domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2015

Happy Halloween!

Hi cutiepies!
I'm really sorry about this, is just that i forgot to do this before u__u I was so excited about this entry and I ended up screwing it all haha

anyway.. welcome to my Halloween entry! I hope you're doing fine, I'm a little bit angry and sad right now, and also I'm tired, but finally I'm here..

finally halloween is here (or was..), and at the end I didn't do anything special (like past year), my sisters and I were planning to go to some kind of "haunted trip" in the fire dept. but at the end they decided to make some kind of slumber party at my oldest sister's house haha if you ask me it was kinda boring..

okay okay, this entry is going to be a little bit long so we better start..

first of all I have a picture since past year and finally I can upload it!

Pumpkin t-shirt
this one is off brand and I got it on sale some days after halloween :P and I love it! I was dying to wear it, and obviously to post it.. I wanted to upload it to PG but you know the site died so I wasn't able to do it..

I love the fact that it only has the face details in black, so the whole tee is the pumpkin itself.. plus the black details are full of glitter! so it sparkles a lot *-*

as I said earlier in the entry, we went to my sister's house and she, finally, decided to decorate her home for the ocassion!

I helped with the witch silhouette (which I made out of fabric) and she made the other stuff (only took two pics, sorry!); I was really surprised when I saw the Jack face *-* I fell in love with it and it was an amazing idea!

and, as every year my mom so kindly made our dogs a costume! I decided they should be witches :P aren't they super cute??

I also painted my nails! and to be honest it was really hard this time.. I started painting them on friday but honestly I wasn't sure about the desing I wanted and suddenly I decided to make something I wanted to make since some years ago..

this was the final result and to be honest I am in love in with it! I think they ended up looking amazing and also they glow in the dark! there are several tutorials on youtube so I watched some and came out with this.. they are super lovely! I would love to have them like this forever haha when I see them the first thing coming to my mind is "go big or go home" :P

otherwise, like two days ago I bought my last piece of halloween goodie of this year..

Ghost hairclips
I have to say I fell in love with them! plus I was dying to get a cute pair of harclips in black.. I'm actually wearing them right now haha but I  matched one of these with one of the pumpkin ones and one of the bat ones.. so I have three different hairclips in my hair :P

maybe it wasn't the halloween I was waiting for (even if I don't celebrate it haha) but I'm not mad at all, I think it was a good day and now I can't wait for next year to come! now I have to prepare for Día de Muertos ;P

well, I think that's all for now.. sorry for forgetting to make the entry haha I'm still sad about it.. but I'm gonna be okay; hope you had an amazing Halloween (in case you celebrate it)
thanks for reading/passing by n__n and Happy Halloween!

Cya' *