact that it was the last time the Iwatobi team was going to be able to swim together was really sad, really touching.. also it was the last time for Rin..

trough the whole season we saw a lost Haru, while time was passing by he got sadder and angrier, and then he exploded and showed his feelings, his fears..

I think this episode was perfect, for me it closed perfectly the cycle the Iwatobi team went trough, and even if it made me cry like a baby I loved everything about it

we saw how far the team got and the future the characters choose, so I think it didn't really leave us with questions behind; I feel like this episode gave us a "closure" for the story and it was beautiful :P

and now it's time for some spoilers, sorry!


so we saw that Rin had his future clear: he was going to follow his dream, some universities had contacted him, the surprise came when Haru also received some offers, but he didn't want any of that..

the whole season Haru was lost.. he didn't know what he wanted to do in the future so everyone was asking him and telling him what to do.. he got sadder, angrier and annoyed by it so it was obvious he was going to explode.. in a competition he just stopped swimming and everyone was shocked

he had a fight with Rin and the Iwatobi team heard that but Haru told them that he was going to give his best in the medley, for them..

the point is that individually each member of the team lost but they advanced to the Regional competition in the medley, the biggest surprise? they got into the Nationals!

I was surprised when, at the end, we knew they got 6th place T__T I thought they had won! ohh I was kind of sad about that but they were so happy that I don't think it really matters their place haha

as I said, we met a new characters, Sousuke, who is Rin's best friend.. he was also a swimmer so he joined Samezuka's swim club and got into Rin's medley team; but we discovered thanks to Kisumi (Mako and Haru's friend) that he got a shoulder injury

at the end Sousuke told Rin that he was going to leave swimming but Rin told him that he was going to wait for him.. ohh sweet SouRin!

now, let's go back to the Iwatobi team..
Rei and Nagisa told Haru that something was wrong with him.. that he stopped swimming the way he liked for some reason, so Haru got mad and left.. his bf (sorry!) aka Mako went after him and they had a fight! which according to Haru was their first fight..

Mako told Haru that he had to look for a dream and then follow it, that he had to make a choice for his future, and then confessed that he already made a choice: he was going to study in Tokio; obviously Haru got really mad and left u__u gladly everything solved a while after n__n

Rin received a message from Mako, so he took Haru to Australia! there they talked and for the first time Haru didn't strip when he saw water! WHAT? my baby Haru was really sad!
at the end Haru tell him that he found his dream..

before the Nationals, the Iwatobi team reunited and Rei started to cry because it was the last time they could swim together as a team T__T so obviously Nagisa cried too, and obviously I cried too!
Haru told them that no matter the path they follow, they are connected *-*

as I said, they got 6th place, but they were so happy that I thought they'd won haha we even got an smaily and teary Haru! ohmygods, the best part ever!

and finally they got to swim in a pool full of cherry blossoms *-*

at the end the Iwatobi club got new members! Ai became the new swimming club leader, Rin went to Australia to keep on swimming, Mako went to Tokyo to study BUT, the best part is that Haru went with him! my baby decided to keep on swimming too! and at the end we see him in a competition with Rin!


overall I think this episode, and the whole season, was perfect; I fell in love even more with the story and the characters and I guess the upcoming movies will be a blast and I'm gonna die haha

plus for me this season confirmed MakoHaru haha it's my ship and it sails by itself n__n'

oh and the Fr! special episode was included in the BD/DVD and I have to say it's hilarious! I laughed a lot and made me fall in love with the characters even more n__n

well, I think that's all for now.. oh lord.. this entry ended up longer than expected.. is just that as you can see I love Free! haha

I'm gonna try to edit as much as I can in the upcoming days, also I want to read more.. but I don't know if I'll be able to do it, anyways, I'll do my best n__n'

also I'm thinking about to start watching another anime, but at the same time I'm not sure if I should just go and watch "new" ones or watch the season I have on queue like Sailor Moon and Diabolik Lovers.. I guess I'll decide that later..

okay, now that's all.. hope you liked or enjoyed today's entry..
as always thank you so much for reading/passing by
hope you'll have a great week!

bye bye!