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the worst of 2016

Hi cutiepies!
welcome welcome! I hope you're doing great n__n I'm kind of tired and a little bit busy at the moment.. but here I am to do this..

as I previously said (I'm sure I did, but I don't know haha) here's the twin of the prev entry :P

so, the point of this is pretty obvious: I'm gonna talk about the things I didn't like or that to me were really bad.. yeah, books, movies and even tv series!
again it's gonna some kind of "top 5"

I don't have so much to say, so let's start with this!

as yesterday I'm gonna start with the worst books I read on 2016, don't take it personal, it's okay if you like them

the only order you'll see here is the one I have in Goodreads, and it's according to the date that Iread them.. enjoy!

After You (Me Before You #2)
Jojo Moyes

what did I put this here? well, where do I start?
I LOVED the first part of this duology so I wanted to read the second part.. my mistake? to think that it would be as good as the previous book

it was a BIG disappointment, I liked just a few things of it, and one thing that saved the book was the ending, but it was not even the best I've ever read

the plot didn't work for me, I even found it kind of boring and it didn't get to trap me like other stories do; and the characters.. where did go Lou's character development?
for me was a wrecked train ready to crash

the whole thing was hideous and I still think that this book shouldn't exist; Moyes should have left the story to end right after the first book, I was so happy with Lou and Will's story that for me was a big mistake to go further

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An Abundance of Katherines
John Green

I have a big problem with John Green: I think his books are always the same, he just changes the names, the situation and the place, but it's all the same

why am I saying that? well, The Fault in Our Stars was the first book I've read, followed by Looking for Alaska and then Paper Towns, but the more I read the more I noticed the same pattern, and it became really boring

An Abundance of Katherines is the worst for me; the plot made no sense and was boring, and the characters were kind of flat, I only liked one (just a little bit) but it wasn't enough to save the book

so yes, anything about this book worked for me, and after reading the same thing but with different names over and over again, it just becomes boring

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Summer Trilogy
(The Summer I turned Pretty, It's not Summer Without You,
We'll Always have Summer)
Jenny Han

sorry but I had to put the three books as one, why? well, I couldn't decide which one is the worst

I read them 'cause people usually say they're better than To All the Boys I've Loved Before books, so I wanted to give them a try

what a mistake

every single one of them is bad, the plot is kind of dumb, same as the characters; the female protagonist is one of the worst I've ever read, and all the time I was like "why the hell am I reading this?"

probably you're wndering why did I read the three of them.. good question, I don't know
I guess I only wanted to know how this crappy story was going to end..

I can't think of a valid reason why Han decided to write these books, they are just bad

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here second book
here third bok

The Heir (The Selection #4)
Kiera Cass

as I liked a lot the first three books, I decided to read this one
at first I thought this book still followed America and Maxon's story, but oh boy, I was so wrong

I only liked a few things of it, but most of the book is just bad; for me it is a BIG disappointment

the "new" story is a little bit boring, and the main character is just too awful and I couldn't stand her most of the time
the other characters were kind of gray, I liked some of them, but again, they were'nt remarkable, at least not in this book

this is another case of "this book shouldn't exist", I think the original trilogy was perfect, and adding this and the next one (The Crown) was a bad choice

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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Washington Irving

I love the Tim Burton's film adaptation, so I wanted to read the book

after reading some reviews I had a general vision of this book: the first half was kinda boring but the second half was better

my biggest mistake was to believe what people said, it's a short book, the kind you read in a few hours, but guess what, it took me more time than I planned, why? because I found it really boring, I never saw that "better" pasrt of it, for me it never showed up

I found the story slow and full of unnecessary details, the characters were boring and I didn't like them; plus I really wanted to see more of the headless horseman, but guess what? I didn't get what I wanted

I honestly expected more of this book but intead I only got my time wasted :| is one of those rare cases when the movie (or adaptation to other media) is better

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NOTE: if you want to see the full list (top 10) of the worst books I read on 2016, go to my side blog! remeber: it's in spanish!

now it's time to show you the movies that made me wonder why the hell I was watching them..
in the top 5 I'm only gonna put the ones I watched on teathers, it's easier that way :P

and of course, this is just my opinion, it's okay if you liked them, so don't take it personal n__n'

The Divergent Series: Allegiant
Summit Entertainment - directed by Robert Schwentke
/ produced by Lucy Fisher, Pouya Shahbazian and Douglas Wick

what can I say about this movie? it was awful
the book is good but, honestly, it doesn't have so much material that could be turned into an interesting movie

to be completely honest, the previous movie, Insurgent, wasn't nice either, so I didn't have high expectations of this new one..
it made me angry to find out how bad it was, I thought they couldn't make it worse than the other two movies, but I was wrong..

they changed a lot of the story, and Tris was more annoying than ever! the only thing worth watching was Four (Theo James), but he wasn't able to save this epic fail

it was the biggest fail of the year that even the last movie is cancelled, so bye bye Divergent!

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Kung Fu Panda 3
20th Century Fox  - directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni
/ produced by DreamWorks Animation

I'm not a fan of Kung Fu Panda movies, but my nephew watched to watch it so my sister asked me to go with them..

since the begining I found it really boring, I just don't like Po, the main character, I find it kind of.. dumb..

I don't really have something good to say about this movie, everything about it was just too boring and bad for me :| so it's a big HELL NO for me..

and wanna know something? I even wanted to get out of there! I was barely able to stand in my sit, I just wanted it to end >__<

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The Jungle Book
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures - directed by Jon Favreau
/produced by Jon Favreau and Brigham Taylor

there are so much people who will want to kill me for this, but sorry: I didn't like this movie

I don't even like the animated one, so it was gonna be like some kind of miracle if suddenly I liked the live-action movie..
don't get me wrong: I went without thinking that I can't stand the animated movie, in a few words I went with my mind open

I found it really boring! I'm not sure how I survived this movie 'cause all I wanted to do was to get out of there and never come back..

the only remarkable thing is that I suffered a little bit with the wolves (sorry I'm too emotional), but otherwise it was really boring

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Finding Dory
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures - directed by Andrew Stanton
/ produced by Pixar Animation Studios

surprised? I bet you are!
believe when I say that I'm surprised too u__u

I just loved Finding Nemo, Dory was my favourite character and I never thought there will be a sequel, so when it was announced I was happy but wasn't sure if it was going to work or not

the day arrived and I watched it 'cause, again, my nephew wanted to watch it

I was surprised how boring it was for me, yeah, it has funny parts but they weren't enough to save the whole thing; I didn't like it and I was truly disappointed of it u__u

I'm still not sure why I found it so boring, I've been thinking about it and I can't find an explanation.. maybe the plot, or the characters, I don't know :|

it really hurts me how bad it was (in my opinion), I was wishing for it to end soon..

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Videocine - directed by Rigoberto Castañeda

this is a mexican horror movie, and I wasn't so sure about if I wanted to watch it or not, but at the end I did

I didn't had great expectations 'cause I wasn't sure about what to think or wait of it, why? well, 'cause I didn't watch the first movie (yeah this is a sequel)

since the begining I found it kind of weird and the effects were not so good, the movie kept going and I was somehow confused 'cause the plot follows the one showed in the first movie

at some point I was so bored of the story and I found the effects quite bad :|
the characters were kinda boring and the ending was kind of dumb

at the end I felt like it was a waste of time, this movie really sucked for me
it was probably the worst movie I watched on teathers :|

now let's go with another important thing here: tv series!
this is gonna be a top 3, and all of them will be the ones that had their season finales on 2016 :P

Once Upon A Time
(sept 2015 - may 2016)
Season: 5 / Episodes: 23

I used to love OUAT, the first two seasons were just too "magical" and genuine, and the characters were incredible

I liked season 3 and 4 just because Captain Swan (yeah, my ship!) but slowly it became kinda slow, repetitive and boring..

season 5 was the end for me, yeah, it's actually the last season I watched of this series, why? well, I just hated the fact that my ship didn't get more screen time, plus it focused more on Regina (The Evil Queen).. yeah, I used to like her but, srly? putting her again as the main antagonist/character of the show??

plus I wasn't enterely convinced about the new "characters" (Jekyll and Hyde).. I thought it was about fairy tales? ??

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(june - aug 2016)
Season: 1 / Episodes: 10

I had great expectations of this 'cause it was supposedly a horror series, and it touched the theme of demonic possessions, so I was looking forward for it; the premise looked nice and the "trailer" looked incredible..

I started to watch it and after two or three episodes I noticed it was kind of boring to me.. but I kept on watching it, I had hope..

after watching some more episodes I finally understood that it was boring and slow, and I honestly was waiting to see more "action", and for this I mean more possessions and scary things, but they never arrived >__<

the thing about this series is that I wasn't even able to finish watching it! it was so awful for me that I couldn't do it :|

Scream Queens
(sept - dec 2016)
Season: 2 / Episodes: 10

well, I think the first season was kinda dumb.. yeah, I know it's supposed to be funny and "light", making fun of several stuff, but still I had my doubts

I wasn't too excited to watch season 2 but I made it anyways, why? uhm.. just to know what happened after the "cliffhanger" of season one

they used the sme plot for this new season, they only changed the place and some circumstances.. but it was the same old thing!
I even think it's like they tried to make fun of (or used it as an inspiration) AHS: Asylum :|

it was boring and kinda dumb from begining to end, I just can't take seriously this series, and I don't think I'll be watching next season if there'll be one..

well, I don't really know what else I could "rate" in this entry haha! so I guess I'll leave it right here :P

anyways, I just hope this new year could be better than 2016, and that it brings me only good movies, books and tv series :P

as always thank you so much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have a wonderful begining of this new year, my best wishes for you!
see you in the next entry n__n

have a wonderful week!

bye bye!