viernes, 6 de enero de 2017

new year, new presents!

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! hope you're having a great time n__n
today is a great day! as you already know ('cause every year I make an entry) today is the first day of the new year that I get presents *-* and ohgods this year's presents were too amazing!

I wanted to do this before 'cause I bought some things, but I thought it was going to be better to wait :P so here we are now..

anyway, I have a lot to tell, so let's start with this now!

on monday I went shopping with my mom, and I was dying to go to some bookstores, and I really wanted to go to one that had cheap books..

this is what I got! ohgods they were like the cheapest books ever haha
from left to right: The Countess by Rebecca Johns, The Society of S by Susan Hubbard, Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

I have to be honest, I was only kind of happy to get Angels and Demons, 'cause the other two are.. uhm.. kind of strange haha I'm not sure if it was a good choice but meh whatever, they were cheap and I'm actually trying to feel happy for getting them :P

the same day I bought those books I bought something else online.. and it came two days after!
I decided to get new movies *-* after like a century without buying any, I decided it was time to at least buy one..  so I bought two I was dying to get!

finally I have my copy of Star Wars ep VII! I almost cry haha and my beloved Batman v Superman *-*

I decided to get the BR + DVD (three discs) edition, why? well, because I love to own this kind of editions.. and it looks simply gorgeous.. look at my babies there..

I got the same edition of BvS, three cds, one of them has the definitive edition movie! like, the one that is long as hell haha no but srly.. is just too amazing, don't you think?
and look at my gf Wonder Woman *-* stunning!

and last, but not least, the presents I got today..

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: the Original Screenplay and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (illustrated)!

they are so beautiful, and are hard cover and, and, and I'm going to cry haha! *-* they are just perfect!
I still can't believe that I finally have them!

and of course, I'm going to show them and talk more about them when I read them, so don't worry, the entries will be here soon :P

oh, I almost forgot! I started to watch a new (well, new for me) anime a few days ago, and I'm kind of obsesse with it but not so much.. yet..

yes! Attack on Titan! finally I decided to give it a try, and yes, I'm starting to fall in love with it, but this time I'm doing it slowly, not as fast and hard as I did with Yoi.. but still this anime is awesome, and I can't wait to finish the season!

I already have a "to watch" list of anime haha and I'm still looking for good ones.. I really want to watch more this year :P

well, I think that's all for now.. sorry for the short entry n__n' it turned out that I didn't had a lot to tell haha
anyways thank yu so much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!

bye bye!