domingo, 25 de octubre de 2015

pumpkin sprinkled heart

-The Girl on the Train ~ Paula Hawkins

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! I've been busy and a little bit tired but feeling better now n__n sooo halloween is coming! haha woah the month passed by really fast, right? I can't believe next week it's gonna be november..

anyway, I know I've been absent from the blog and that I need to edit a lot u__u is just that I tend to forget it and when I remember is late and all I want to do is sleep.. but I swear I'll do it soon!

I think we better start with this

as I said I've been busy doing my tumblr. posts for halloween (click here) and also I've been reading! yes! after one month without doing it I finally decided to do it; I wanted to read a book which could be able to put me into the halloween mood I'm always looking for..

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
okay, first, I have to say I saw this book long time ago on the website's best sellers of a famous book store of my country (Ghandi) and I wasn't very interested on it.. but when I went to get my copy of The Scorch Trials I grabbed it and saw an sticker on it which says something about an award in a horrorfest (or something like that) so I decided I wanted to read it..

honestly I thought it was some kind of horror/thriller novel, I even think that in some sites some people say one of the genres is horror.. so it was a big surprise, and disappointment, to find out it is not what I was expecting it to be..

it's a good book but it's not on my fave list, as I said, it's not what I expected, also it was a little bit boring and repetitive in some points, to the fact that sometimes I had to force myself to keep on reading.. plus I decided to read in in english! so it was a little bit hard to read it 'cause my first lenguage is spanish haha but I think I did it quite great :P

okay, I wasn't going to do this, but I have to.. ready for some spoilers? here we go!


-I wasn't very happy with the main character, Rachel; in one hand I liked her 'cause she felt very real, she wasn't perfect and in fact she had a lot of flaws, that was what makes her seems special..
-I hated how everyone talked about Rachel; all the time she was "fat", "ugly", etc, and that made me wonder if I should keep on reading the book..
-I truly hated Anna, she was so mean and she didn't expect for Tom to cheat on her? like "wake up, if he does it once, surely he'll do it twice" also her fucking confession "I liked being the misstres" WHAT? at the end I couldn't be less interested about her; she was a bad person, really..
-the ending was uhm.. strange haha what happened to Rachel? why the author didn't gave her a happy ending? or a better one? she ended up being afraid of everything plus I still wonder what happened to Scott? did someone do something about what he did to Rachel?

* * *

so, did I like it? uhm.. I think it's quite nice but I don't see why people is crazy about it; will it be on my shelf one day? uhm.. no haha is one of those books you only read once 'cause it's popular and everyone is talking about it, but it's just that..

otherwise it was the season finale of Salem! now I can't wait for the next season to come..
attention: it will contain spoilers, okay? you've been warned!

Salem 02x13 "The Witching Hour"
this season was like a roller coaster! I'm in love with Mary haha I know she made a lot of mistakes but I like the fact that she seems to have a motive for her actions..

when we found out her son was alive it was a big shock but then knowing that he's the "vessel" for the "Dark Lord" is a bigger shock..

I never liked Countess Marburg and also I never liked Anne Hale, so when we knew Anne was her daughter I was like "meh I hate them both".. and I loathed Anne even more when she put her familiar iside Cotton! like "OMFG! you said you will never be like Mary or your father, liar, LIAR!"

and I have to be honest, I really enjoyed when John (junior haha) killed Tituba and the Countess! haha sorry!

I was really sad when I saw the final scene: Mary gave her blood to John so he could survive.. now we don't know if she's alive or not u__u I can't wait for next season!

anyway, halloween is coming, right? and I had an idea: what if I made a themed ring?

I had the Frankie figure since some years ago and I recently (well, like two months ago) bought two rings, and I needed to have a halloween ring.. this was the final result and I'm in love with it! isn't it super cute?

also past week I went out with my mom and she bought me soemthing really cool!

Pumpkin hairclips by Claire's
I fell in love with them! they are super cute *-* they remind me a lot of the ones I got past year (bats!).. they are perfect for these days, right? I love them!

Glow in the Dark nail polish by Saniye
I saw it and I knew it was perfect for my upcoming halloween nail art! I only had green and purple so this "white" is a perfect addition to the collection..

also I finally went to pick up my tickets for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens!

yes yes yes! haha I love Star Wars and so do my mom and my oldest sister, so when we knew there were going to be a new movie we knew we had to watch it.. finally the tickets came out so we're going to the midnight showing! I can't wait *-*

btw I took the pictures with my new phone haha I still have to learn how to perfectly use it, but the camera is kinda awesome, right? of course I had to resize them 'cause they were enormous!

well, I think that's all for now.. sorry for the entry! I don't really know what happened.. it turned out really long..
anyway, hope you liked it or at least enjoyed it :P
thanks for reading/passing by!

Cya' *