jueves, 15 de octubre de 2015

not wicked.. yet

Hi cutiepies!
ohh long time without coming here.. I know I promised to edit the previous entries but I've been really busy on tumblr. and doing another stuff u__u I'm trying to do my best but I think is too much haha

anyway, hope you're doing great! I've been feeling better but I'm not 100% fine, not yet :P ohh halloween is coming so fast! and I don't know what am I going to do those days.. we're planning to do something "special" like we did past year, but we don't know yet.. we'll see..

this time, finally, I'm coming with the complete entry! so let's start!

on monday I went shopping with my mom, and yes, this time I got amazing stuff!

Skeleton long socks
finally! I've been looking for something similar for a long time! when I saw them I fell in love *-* they are super pretty and they also look warm, I guess they're perfect for the cold weather (which I need right now) and honestky I'm dying to wear them!

there were another halloween desings BUT I fell in love with this one; you know how much I love skeleton printed things!

Nail polish by KleanColor in 313 Wicked/Angelic (3D duochrome)
I saw this one and I fell in love! the colour (green with a gold touch) is stunning and the name is also nice and I thought it fits perfectly with the season haha

I tried it just in one nail and it's amazing! the effect it has looks incredible! I'm dying to use it in all my nails!

Nail polish by KleanColor in 311 Vampy/Girly (3D duochrome)
honestly I was going to get a different polish (a black one with gold glitter) but then I saw this and I knew I had to have it.. the shade (burgundy with a touch of gold) is also beautiful and I liked a lot the name..

I already used this one today but if you want to see it don't miss out my new entry (tomorrow) in my side blog :P

and this is how they look like, I guess you can't really see how beautiful they are..

well, that was all for now, sorry for the short entry u__u I don't have so much to say, but if I remember something I'll come back later to edit this haha
thanks for reading/passing by! have a n ice day and/or night

Cya' *