martes, 20 de octubre de 2015

skeletons everywhere

Hi cutiepies!
I wanted to make the entry earlier but I forgot about it haha plus I've been busy reading (yeah, finally!) and also doing other stuff.. anyway, I hope you're doing great!

well, I don't remember so well, but I think past years I talked about some kind of fair that is settled in my city every october (and the firsts days of november) and it's called Feria del Alfeñique

there you can find the things people may need for the Day of the Dead: decorations and candies; when I say "candies" I mean traditional mexican candies and that includes sugar skulls, but what make this "fair" unique is that you can also find chocolate skulls..

for years I thought people from other states (of my country) had the same "fair" but long ago I learned that what I thought was a lie; my oldest sister used to live in another state (a hotter place actually) and she told us that in that place they didn't had that kind of stuff (it was kinda strange to find sugar skulls as well) because chocolate usually melts in those conditions..

but, why am I saying all of this? well, because on saturday I went with my sister and her son to get some chocolates for him, and, well, for me too :P

so let's start with today's entry!

well, I only picked up one bone shaped chocolate lollipop (I don't really know if that's the correct name for it haha) and a glow in the dark plastic skelleton, which, I have to say, will be part of my always growing skelletons collection (if you saw my previous' years entries you'd know what I'm talking about)

we also went to pick up my The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 midnight showing tickets!

I srly can't wait! I know it's next month, but I had to get them.. I forgot to go for them before ¬¬ luckily now I have them with me!

oh, I almost forgot about this, on friday I went out with my sister, I saw something super cool so she, as kind as she is, bought it for me!

Skelleton socks
I fell in love with them! they are super awesome *-* they are thinner than the ones I got some days ago and also, they're shorter.. they only have the print in one side, but I honestly don't care haha I can't wait to wear them!

leaving aside my trips with my sister, yesterday I went to the "fair" with my mom and she bought me some more candies haha (thanks mom!)

I only wanted to get another small plastic skelleton but then we say the giant one and she decided to get it for me :P what you see in the head is candy (cinnamon flavoured) simulating to be a hat.. and the little skull you see at the top of the image, had nutella inside of it! I LOVE those skulls *-*

well I guess that's all for now :P I hope you liked or enjoyed the entry, and sorry about the shitty explanation of the begining (I tried my best, I swear!)..
thanks for reading/passing by!

Cya' *