domingo, 11 de octubre de 2015


Hi cutiepies!
I hope you're doing great n___n I've been, uhm, not very well, actually I've been feeling bad again..

these past few days have been crazy and I've been living a hell, really; as you know some weeks ago (like two) I had a horrible toothache (and thanks to it a headache), so it seems that I have a new molar coming out x__x so it's pretty obvious to have a lot of pain..

the first week was horrible, then the next was better 'cause the pain stopped, and the next one was awful again.. since monday I was feeling a little bit bad 'cause the pain came back, but just a little bit, it was kinda bearable; then on thursday I started to feel sick: my mouth, head, my back, neck, shoulders, and even the knees were in pain T__T also I was soooo cold! my mom said that maybe I was getting sick again so I took some medicine, at night I felt better (just in time to watch AHS Hotel!).. on friday the pain was only remaining in my mouth and head which was okay.. but yesterday.. ohmygods I was dying haha I wasn't able to sleep very well 'cause the pain was very intense.. the whole day I've been feeling bad thanks to the lack of sleep and the pain x__x luckily it stopped when I took something BUT now I'm sleepy..

so that's why I've been away from here; right now I'm not gonna promise I'll edit the entries that need to be edited 'cause I'll be lying, thanks to this fucking pain I can't even do that, BUT I'm gonna do my best, okay? 'cause I'm srly dying to have all my halloween themed entries ready..

anyway, let's start with today's entry

"Poison" black  cup
my mom bought this beauty for me! slowly I'm getting an small collection of halloween plastic cups haha this is the second one (past year I got an skull one) and I hope to get a new one soon!

some entries ago I showed you the Mason Jar my sis got for me, some days ago she got me a new one..

Black halloween Mason Jar
yesss! she got this cutie for me *-* I like a lot the fact that it's black! I can't wait to use it for the first time :P

she also bought me something else..

Black ribbon
I fell in love with it! it looks like leather but it's not haha it's super pretty and it's perfect to wear it on a high pony tail.. plus she told me it was super cheap! she also asked me if I wanted it in a different colour, I said no haha 'cause it looks awesome in black :P

well that was all for now, sorry for the short entry, is just that I don't have more things to say/show, plus I'm not in mood to be really here, sorry u___u I hope you at least enjoyed the sper small and kinda crappy entry :P
thanks for reading/passing by!

Cya' *